She Said Karma is a Female Dog

Dear Revenge Guy, I recently bought a sports car and invested over 7 grand in performance racing parts in a two month period. For the first month i would give my sister a ride at all times of the night, picking her up from random locations after she dumped her kid off on my parents … Read more She Said Karma is a Female Dog

Revenge Request Denied

People, You know that I give great, honest advice for people to correct how they've been wronged in their life. But unknown until now, I do reject a lot of revenge requests. Some are just from kids, hurting because a friend turned on them. Hey, that's life, all a part of growing up, like a … Read more Revenge Request Denied

Revenge Guy Gets Family

Getting Even With Family Members With The Revenge Guy Need a little help getting even with family that has done you wrong? Maybe good revenge technique is just what you need to help you get even and regain your stature as an important person. So let's get started with some examples.  My Brother Steals My … Read more Revenge Guy Gets Family

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