Server Gets Revenge on Girls That Run Out on Their Tab

The Revenge Guy

When People Run Out on Their Tab

Found on Tik Tok is this video by @jurassicah who breaks the glasses of the girls that ran out on their food and drink bill that was over $125 bill.

And she ended up having to pay the bill herself! It’s too bad the glasses weren’t worth as much as the bill.

As @jurassicah says “Don’t dine and dash!”


hope those were $125 dollars 🥰

♬ original sound - jurassicah

Follow Up Video

Expanding on this story after it went viral, @jurassicah provides this update: 

  • It’s an old video
  • She did have to pay for the “dine and dashers” unpaid bill
  • The glasses she broke were no where near the value of the bill that was not paid
  • As a server you need to understand your rights about who pays for a loss by people that run out on their bill, they vary by jurisdiction 

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