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Revenge on the Lazy Landlord

Revenge on the Lazy Landlord
As a tenant the perfect time to get revenge on your landlord is after you've moved. Apologies in advance to the next tenants.

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When you rent your place to live you have to deal with neighbors and landlords. No matter what happens, if both of these are trash, you’re in for a terrible time living your life and will eventually have to move. This landlord revenge story by the OP is one way to get revenge after you’ve moved out.

Story via Reddit.

Hole in the Wall Landlord Revenge

Hi all, this is my first time posting here and second post ever so please go easy on me. So I wanted to share this since it’s so evil it’s good stuff and I never once felt guilty about it and I’m not an evil person. Hope you guys agree and don’t judge me too harshly :) 

So to start off I only got to this point because the guy is taking advantage of me anf my gf and I can’t do anything about it. He’s a snake and a greedy asshole. For starters everyone in my 10 unit building smokes weed, fights, and some stay up til 4am partying on weekdays. All reported with nothing done. Brags to me when he doesn’t renew their lease and acts like he did us a favor. Irritates me. The last straw was when he saw we got a new car for our move next year out of state for my gfs college finally after saving up. And decided it meant we had more money we could pay for rent. 28 days before the lease was up and too short notice to deal with. I sign reluctantly then he walks out of our place telling my Girlfriend and I our place smells like shit. We cleaned the whole week before and my girlfriend put in the most effort. It most definitely did not smell because of our unit. Fast forward and I have 3 days left on the lease as of today. I cut out a square of a wall in my unit and I have matching paint and spackle. I’ll repair my wall after filling it with fresh broccoli and eggs tomorrow and let him and everyone there know true stench blame free as nobody is going to know who did it when the walls drop down and I’m on the second floor. Enjoy you douche of a one man operation. Hope you have fun with a moldy condemned property you never bother taking care of. P.s. I wrote this at 4 in the morning and there’s a party going on next door and I work in 3 hours. Called the cops again and told me I have to get my landlord to do something about it.

The Final Word

While the next tenants may suffer if this revenge does what is intended, making the apartment smelly after you’ve moved out, some landlords deserve whatever they get. You may want to do this somewhere else in the building (laundry room, mail room, gym?) so as to not destroy the next tenant’s enjoyment of their rental.

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