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The Revenge GuyThe Revenge Guy
Get's Even With Business Partners That
Cheat You

The entrepreneurial spirit lives in millions of people. Small
business is the real driving force behind the economy.

So it's no surprise that millions of people stick their neck, and
financial future, out to work for themselves, or in a business venture
with a partner.

But when things go bad were you left holding the bag, and all the bad
debts, while your partner skated away from all his obligations?

This is where we find such sad stories… and this is where revenge
starts on a bad business partner.

First off, remember to document everything! Every
person you speak to, get their name… write down the date and time…
gather all the evidence that you can, you will need it later! We're
going to try to sue some assholes!

Dear Revenge Guy,

1. In 2003 my boss/friend of 10 years offered me 50% of a funeral
home business which he owed, and which I worked at for 10 years with
him. . upon accepting & paying him $ 100,000 he moved out of state
within 30-45 days.

I ran said business by myself ( 365 days/year, on call 24 hours
per day) for 899 days until I finally withdrew from the partnership
& sued for fraud in federal court, since the lease was up, and he
would not sign, and I had no income to guarantee the lease.

Silly me would have stayed if the landlord would have let me,
thank god she was a cold fish!! or I'd still be selling my ass to
pay for other peoples obituaries and caskets.

In Feb 2009, I won the federal civil case, but the judge reduced
my $ 130,000 award by 1/2, citing the "salary " I took over the last
2.5 years as "profit" which must be returned if contract is to be
cancelled for fraudulent misrepresentation.

Perhaps one day I will actually start seeing some of it.

In the meantime I get to see his Suburban and nice black Pick-up
and his huge Winnibago or whatever it is. It has cost over $ 400,000
so far, in lost home equity from 2 refis, credit card interest fees
( I supported OUR business and my home on $ 1500 a month (gross) and
my credit cards) not to mention $ 50,000 in unrecoverable legal
bills related to the fraud case, and over $ 14,000 in company debt I
AM STILL LIABLE FOR. not to mention the original $ 100,000 loan we
are still paying off.

Meanwhile he returns to the state and moves to a home about 2
miles from my home, and I take it, is living in the huge RV trailer
in his driveway, since he & his wife stopped the divorce proceedings
( probably because he is hiding any $$$ from child support, if it
were to be completed)

Do you have the same friends? Well, we know a lot of the same
people, but do not see each other.

Does the person work and where or other details about him? ..
this is highly doubtful as he is a liar and master manipulator,
having already burned his brother & business partner, other business
partners in real estate ventures and his affairs on his wife, not to
mention my situation, and countless others. I know just about
everything except his current mail address.

What do I think would be suitable revenge and why? I think he
should get an STD comparable to AIDS or Syphillis, or at least
herpes.. …nothing that will go away. AND he needs to be "outted"
in public for the lying using dangerous piece of shit that he is.

He will never have enough money to pay back what he has cost
me… in a way that's a small bonus just to know that, but too bad I
can't enjoy it while I'm busy PAYing for it.

At least if he had to lose $ 400,000 I'd feel not so alone in

I don't need it, but he needs to LOSE it so he doesn't get the
reinforcement that its OK to do this as long as his victims are weak
enough to do the legal thing and not the RIGHT thing. because
apparently the court doesn't have time to understand that I thought
it was illegal to work for 2.5 years for NO PAY. and also pay social
security on the $ I did not get, but since I am not an employee, and
since the contract was fraudulent and unenforceable there is no
legal recourse for me.

2. Basically it was nice of me to pay the company vendors before
paying myself.. and while It was also nice of me to put the small
amount of company assets under my control in receivership, he did
not feel the need to do likewise, as he signed off on, but instead
paid his family's med insur, and his personal bills. but I guess
judges dont care about that sort of thing either. Billboards are
awful expensive, but am considering it.. trying to find a way to get
to the point with out being libelous or slanderous, but only
printing fact.. of course the court transcript is over $ 3000.. and
no one sentence conveys the depth here. hmm maybe a public TV

3. This last question you MUST answer: How will revenge on this
person/company improve your life?

4. I might believe there is justice in this world, as right now I
believe that our whole legal system is so flawed as to let this
happen, while the laws are inadequate to even encompass this
situation. Since I must continue to suffer the consequences of
ruined credit through no fault of my own, have spent through all of
my home's equity, and maxed and paid off all my old credit cards by
way of a fortunate car accident that left me with permanent back
pain, but whose settlement paid the lawyer for John S. Lesko's
immoral and illegal behavior and had $ 60,000 left to pay the
company debts and personal credit cards used to pay other company
debts. So after all this I am back where I was 15 years ago, only
with ruined credit instead of perfect credit and with a very bad
attitude instead of a hopeful trusting one..

5. I try not to let it eat me up, but how does one deal with this
lack of concern ( except by those who still expect me to pay the old
company debts =- which of course I am libel for, since he was gone,
guess who signed as company officer,and which of course I must
pay.and he gets to smile., I thought an LLC was to protect you, I
guess only if you are a dick.)

6. He doesn't pay me, but I must pay everybody. And I am supposed
to "let it go" ?

7. why cant the IRS let it go, or Chrysler, or AMEX, or my
attorney, or the cpas.

8. I dont think they'd be so lax if it was THEIR paycheck that
was 6 YEARS LATE!!!

9. this isnt your silly "he cheated on me and disrespected me"

10. This is more of a where do I find a governor or federal agent
to seriously look at him and lock him up?

11. where do I find a tax guy to help me with some tax credit for
taxes paid on money earned by him through My labor? theres not even
a statute on that! It doesn't EXIST except in my world. but since
that matters not. what else matters not? and how can I join his club
everyone else is in?

12. our local paper has been featuring a BIG news story about a
guy that bilked over $ 86,000 out of customers by fraud related to
cemeteries or monuments or something.. but this little ant can cost
an individual over $ 400,000 through PROVEN FRAUD, and I can't even
recoup enough to pay off the debt?!

13. I'll be relieved when he's dead and gone. at least then I'll
have a place to shit.

Thanks, Anon

Revenge Joker - Trademark PendingHi

That's quite the story you have.

I suggest, first off, contacting the newspaper writer about possibly
a follow-up story to the cemetery rip-offs that have already been

I also suggest that you start to write a book. detail your life in
the mortuary business, get the facts right and tell your story. The
facts are in the judgment that the courts found in your favor and if
you need additional info to fluff out the story, call the guy that
ripped you off.

Pretend to be a university student writing a thesis on the cemetery
business. Have a series of 10 to 15 questions ready,
and some offhand questions asking about his partner (you), how the
business ended, what happens to the maintenance of the cemetery
after a business collapse, etc. Be sure to record the call, you
might even get a good slander suit out of it. For backup, if this
guy knows other people in the field, maybe call them first to
practice the question asking and your script. This will give you
plausibility if he asks if you've contacted other men in the

Be as factual as you can be (the reason the courts charge so much
for transcripts is they don't want anyone to actually buy them so
that there aren't appeals after appeals). And don't even bother
changing the names. Consider releasing it as a free ebook on
Amazon's Kindle. Sure, you won't make much, if any, money, but
you'll have readers galore, and that's the key here, right?

I'd create a website too: http://www.business-domain-names.com is
great for an easy registration process, you can get a "private
ownership" so no one knows that you own the website name, and start
off your book writing by writing a log.

Slam this piece of trash and let the world find out every time a
search is done on his name, previous businesses, partners, etc.

You seem every methodical so you should be able to pull this off.

I don't think you're looking for any physical revenge, so I didn't
offer much.

Of course, if you know where he lives, it's time to start jogging.
Park your car a few blocks away and jog past his place. Whichever
car looks the most expensive throw some catnip on it / under it. The
neighborhood cats will tear the vehicle apart. Do this weekly, or
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

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