She Stole My Pain Pills

The Revenge Guy
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Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy, 

Ok, so back in end of July beginning of August 2018 my older brother, his wife (which was also my best friend calling her A) their 3 girls, A’s mom and her sister (calling her Twat) all came up to visit. 

My brother and his family stayed at my house, A’s family stayed elsewhere. Well her fat little sociopath sister came over to my house to see everyone, and while here she robbed my medicine cabinet! 2 bottles of pain pills (one my husband’s, the other my daughters that had been in there almost a year) and other prescription was mine, a pill that helped me with energy as my thyroid shit on me. 

Anyways that night I noticed the pills missing while getting ready for bed. Hollered for my brother and A, we all knew who had done it! Well I was expected to just wait until after their vacation and they got back home for A’s mom to handle this problem, however that did nothing for me, as I couldn’t fill mine again for almost another month. 

So I called and filed a police report, stupid cops waited days to search her, and of course by then she had thrown away the pill bottles, and convinced A since she didn’t have the bottles she didn’t steal them! 

She told A that it was all a big giant conspiracy against her, I saved all those pain pills, and took WAY to many of my own pills and waited until Twat got here to blame it all on her! So I lost my best friend of over 30 years, in turn lost my older brother, all while this fat little fucking ooompa loompa gets them in her life, and goes on like nothing happened! 

I know there’s more than likely messages in her Facebook messenger and text on her phone that I can prove she’s a conniving little cunt, and did in fact do everything I’ve said! But I can’t find any solid information on how to hack into her shit myself!!! 

Can you help me?

The Revenge Guy

Hi Annie, 

This is a tough one. Not only did you get robbed but no one wants to believe you got robbed! 

It really sucks when family can’t see what’s right in front of their eyes. You can bet your bottom dollar this this little twat has done this over and over again. 

All the while pulling the wool over the people closest to her. Shining a big light will certainly make a difference going forward. 

But proof is what you need. Hacking her phone to expose her secrets, although a great idea, is rather hard in practice, depending on the phone type and your availability to it. I’m sure you’ve been watching her over the two years to see what’s she’s been up to. 

What stands out? New family or boyfriend troubles? (People like her are rarely the marrying type, and if they get that lucky they are for sure the divorcing type!) New job or work troubles? Leech on society collecting disability or welfare fraudulently? 

These things are the stepping stones to getting even. Find her secret and share it openly. Or covertly. It’s amazing what an anonymous phone call or email can do. 

Best wishes,
Revenge Guy.