Asshole Parking in My Spot

The Revenge Guy
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Dear Revenge GuyHello RG, 

I’m not looking to take revenge, not my style. 

But I did ask building management to leave a notice about someone parking in a spot that I share with a coworker in a condo building (which is assigned to us and was properly paid for – about $200 a month). 

I specifically informed building management that I didn’t want to cause trouble, getting them fined or anything like that – just that we use the spot. 

This morning, I found coffee poured over the driver’s door handle which, in my opinion, is quite childish. I’ve cleaned it off but I have a feeling, based on your blog, that this will continue. 

What is there that I can do?

The Revenge GuyHi, People suck, don’t they? 

There’s too many “entitled people” in the world that drive me crazy. I mean, they have no care in the world about how their actions affect others just as long as what they do is convenient for them. 

Since they were such jerks to pour stuff on your car the usual thing would be to retaliate. Of course you don’t want such a war with these idiots, certainly the next thing they’ll do is key your car. 

Simply put, what I would do is put a “tow notice” on the parking spot and say that you’ll have any illegally parked cars towed at the owner’s expense. Or get yourself some fake parking tickets and start putting them on the windshield. 

You pay for the spot, it’s yours. Protect it without escalating if you can. 

Good luck RG