Help If You’ve Been Hurt By Boyfriends And Girlfriends

The Revenge Guy

Boyfriends are fickle, girlfriends are flaky. Revenge is not always the best course of action here, but who am I to say? let the emotions roll!

(NOTE: generally RG does not answer 'broken heart' revenge requests. If that is your case please don't send an email, get advice from a friend.)

Valentine's Day is coming so here's a story of a woman being screwed over. Seems so fitting!

Hi Revenge Guy,

I'm not usually a vengeful person but that's exactly why I'm turning to you for help because this is a situation that POSITIVELY REQUIRES revenge be taken and justice be served.

If it can't help me quit getting used then maybe they won't do it to others like me again so here goes:
I have been in a live-in relationship for 3 years with the man i believed to finally be the ultimate love of my life. we mostly got along and were on the same unified track for the future or at least he never let on differently ever in any way.

We made an agreement in the beginning: he said simply that i couldnt "yell" at him, which we never fought EVER so i said ok wishing now i knew how vague and easily manipulated that would be later on. I was VERY specific however, in my "taboos" for him cuz i really liked him but i had some really bad stuff happen in past relationships and i had just clawed my way up from the bottom and was ok with just being friends with benefits cuz i didn't really want a relationship again at that time cuz i wanted to be sure so the next time would be the last and i didn't want to be alone if it wasn't so i HAD to be sure.

He was so sincere and seemed so committed that i reluctantly agreed but with stipulations: Don't LIE to me, don't CHEAT on me and don't be here NOW if you don't see yourself even REMOTELY here in a couple of years cuz im really good with just being friends right now cuz i don't ever wanna lose that.

Life went on and overall was good though we had a few bumps here and there – we toughed it out together and eventually pulled through. We had a real bad time last November when we moved into a new house with his elderly dad and he suddenly was out of work.

No biggie he always pulled through somehow. this time though he wouldn't work for anybody he normally did when in a pinch and i tried to help him by selling furniture he made on ebay and other stuff through my friends but he just stubbornly wasn't satisfied with anything and i began to feel the heavy financial burden (his dad too).

4 months went by and he started to be mean to me and treated me like crap when he treated everyone else like kings though i bent over backwards for him and he was spoiled rotten just as i always had only now he EXPECTED and demanded it but no longer earned it. 6 months went by and we were regularly sparring usually because he wasn't even trying by then and was everybody's friend but mine and was nice to everyone but me so i snapped finally and yelled as he says.

He didn't say he could yell first all he wanted, treat me like crap, provoke me or push my buttons deliberately or whatever when he said i could't yell at him or i never would have gone there. nor did i ever think he would do these things to get me there.

So he split to a town he SWORE TO EVERYONE he would never go back to and never mentioned he even considered it before then so it was just out of the blue and i was glad to see him go for the moment.

He called 6 days later and that's how i found out but we kind of made up and he came home for about 3 weeks then again reluctantly went back but each and every weekend for the next 4 months we saw each other and were becoming closer and closer all the while making plans (HIM painting the picture) to "winter" in town and move up there in the spring but he knew I wouldnt without a job and being a smaller town then the one we had a home at, that would be difficult. Winter was coming in and i didn' actt know how i could come much longer but he was coming home on weekends to but weather is super bad and treacherous so??

Next thing i know, we (couldnt really be called a fight) we disagreed cuz he said something that cut right to my jugular emotion and i didn't fight with him instead I fell asleep on bottom bunk of camper cuz i couldnt leave being stuck in the mud as he got me til morning which when i went to leave was about the only time this fight occured but i was only crying and being in the mud was making it worse.

Finally i went home and let things cool off. week goes by and i call and he is being the meanest cruelest most horrible he has ever been to me and said for me to stay away etc. and then hung up.

2 weeks go by he comes down says he's gone stay and talk leaves and goes back without telling me. I go up on halloween he acts as if all is well again, but im nervous cuz we hadnt talked at all but it wasn't the nite to broach it yet and he was being really sweet while making his costume etc. never did anything else happen til the end of the nite when i went to go home cuz i had to work next day. all of a sudden he started being mean again saying it was over, etc. and as i went dazed and shocked to my car he kept saying see u next weekend.

i called but wasnt about to go up there til i knew what was up and he was rite back to being evil and mean and neasty to me. kept hanging up on me. soKeptbe i quit calling but he would call here and talk to my kids or his dad and first thing hed ask was about me and he sounded sad each time.

To make a long story short, too much more happened to squeeze in here, he is not the cheating type EVERYONE always thought but i knew in my heart he was cuz no man would be that cruel to someone who did nothing unless he was and his son coming home from school for the holidays was my trump card cuz he would not say.

Sure enough they tried to pass it off as only 2 weeks but his son Who stayed with us though his dad stayed up there, said they acted as if it was much longer.
he would not lket me confront any issues since halloween wouldnt talk to me and wouldnt allow me closure actn instead kept hanging up on me and to this day 1/19/10 we have not talked even to say ok its over and goodbye. EVERYONE HIS SON AND DAD INCLUDED IS SO PISSED AT HIM. my daughter says he didnt want me to find out so he could come back after winter and knowing cheating would never be forgiVEN but winter required shelter up there cuz october was already too cold and he wouldnt make it thru winter in the camper. supposedly it was a "sympathy fuck" for her dead husband but she began to expect more and since he was beginning to stay there. . .???

i dont care everything about it on both sides was wrong and she missed her husband so bad how does she think i now grieve for the love of my life? shes not sad now and he is not happy but he feels bad for her and not me or anyone he left behind here and he is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON ACCORDING TO ALL WHO KNEW AND LOVED HIM, i will never trust another soul again and he knew that from the start should he not be right. so even if i had future happiness waiting i would run from it in fear cuz the 3rd time is not a charm and too many to believe again.

I want them both to feel the loss THEY CAUSED IN MY LIFE AND IM NOT VERY GOOD WITH COMING UP WITH IDEAS LET ALONE APPROPRIATE ONES that wont get me into trouble so please please please help me with this asap – theres so much more that makes this sound lame but this is really the short version after all this time has passed but i still cry everyday and he still drinks everyday and she isnt unhappy or missing her husband anymore.

BUT I DO EACH AND EVERYDAY. SO i need it for both and please help me before i get any nuttier over this!!!


p.s. she owns a tree nursery that her husband had so of course it is convenient for both but this happened cuz i am a friend of one of the husbands brothers at this nursery down here and they were old friends so he sent him up there at my request a few months prior to this to selln her some trees. thats when it started. told u there was too much more to put in here but it is way worse now and imperative i have revenge so it will quit consuming my life and i can hopefully move on then. thanks again!

Revenge JokerHi Some Lady,

Honestly, it seems to me that you hid the truth about this guy from yourself all the time. Starting with just screwing around, without a commitment, means that YOU were not ready to commit, not him.

You should have drawn a line right there.

As far as your "rules" what the hell? Relationships grow and mature, mostly, yours withered right from the start.

Twice, likely more, you let this ass back into your life?

Are you that desperate to need a man that you'll invite such a piece of trash in?
The rule is you give a man every chance to love you and one chance to screw you over. You broke that rule.

First off, you need to cut all ties with this guy, his family, everyone. Hell, Hawaii always seems like a great place to live to me, why not move? As long as you can continue this pity party with his relatives, and whatever friends you might have left, you'll never heal, you'll never be over him.

As for revenge, here you go:
Start sending Valentine's Day cards now. To Him. To Her. From people they might know in whatever town either might have been to. Addressed from strangers maybe. Let them think that the other has been screwing around. Use a phone call service and leave messages, love messages, on their voice mail. Change the caller id so the call can't be returned. leave messages from people that say they owe money. play with their minds, you know what works best.

Send him a registered letter detailing all the money he owes you. Throw him into a panic. Wreak their relationship.

And damn it all, get some counselling and stay single until your daughter grows up. And no more FWB. Those never work well except for the guy that gets a freebie with no commitments.
Good Luck,

Torture The User Ex-Boyfriend

Dear Revenge Guy,
I just came across your site this afternoon and wanted to ask for advice.

I was dating this guy for seven months and then like 3 weeks ago while we were making dating plans, he suddenly broke up with me because he was obsessing over my past relationships with guys in the past (he was my best friend so he knew this stuff).

I found it weird that he obsessed over it. Sure he wasn't that good looking at all and was a total morbid guy that laughed at people's expense but I liked that about him because I was just like him!

Turned out he fell out of love with me 4.5 months ago and just wanted my body. I get revenge on people often (he loved hearing those stories and helped out a couple times) but this time I am stumped at what to do. He decided he wanted to be "friends-with-benefits" with me, I said sure because this would get me close to him to get revenge, not sure what to do though.

I wasn't heart broken for long, I just want revenge on the time I wasted on that pervert. I'm moving on with my life with college and such, I'm young anyways but would like some victory on his expense. Thanks for reading this.

Revenge JokerHi Troublemaker,
This all depends how far you're willing to go, right?

I mean you could pretend to have kinky sex with him, get out the handcuffs or scarves and tie him to the bed and leave him there, right?
Take photos and send them to his parents or some such trouble.

I mean, the sky is the limit, or is it?

You're right to get on with your life, but this guy makes me SICK!!!!!

He just wanted to USE YOU? Fuck him, not literally, of course!

Anyways, I would add some eye drops to a drink he has, distract him and drop half a bottler in…. watch as he gets sudden stomach cramps and diarrhoea.

Or get some Liquid Ass and secretly spray him, or his stuff, with it.

Or make some phone calls and pretend to be another girl he likes, set up dates, let him be all alone…. waiting… waiting…


Maybe be a phony "Facebook Hottie" and start an online romance with him, then break his heart.


Have fun with torturing him, I would.

Dear Revenge Guy

I’m sure you get a billion emails from people wanting good ideas. I have done silly things to get a good laugh when people have been mean or jerks to me in the past, but I am not sure what might be adequate revenge for my ex boyfriend.

In a nutshell, he came back a year after we broke up after he heard about my mother’s tragic death claiming that he felt really bad and that he was sorry for how things ended between us… we both apologized and continued to be friends for the next five years.

The last year of our "friendship" he totally changed and started being mean for no apparent reason sometimes. He would always say he was sorry after the fact and use some lame excuse… I started to get the feeling that he was doing this on purpose when he made a few stupid comments in reference to my mom’s death which started seeming a little suspicious.

It seemed like an honest slip of the tongue at first, then he said something that was really mean and insensitive. After talking to one of his friends, I learned some other incriminating information about him that also seemed to point to malicious intentions.

Some people might think that I should just never speak to him again and go on, but he has messed with me and the rest of my family by using my mother’s death as a means of being cruel… I don’t know what to do to settle the score that is within the bounds of the law… but this a**hole really deserves SOMETHING for being so cruel.
Please give me some ideas, if you can.
Thanks, Josie.

Revenge JokerHi Josie,
You have received some very good advice from your friends, don’t bother with him anymore, cut him out of your life.

He’s a narcissistic control freak. He cares only for himself and his needs, no matter what he has to do or say to anyone else.

But for your revenge, I’m sure that you have some nice dirt on him, something that you could really scare him with if only you had an anonymous way to contact him and let him know that his secret is out. Let’s OUT him.

Using his own bad behavior against him you can place that call, be it the police, a government official, whoever and for whatever purpose. Make him sweat knowing that he’s being investigated for that deep, dark secret.

That will be your revenge.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

About 5 months ago, my girlfriend who I had dated for 7 months, and gone after tirelessly for two years prior to that broke up with me.

I never got any real explanation as to why, so I kind of just went into this depression and dealt with things on my own, and I let her go…

About a month or so ago, the foolish me got a hold of her again to see how she was and see if I could fix things with her considering I loved her for a long long time.

We started talking and everything seemed ok, and for a month she kept telling me she still loved me too and wanted to try to working things out with me, but she kept telling me the problem was that her mom didn’t like me, so that was stopping her.

Every time I’d try to see her when her mother wasn’t present, she had an excuse not to, she seemed to be avoiding me, but still, I kept on, and she kept telling me how much she still loved me.

I have always done everything for this girl. I never said anything mean, I’ve always been caring and giving, and what I found out next made me sick.

Even after a month of her telling me she still loved me, I find out that she’s talking to another guy, and she was hiding it from me. Now, yes… I was jealous, but that’s not why I want revenge.

If she would have told me to start with, that she was talking to someone else, I would have understood but instead she just acted like my emotions were non-existent, and broke my heart again.

She knows she did it, and she doesn’t care. She’s evil and cold hearted. She could have easily spared me the pain that I feel now. I need revenge. What should I do? Thanks for your help Revenge Guy!

Revenge JokerHi Ken,
Revenge for the broken hearted, eh?

You made the rules and she ran with her own game plan. You want to re-establish the relationship but you want her all or nothing.

Well, get ready for nothing because if she catches you at this revenge idea you’ll never, ever see her again.

Text her being the “other guy” or message her some way being him. There are all kinds of online text services you can use, you don’t have to have a phone, just a computer and know who her cell phone provider is and their webpage for sending text messages online to a phone.

Send a letter telling her about his “history” with other girls. Make up some bad, sad stories of how he treated them badly and wants forgiveness.
Let her believe this letter, even if only for a few hours.

You’ll likely be found out, of course, but revenge will be yours, if only momentarily.

Otherwise just call up her mom pretending to be the local health center and leaving a reminder message for her daughter’s “treatment appointment”.

Honestly, it seems to me that what you want is revenge on her that will put her back into your arms. And I’m not much good at getting people back together after they’ve broken up. You might find some info and advice on this dating site, but that’s up to you.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Hi RG,
I have a bit of a problem.

I met this guy and we immediately hit it off. After a few months, he confessed that he had gotten in a little trouble before we met and had to go to court. He then mentioned he was $100 short for his court fees and asked me to loan it to him. I reluctantly did it because I have my own bills, but he PROMISED to pay me back that Friday with his paycheck.

The next day I went to court with him but waited outside the room. He said the Judge ordered him to pay an additional $75.00 or he would be arrested. Well I gave him another $75 on the PROMISE that he’d be giving me the money back that Friday. Friday came and I heard nothing from him all day (keep in mind he would call me at least 3 times a day prior to this).

I finally called him… guess what? NO ANSWER!!! I sent him text msgs, I called his friends, no one knew anything.

He finally calls me and has an ATTITUDE with me!!! He tells me he’ll give me the money the next day, I didn’t get it the next day either. This has been going on for a week now, he keeps telling me he’ll give it to me but never does.

I just left him a very nice voicemail saying that I’ve accepted the fact that he’s not going to give me the money back and I wished him the best in whatever he does… now I’m ready for the REVENGE! I’ve done things to ex’s before, you know the whole key the car, slash the tires thing, but he used my kindness as a weakness and I want him to PAY (literally)!!!!
Susie G

Revenge JokerHi Susie G,
Well, you’ve got great cover by letting him know he’s off the hook for paying you back. He really won’t suspect you of getting revenge now, just let this sit for another month or so, let him think you’ve totally cooled to it.

Then what I’d do is start putting up "Roommate Needed" signs;
"Person for hire";
"Delivery service";
And any other service you can think of. Make posters for everything with his name and cell-phone number. Put the posters up on street posts, in grocery stores, local employment centers, everywhere you can think of.

Let him pay you back in time wasted.

And let me tell you, next time get every loan signed for, a contract for repayment. People will be less likely to borrow when they have to sign a contract that could land them in jail for not paying. A loan contract should have:
The amount, pay back schedule, name of loaner and borrower, address of borrower and hopefully a third person to witness the signing of this loan agreement. And take them to court the moment they are more than 30 days, or two payback days have been missed.

And more revenge? If you have some dirt on him use it to embarrass him badly. Share the dirt to his co-workers, students, whoever he works with or goes to class with.

Push him into the light of public opinion.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Revenge Guy Gets Business

The Revenge GuyThe Revenge Guy
Get's Even With Businesses That
Cheat You

Need a little help getting even with a business that has done you

Maybe an oldie but a goodie revenge technique is just what you need
to help you get even and regain your stature as an important person.

First off, remember to document everything! Every
person you speak to, get their name… write down the date and time…
gather all the evidence that you can, you may need it later!

Dear Revenge Guy,

I got screwed by a store, and the punks that worked there. I took
the dispute up with my credit card, and months later I was denied
because their lawyers sent a letter to my credit card that I never
got to see or respond to.

I’ve thought about applying
to their front sidewalk, etc.

Any thoughts ? I need some resolution, as the $600 I’m now out has
even affected my marriage.
Thanks, Justin

Revenge Joker - Trademark PendingHi

First off, don’t beat yourself up. There are a lot of
horrible people out there, ready to scam anyone walking by.
I’ve been the target of several thefts of my credit card number, in
a clothing store, even at the mall restaurant by a waitress. She got
the number and passed it on to a friend who rang up a few hundred
dollars in cell phone time cards.

But, if the credit card company won’t give you relief, get another
card and transfer what you owe to that card, then close the first
Screw them.

As for the company and the kids that ripped you off, start with
complaints to the police (just because the credit card company won’t
follow this up doesn’t mean you should drop it that fast!) and
complaints to the local newspaper. Maybe they’d be willing to write
a "Buyer Beware" story for their local news section.

As well, send a letter to the head boss of the company detailing
what has happened and what you are doing to make this right again.

Then I’d get some of their advertising, cut out the logo or copy it
from their website and make up some 80% off everything coupons and
drop them around the front doors every few days.

Let them deal with customers trying to get a deal for a while.

And take your wife to dinner for putting up with you through all
this. I bet she’s a nervous wreck just thinking about what this
experience has put you through!
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Revenge Guy,

I have been a customer of a satellite tv company since 2009 and I am
out of my contract. This is just a huge injustice that needs to be
stopped. My complaint is about a satellite company that removed
$370.00 from my checking account for a receiver that they said that
they sent us. There never was a receiver sent and after countless
calls & hours on the phone explaining this fact to the “help”
overeas, I finally got someone to admit that they were wrong because
they found it in the “warehouse.”

I was promised a refund, which never came. I did a google search
and realized that I am in a huge army of individuals that are
getting scammed the same way as I am.

PLEASE REVENGE GUY, I (we) need you and your advise to help us
out of the dark and give the corporate thugs the exposure that might
end all of this crap.
Feeling Scammed

Hi Scammed,
If it’s “huge army” of people then you should group together and
send a strong message about how you’re bring ripped off. I’d suggest
posting a video of your story on YouTube video, and have every other
person add a video to the comments of your video of their own story.

Nothing gets heard so much as a YouTube “outing” of bad
corporate behavior. Go get’em!!
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge Guy,

I had a horrible experience with a building contractor.

I paid him the
money he asked for even after he stole all my materials. He did not
do the work he promised. He did an awful job. I paid him because he
harassed me day and night. He called my phone 50 times a day and
would threaten me.

Could you give me
any suggestions to make his life as miserable as he made mine. I
would wait 6 months down the road so he doesn’t know it’s me. He
obviously does this to women because a man would kick his butt.

Revenge Joker - Trademark PendingDear

I’d start putting out the message of how you were
ripped off and look for other victims.
Maybe a classified ad?
Online blog?
Make sure you back up what you say with receipts of money paid,
contracts for jobs signed by him and a journal of dates and times
for work done, phone calls made, anything and everything in the way
of contact with this guy.

I’d also be calling the local Better Business Bureau and any
contractor licensing boards, departments, whatever that your state
requires workmen to join and be regulated by.

Once you have started the ball rolling, talk to local radio and TV
about how this contractor rips off only women customers. How he
threatens and treats customers.

Shine a light on him and his business practices. Maybe even make a
call using SPOOFCARD and say you’re a building inspector and you’re
going to be ordering him into explain some deficient practices.
Using SPOOFCARD you can change your voice, change the Call display
and even record the call for later listening pleasure.
Hold on to this goal like a pit bull.
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Revenge Guy,

I ‘m f&^%ed. I hired a plumber to run the water and waste lines in
my new addition. Paid the guy the 1st payment of three and purchased
the materials. (Cooper). After the rough inspection failed for the
third time by the local code official the official shut the job
down. Come to find out that to fix what he did wrong and the cost of
the new material is gonna cost me big.

As a working stiff trying to make
something for my wife and two son’s I can’t afford to just do it.
This guy posed as a licensed plumber and sold me on his ability.
Turns out that he got a retired plumber to stamp the permits (legal
here in NJ).

I just want to prevent this guy from
doing this to someone else. Having him shut down would make me feel
a little better though. I have filed a complaint with the BBB
however, this guy moves around allot so the chances of them tacking
him down is slim to none. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help.

Truly F*&^ed

Revenge Joker - Trademark PendingHi

Unfortunately because of differences in legal jurisdiction I really
can’t claim to offer a way to shut this guy down. But I would make
as much noise as possible, going beyond the simple BBB complaint.

There are review sites that you can post this guy’s name, company
name, etc., and tell your story. Do a Google search on "contractor
complaints" and start there.

You may even want to create a webpage talking about the troubles you
have so if someone searches for information about this guy, your
story will be available to them.

Have you contacted any local newspapers? Maybe this is a story they
can use the next time they have a series on homeowner rip-offs or
something like that.

Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Revenge Guy,

I encountered some asshole on the phone today while dealing with a
loan company.

He was a real jerk, I complained to
his supervisor and only got an apology from her whereas I would like
something more.

What is your suggestion to get back at
this bastard and to that effect how to handle anyone on the other
end of the phone with big "phone" balls.
Sincerely, BB

Revenge Joker - Trademark PendingHi

I usually have several things working for me to handle these
telemarketers calling me and also when I have to call them.

First off, when I have to call them:
Always have a pen and paper around and write stuff down. Get the
person’s name I am talking to. The time I placed the call. If they
treat me badly I tell them they are rude (usually calls are
recorded!) and hang up. Then I call back and ask immediately to talk
to a supervisor. I tell the supervisor that I was treated rudely and
want better service or I will take my business elsewhere. Once I
threatened to put a copy of a recording of the call that I made onto
my website (not my one, of course!), since I told him
that I also record the calls, just as they say they do.

As far as getting back to those that have treated you badly now, a
website isn’t a bad idea, if you have proof to back it up. Otherwise
a big complaining registered letter to the president of the company
should get some response, and you’ll know better for the next time.

And for telemarketers that call me:
Generally now all I do is put the phone down and let them talk to no
one. As long as they are on the phone with me they aren’t calling
anyone else, and that makes me feel great! And since I was a
telemarketer (in a previous life), I know that they really aren’t
allowed to hang up first unless you swear at them. When they finally
hang up then I hang up my phone. The beeping alerts me to do that.

Of course if you have young kids in the house, pass the phone to
them. Let them talk a while, the kids get so few chances.

I don’t recommend using an airhorn or anything loud like that, the
person is just trying to make a living, it’s not personal.

I hope this helps!

Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Hi Revenge Guy,
Well i made a foolish decision and signed a contract with a company and
handed them over $110.00 I did some research and found out legally if i go
back within 5 days i can cancel the contract and take back my money…
refused. the only option now is to get a lawyer and take them to court but
that’s only gonna cost me more. I wanna get dirty and show them they cant
over everyone without gettin f**ked back. They are located in an office
on the 9th floor of a building. I have considered and probably will make
numerous calls to various pizza delivery stores with huge orders from
place of business". next i have contemplated pushing fart bombs under the
door during there business hours, going to there place of business b4 they
open and leave a pile of horse manure and or Fish guts all over the carpet
and door in front of there office. My last plan of attack was to spray
also know as bear spray or pepper spray into there office during business
hours making breathing incredibly hard, tears to pore from there eyes, and
a burning sensation all over. However i would like some other ideas to get
these people back. hope to hear from you soon.

Revenge Joker - Trademark PendingHey,
Why would you want to open yourself up to legal problems from them? If
they have ripped you off, they’ve ripped others off just as successfully.
I’d picket their office with a sign and handouts stating what the problem
is, how you got ripped off. Have someone call the local TV and radio news
stations, maybe you’ll get lucky and it’ll be a slow news day and you make
the 6:00 news.
Spend a few hours getting the attention your plight deserves will be the
best revenge. Plus you just may get your money back!
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

This son of a bitch gave me negative feedback on ebay & now it’s hard for
me to do anything without people looking at it. He sent me the worst piece
of sh** i ever got off ebay. It was not what was pictured, but a picture
of what was pictured. However, he failed to state that in his description.
By the way if you ever run into the ebay user: flavor****, don’t buy s**t
from him unless you want a crappy picture of what you want & tell him to
kiss my ass while you’re at it.

Hey, that really sucks.
I got taken on EBAY once, I ended up having to do the paid "Square Trade"
option to clear my name. It worked, the other person didn’t fight my
You should do that.
It’ll take a while, but will clear your name. In the meantime, go to the
auction page and save it [FILE > SAVE AS …] then print it so you have a
hard copy. Notifying by email the FTC and other fraud agencies, and
copying your emails to this person should make them sweat too. Make sure
they know that mail fraud is what they did by sending you what you did not
explicitly purchase then ‘mailing’ it to you. If it crossed state lines,
it’s also an FBI matter.
Turn up the heat, then start the paid "Square Trade" option. I’m sure
you’ll get the negative erased in the end.

Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Revenge Guy,

Dear Revenge Guy, We hired an attorney for a
Child Custody case. He charged us $1016.50. We had an agreement to pay
$316.50 up front and $100. a month. We paid every month and owed the guy
$100.00. Two weeks before the last payment was due, he garnished our
bank account (without any notice) for $452.50 plus the bank charged a
$75.00 fee. We submitted all the paperwork to the County and State Bar
Assoc. showing that he had overcharged us, but they say there’s nothing
they can do. I tried contacting a couple of other attorney’s, but they
all say it would cost us more to hire them to get the money back than
what the guy ripped us off for.

I was told to try small claims court, but
I feel like I’m fighting a "good ‘ole boy network" of judges and
attorneys that don’t want to try "one of their own". We tried going
through the legal channels and didn’t get any help. I know I won’t see
the money he stole, but we would sure like to see this guy pay somehow.
Any suggestions?
Call me Pissed Off

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I would go for small claims court. You do have a
necessary paperwork for this action.

As well, I’d start a picket line in front of his office and call the
local newspapers about it.
Smear his name through revealing what he has done to you in the press.

Make your mark!
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Business Partners

The Revenge GuyThe Revenge Guy
Get's Even With Business Partners That
Cheat You

The entrepreneurial spirit lives in millions of people. Small
business is the real driving force behind the economy.

So it's no surprise that millions of people stick their neck, and
financial future, out to work for themselves, or in a business venture
with a partner.

But when things go bad were you left holding the bag, and all the bad
debts, while your partner skated away from all his obligations?

This is where we find such sad stories… and this is where revenge
starts on a bad business partner.

First off, remember to document everything! Every
person you speak to, get their name… write down the date and time…
gather all the evidence that you can, you will need it later! We're
going to try to sue some assholes!

Dear Revenge Guy,

1. In 2003 my boss/friend of 10 years offered me 50% of a funeral
home business which he owed, and which I worked at for 10 years with
him. . upon accepting & paying him $ 100,000 he moved out of state
within 30-45 days.

I ran said business by myself ( 365 days/year, on call 24 hours
per day) for 899 days until I finally withdrew from the partnership
& sued for fraud in federal court, since the lease was up, and he
would not sign, and I had no income to guarantee the lease.

Silly me would have stayed if the landlord would have let me,
thank god she was a cold fish!! or I'd still be selling my ass to
pay for other peoples obituaries and caskets.

In Feb 2009, I won the federal civil case, but the judge reduced
my $ 130,000 award by 1/2, citing the "salary " I took over the last
2.5 years as "profit" which must be returned if contract is to be
cancelled for fraudulent misrepresentation.

Perhaps one day I will actually start seeing some of it.

In the meantime I get to see his Suburban and nice black Pick-up
and his huge Winnibago or whatever it is. It has cost over $ 400,000
so far, in lost home equity from 2 refis, credit card interest fees
( I supported OUR business and my home on $ 1500 a month (gross) and
my credit cards) not to mention $ 50,000 in unrecoverable legal
bills related to the fraud case, and over $ 14,000 in company debt I
AM STILL LIABLE FOR. not to mention the original $ 100,000 loan we
are still paying off.

Meanwhile he returns to the state and moves to a home about 2
miles from my home, and I take it, is living in the huge RV trailer
in his driveway, since he & his wife stopped the divorce proceedings
( probably because he is hiding any $$$ from child support, if it
were to be completed)

Do you have the same friends? Well, we know a lot of the same
people, but do not see each other.

Does the person work and where or other details about him? ..
this is highly doubtful as he is a liar and master manipulator,
having already burned his brother & business partner, other business
partners in real estate ventures and his affairs on his wife, not to
mention my situation, and countless others. I know just about
everything except his current mail address.

What do I think would be suitable revenge and why? I think he
should get an STD comparable to AIDS or Syphillis, or at least
herpes.. …nothing that will go away. AND he needs to be "outted"
in public for the lying using dangerous piece of shit that he is.

He will never have enough money to pay back what he has cost
me… in a way that's a small bonus just to know that, but too bad I
can't enjoy it while I'm busy PAYing for it.

At least if he had to lose $ 400,000 I'd feel not so alone in

I don't need it, but he needs to LOSE it so he doesn't get the
reinforcement that its OK to do this as long as his victims are weak
enough to do the legal thing and not the RIGHT thing. because
apparently the court doesn't have time to understand that I thought
it was illegal to work for 2.5 years for NO PAY. and also pay social
security on the $ I did not get, but since I am not an employee, and
since the contract was fraudulent and unenforceable there is no
legal recourse for me.

2. Basically it was nice of me to pay the company vendors before
paying myself.. and while It was also nice of me to put the small
amount of company assets under my control in receivership, he did
not feel the need to do likewise, as he signed off on, but instead
paid his family's med insur, and his personal bills. but I guess
judges dont care about that sort of thing either. Billboards are
awful expensive, but am considering it.. trying to find a way to get
to the point with out being libelous or slanderous, but only
printing fact.. of course the court transcript is over $ 3000.. and
no one sentence conveys the depth here. hmm maybe a public TV

3. This last question you MUST answer: How will revenge on this
person/company improve your life?

4. I might believe there is justice in this world, as right now I
believe that our whole legal system is so flawed as to let this
happen, while the laws are inadequate to even encompass this
situation. Since I must continue to suffer the consequences of
ruined credit through no fault of my own, have spent through all of
my home's equity, and maxed and paid off all my old credit cards by
way of a fortunate car accident that left me with permanent back
pain, but whose settlement paid the lawyer for John S. Lesko's
immoral and illegal behavior and had $ 60,000 left to pay the
company debts and personal credit cards used to pay other company
debts. So after all this I am back where I was 15 years ago, only
with ruined credit instead of perfect credit and with a very bad
attitude instead of a hopeful trusting one..

5. I try not to let it eat me up, but how does one deal with this
lack of concern ( except by those who still expect me to pay the old
company debts =- which of course I am libel for, since he was gone,
guess who signed as company officer,and which of course I must
pay.and he gets to smile., I thought an LLC was to protect you, I
guess only if you are a dick.)

6. He doesn't pay me, but I must pay everybody. And I am supposed
to "let it go" ?

7. why cant the IRS let it go, or Chrysler, or AMEX, or my
attorney, or the cpas.

8. I dont think they'd be so lax if it was THEIR paycheck that
was 6 YEARS LATE!!!

9. this isnt your silly "he cheated on me and disrespected me"

10. This is more of a where do I find a governor or federal agent
to seriously look at him and lock him up?

11. where do I find a tax guy to help me with some tax credit for
taxes paid on money earned by him through My labor? theres not even
a statute on that! It doesn't EXIST except in my world. but since
that matters not. what else matters not? and how can I join his club
everyone else is in?

12. our local paper has been featuring a BIG news story about a
guy that bilked over $ 86,000 out of customers by fraud related to
cemeteries or monuments or something.. but this little ant can cost
an individual over $ 400,000 through PROVEN FRAUD, and I can't even
recoup enough to pay off the debt?!

13. I'll be relieved when he's dead and gone. at least then I'll
have a place to shit.

Thanks, Anon

Revenge Joker - Trademark PendingHi

That's quite the story you have.

I suggest, first off, contacting the newspaper writer about possibly
a follow-up story to the cemetery rip-offs that have already been

I also suggest that you start to write a book. detail your life in
the mortuary business, get the facts right and tell your story. The
facts are in the judgment that the courts found in your favor and if
you need additional info to fluff out the story, call the guy that
ripped you off.

Pretend to be a university student writing a thesis on the cemetery
business. Have a series of 10 to 15 questions ready,
and some offhand questions asking about his partner (you), how the
business ended, what happens to the maintenance of the cemetery
after a business collapse, etc. Be sure to record the call, you
might even get a good slander suit out of it. For backup, if this
guy knows other people in the field, maybe call them first to
practice the question asking and your script. This will give you
plausibility if he asks if you've contacted other men in the

Be as factual as you can be (the reason the courts charge so much
for transcripts is they don't want anyone to actually buy them so
that there aren't appeals after appeals). And don't even bother
changing the names. Consider releasing it as a free ebook on
Amazon's Kindle. Sure, you won't make much, if any, money, but
you'll have readers galore, and that's the key here, right?

I'd create a website too: is
great for an easy registration process, you can get a "private
ownership" so no one knows that you own the website name, and start
off your book writing by writing a log.

Slam this piece of trash and let the world find out every time a
search is done on his name, previous businesses, partners, etc.

You seem every methodical so you should be able to pull this off.

I don't think you're looking for any physical revenge, so I didn't
offer much.

Of course, if you know where he lives, it's time to start jogging.
Park your car a few blocks away and jog past his place. Whichever
car looks the most expensive throw some catnip on it / under it. The
neighborhood cats will tear the vehicle apart. Do this weekly, or
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

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