My Antagonizing Mother

Hi RG,  I have been living with my mom for over seventeen years and she has been antagonizing me for far too long.  Every time I do something, she always puts my younger brothers over me, in everything, if I want to go somewhere that I signed up for, she says, “We’ll see.”  When they […]

Screwed Over by My Boss and Still Bitter

Hi Revenge Guy,  I enjoy your website and reading all the stories on here. I appreciate your good and sound advice in response. So I’ll get right to the point.  My former boss at my former employer, which was an elementary school latchkey program. She was an evil, nasty bully to me who ganged up […]

Revenge Guy Gets Schools

Revenge At School By The Revenge Guy Need a little help getting even with someone at school that has done you wrong? Maybe an oldie but a goodie revenge technique is just what you need to help you get even and regain your stature as an important person.  You should know: RG has a great […]