Renters Left Crap Behind, What Do I Do?

Hi Revenge Guy,
My former renters were making big deals of minor issues and would not talk to me personally. They use text like its the most convenient way to communicate. I had to spend hours explaining things that I could have done in 5-10 minutes by talking about it. I decided not to renew their lease as they have also broken several appliances in the house.

Anyway, as I was cleaning their room, I found panties and pair of shoes.

Is it legal to send the panty to their work place (with a note and their names on it :) since I do not have their new address? I live in California.


Hi L,
By all means, send the panties and shoes to their last known address you have.

In as clear a box you can find.

Be sure to include instructions about how to reimburse you for sending them their personal items and the broken appliances.

Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

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