Landlord is Selling Our House On Us

The Revenge Guy
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Dear Revenge Guy Hi Revenge Guy,
My mom is disabled, having survived a car accident back in 1998 and I have been taking care of her for the past 20+ years.

The home we were living in for the past 11 years is now being sold to someone else. We had agreed to buy through the owner, our landlord, directly. We agreed on a price of $250,000 and we had a loan in the works and then he upped the price to $400,000 which I cannot get due to my low credit.

We now have to be out by November 1st. He even lied to our loan officer saying that we never agreed on a price. So we now have to pack up 11 years worth of stuff and find a place within our price range in less than six weeks.


The Revenge Guy Hi A,
This guy is truly a heartless bastard!

From your message I gather that you didn’t have anything in writing, which really puts you in a tight spot.

But, if you have the energy, this is what I suggest you do:
Write everything down, from when you move in 11 years ago.

Start with your mom’s tragic accident and how you found the home you live in now. Add any home maintenance you did, fixing leaks, caring for the yard, anything you did that saved your landlord a few dollars. It all adds up after the years.

Then contact a local news channel or newspaper. Share your story on social media,

Get your predicament some attention and see if he has a change of heart because of all the notoriety he’ll get.

You might even want to picket his home with a big sign and hand out flyers with your story to anyone that will listen.

Call your local city council, tell them what’s happening. Maybe you will get some help finding a new place.

And if you’re still forced to move, sue your landlord for the moving expenses.

All too often money rules the world and heartless people seem to come out on top, but you can make it a hard road for him to cross this finish line!

Good luck,