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The Revenge Guy
At School By
The Revenge Guy

Need a little help getting even with someone at school that has done
you wrong? Maybe an oldie but a goodie revenge technique is just what
you need to help you get even and regain your stature as an important

You should know: RG has a great amount of respect for teachers. He will not advise any type of revenge against a teacher. However, if
you feel your teacher is treating you unfairly please follow all
available legal means to address the situation.

If this is the case begin by talking with your parents. Move on to the principal, the
school board and write letters to the editor of the local newspapers.

Of course, if you’re looking for revenge at your high school re-union
against the bully that tormented you, I have it too!

Bullies and kids? Please just ask your parents, ok. Otherwise

Getting Even With My High School Bully

Revenge Guy,

This is my story:
I am about to go to my high school reunion in less than a month and I have had revenge on my mind for this guy.

He was the bully that everyone talks about. In those days I was the quiet guy.

This guy, used to humiliate me by saying things about me, throw milk on my face in-front of girls in high school.

Most of the bullying was of a psychological nature and killed my self esteem.

People say forgive and forget, in my case neither is an option.

He has confirmed he will be at the high school reunion amongst all other people and
I want to pull off an epic humiliation to him in-front of everyone.

We do not have the same friends, maybe a few associates that’s it. I knew this person for 3 years before
I graduated.

I can get information on this person such as his gf name and number(possibly), but
I want to do this at the reunion.

This is the only way I can finally move on and I am sure it will let me move on. I am no longer angry,
I just want swift justice, an eye for an eye type of vengeance. I want him to leave that place feeling small. Thanks in advance.


Revenge JokerHi

I can certainly understand your need for revenge here. The guy that made high school hell has to be gotten even with!

Obviously you
still have some connection with him, you know enough through mutual friends that he’s going. And the 10 year re-union is a big deal, so far anyways. The 50th might be bigger.

“Eye for an eye” and “make him feel small” are feelings I can relate to.

Were you this bully’s only victim? Or are there others that you think would also like to get even?

This could raise the stakes considerably and I’d like to think that you’re not alone in this.

If you are,
here’s a suggestion:
Speeches are always encouraged at re-unions. Letting your former classmates what you’ve made of your life is one of
life’s little pleasures, provided you did something other than collect welfare and make babies.

I’s give a speech featuring the highlights of high school as you remember them, sparing no
insult or recollection.

Bash the bastard!

If you know of others that would like to join you, maybe this will get you even:

I’d create a “souvenir” flyer featuring this guy’s face on every twisted picture I could think of, and leave them on every car windshield before the evening ends.

And have everyone make the same speech as above!

Dude Pushes me Down For No Reason! Read

Revenge Guy,

I got into an altercation with this boy in class.

It was about 3 weeks
ago. He picked me up and slammed me on the ground.

I’ve known him since sophomore year. We weren’t friends but just knew each other, he was
always asking for something.

We know some of the same people I wouldn’t exactly say they are my friends. He does have a job to too far from
where I live. I have his phone number, I know what bus he rides and
where he gets off the bus at.

My dad feels as though some dudes should
go beat him up. I feel as though he should just get picked up slammed on
the ground like he did me.

Revenge would just make me so happy. I
believe that I wouldn’t spaz out on people and have fits of anger.

really hope you can help R.G.


Revenge JokerHi

I’d use a call service and
call him up pretending to big the long arm of the law and he needs to
come down to give a statement “in 3 weeks”. Make sure you set the caller
id to show the call is from someone pretending to be in law enforcement.

Ask his basic info:
Full name, date of birth, school name he attends and names of people
that witnessed “the assault” so they can be called down as well. Tell
him to bring his parents, charges may be laid at the time of this

Let him sweat it out for three weeks, as well as have to explain to
his parents why he did what he did to you.

For extra fun, call the friends he rats out.

He’ll get your message and this humiliation will far outlast a
beating. But get your Dad’s approval.

Revenge Guy,

This new kid at school has been bullying me from the start and just
yesterday we got into a really bad fight and he is more powerful so I
don't know what to do.

Please help as soon as you can. Oh yeah and some of my friend's get
bullied by him and also my sister got involved and I don't want her to
get involved because she could get hurt.

Some 11 year old

Revenge JokerHi

First off, I generally don't answer emails from people under 18. You're
too young to understand the consequences of your actions. But anyways…

You have to talk to your parents and your teachers. Talk to an adult
that you trust. This is the right way to deal with a bully in school.

Bullies are just scared little people inside. They don't know how to
communicate (and you seem pretty intelligent to me) so they turn to
being a bully. They think that they can make friends by being the
biggest and the baddest. And kids that are bullies don't yet know that
life doesn't work that way. Just ask any of the tens of thousands of
people in jail right now. They'd agree with me, 100%.

Because bullies are so scared inside it doesn't take much to make
them even more scared. And it's not with your fists, it's with your
brain. You have to out-think them.

Bullies always pick on one person at a time. Even a stupid bully
knows that he can't take on a crowd. So tighten up your group of friends
and when this kid comes around, all of you together walk away. If he
comes near you, stay with your friends. And if you want to scare him
just say this, yell it out loud "Leave us alone or I will tell everyone
your secret!"

Now, it doesn't matter if you know his secret or not (every bully has
something he's afraid others will find out about himself) you just need
to threaten to expose his secret. It's important that you don't make
anything up. Lying will not get you ahead, it's the possibility that you
will tell and silence afterwards that will shake him up. And stay in your
group, there is strength in numbers.

And please, talk about this with your parents.

Good luck,

School Bully 101

Hi RG, I have a huge problem, there's this huge jackass that goes to
my school, we"ll call him Greg.

Greg has already punched me in the face twice which he got in
trouble for already, but after his suspension, he started taunting
me, calling me insults and started calling me overweight to nearly
everyone in class although I'm am honestly not.

Almost everyone likes this bastard and I can't tell or else ill be a
snitch. I know how to defend myself but if I do punch him back or
call him a name I'll get punished. I really hate this kid and it
makes me seem like a wimp that I cant do anything back. Please give
me advice, id really appreciate it.

p.s. we are in the same class
— Sad


Smile at him. And stand steady.

He will strike out from fear that he needs to beat on you to prove
his is the bigger guy… but your revenge is being the better

Do you understand?

He is a wussy that hides behind beating down others to puff himself
This is a game he will lose.

The next time you're THAT close to him, whisper these words
"Everyone knows about what you're afraid of..no one likes you hear"
and get away from him but walk tall, confident.

Guys lie this seem tough but crack easily. This is how you beat
him… suggest that he's really alone, and let him be.
Other's will follow within days what you have done.


Stop Being His Target

There is this guy his name is Adam. He's always a prick to me.

just today I was trying to be friends with him… (I always think
is alot easier without having to move to revenge.) but I just ask
this girl and him are… and he replys "why should I tell you?!" I
you don't have to it's you're choice. He replys Youre so annoying!
Gosh you're so out of shape and have no friends and are so dorkey!
after that I thaught… Dang he tried to take my best friend away
me he goes off and tells lies telling people I say very crude things
to him. He thinks he is the cooliest guy in the world why dosnt he
just stop?! So finally I thaught it over and googles how to get
revenge and I don't want really horrible revenge just so he can
his own medicene. Like I said revenge is last so if you have some
advice for me I want that too. Bye the way I am 13.


Three things:

1. stop trying to be friends with him. He's not now, or ever will be
nice to you

2. stop letting him bother you, by getting a reaction from you, you
become his victim and his target

3. talk with your parents about this, they can help you more that I


{Dear Reader, I included the above email to show you that life for
kids is hard, but the first people they should be talking to is
their parents, or a trusted teacher, not some "Revenge Guy" online.}

Revenge Guy,
We just bought a house, the far end of the back yard shares
property with an elementary school.

The basketball court sits right next to my backyard with
a small road dividing the two. Most of my neighbors have small 4ft

We had no idea what would happen when the weather warmed up.

Suddenly hoards of young people showed up, driving from other
neighborhoods and playing basketball.

They are constantly swearing and blasting their radio's that have
loud subwoofers. We live in a very nice neighborhood, it just
doesn't fit.

I don't know if it is always the same people playing but the other
day I was outside grilling and the ball bounced into my neighbors
yard, who has a small fence with an unlocked gate. The guy who
fetched the ball jumped the fence using his foot on it and shaking
it violently. He left with the ball in the same manner. I shouted to
get his attention and he ignored me until I became louder. He said,
"don't talk to me like that, I'm a grown man, I will steal your
grill and everything on it!". Several words were exchanged and they
threatened me.

I stood up for myself and threatened back. The police showed up
because my neighbor called, but they had all scattered.

My neighbors and I have phoned the police countless times about
incidents not
unlike this one since the weather has warmed up.

This is our first summer there but our block watch community says it
has been going on for sometime.

I have thought about just removing the rims myself and ditching them
somewhere, but the kids at the elementary school use them during the
day and
I don't want to take their recess fun time away.

Apparently the rims are taken down when school is out, but it is
warm for most of the school year.
What do I do?
Yours truly,
Angry home owner


Take them down and leave them for the school
principal or janitorial staff to put them back up in the morning. Pin a
note to them stating why they were taken down. Remind them that the
municipality/city is responsible for what occurs on the property, even
after hours. Talk to the principal of the school, maybe he's just slow
in putting up a better fence and may need some prodding.

up to these goons isn't going to win you any points here.

I would go after your local municipal leaders to have a tall fence
built around the court too and also register complaints so that this
becomes a local issue when election time rolls around.

I would take video of all the players… from the safety of your
And I would ask that all your neighbors on that side plant rose
bushes, raspberry bushes, something that is hard to walk through.

Most importantly, talk with your neighbors in the block watch to be
a more active part in recording what happens there. Evidence is what
you want.
And if someone needs to take the rims down outside of school hours,
so be it.

Just remember, you'll always have these issues
being beside a school, so you have to think of protecting your
family and sanity first. This isn't revenge, is "safety first" for
all involved.

Best wishes,


My name’s Sandra, and I’ve been wronged. I find that your website is
sincerely a godsend. And I was inspired to confide in you for help.

I’m a very computer literate person, and spend a good deal of time
on the net. Sadly I’m still in high school, but don’t think I’m one
of those sad teens that only contact you to harm their exes.

No, my case is very different, and literally boils my blood every
day. I’d like to state that I am very good with grudges. If I feel
that a person is truly sorry and wishes to be forgiven, I will
forgive them. Yet, a friend of mine, from a high school I attended
last year, hurt me… and never even mentioned asking for
forgiveness from me.

I was brought up in a family that follows law and justice, and I’m
very very against stealing. There’s one case, last year, that
someone (I’ll call her Molly) in a "clique" that I have friends in,
asked to borrow a book of mine. The book was the fourth in a series,
and Molly never gave it back. Molly promised over and over that she
had given it to me, and other times would say that she didn’t even
borrow it. Soon, a good friend of mine (still a good friend)
replaced the book for her, and I decided to chill. I felt that it
was my fault that I let a scumbag like Molly borrow anything of
mine. The people in that "clique" saw, how angry and hurt I was that
I was betrayed by a potential friend. Even the girl (I’ll call her
Richele) in question. (I would estimate a month and a half) After
that incident, Richele decided to be redundant. Richele was a
moderate friend, that I didn’t mind hanging around with. Nor loaning
something to her, especially after being practically begged to let
her borrow it.

Again I was at fault for being trustful of someone I thought was a
friend. I was embarrassed by her, I stood up for her, I stayed on
her side of fights she got into, she was the first friend I made
when I had to go to that high school. And she stole from me.

It’s my fault for trusting her, but it isn’t my fault for her
actions. And I want revenge.

Not only has she stolen one of my personal belongings, but she is
also dating that good friend I mentioned earlier. That good friend I
have feelings for, and I would not say I loved this friend, but I
don’t want that friend to get hurt like I did, along with other

I feel I am the only one that knows that Richele can not be trusted,
only because last year I was the new kid, and my friends have been
friends with Richele longer than I have.

I’ve been hit repeatedly, not only with jealousy of Richele for
still being in contact with my friends, but also because she gains
their trust so much more than I do.

What in this world can I possibly do to wreak revenge upon Richele?
Come damnation or satisfaction. I ask you to help me end my anger
and hurt, Revenge Guy.
Thank you for at least listening.

Revenge JokerHi

Sadly we are going to run up against these types of people all our
lives. Knowing that we are better people that they is somewhat a
reward, but not always enough.

I do not want you to stoop to these peoples level, only because, by
the tone of your letter, you are far superior that these trivial
bits of flesh.

Revenge for you is to write a letter of how you’ve been wronged,
exactly, all thoughts and feelings. And you’re going to hide that
letter, showing it to no one at all, ever.

Then you will discuss the contents only of the letter to the friend
you have feelings for. Putting all this behind you, and exposing
her, will be your revenge.

Follow my advice and have a better life. And don’t worry so much
about the affairs of others. It’s hard to not be a caring and
involved person but you have top let people make their own mistakes
There is so much more to live after school!
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy


I am in 11th grader in private school. The VP of the student
council, and involved with a military cadet program (MCP).

I am a generally
good guy.

There was a mission
with this MCP and I got home at about 4 am on a Thursday night. On
Friday I went in to school to take a math test, and then left having
only 2 hours of sleep the night before. I find out the teacher has
deducted a point off my grade and given me two hours of detention
for having an "unexcused" absence.

There have been
many others who just skipped her class and there has been no point
deduction or detentions to them. She is the favorite teacher of many
people, and thinks she runs everything.

I would like to
nock her down a peg a expose her for blatantly playing favorites. I
already went to the dean and he just pushed me aside. Please Help!
Thanks in advance,

Revenge JokerHi

Write everything down including names and places and send the letter
to your parents.

Send a copy to the dean, registered mail, so he knows you mean

Just because you’re in 11th grade doesn’t mean you can be pushed

And send a copy to the teacher too.
Don’t be pushed around!

Of course, school does end in a couple of years. And teachers can be
unfair. You might want to take this as a lesson in hard knocks… but
I’d definitely send the letter to your parents. They spend good
money for your education and well-bring. If that is threatened they
should act accordingly.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy


I’m seek advise about revenge.

I’m enrolled in an
university level educational program that requires a lot of time,
focus, and concentration. I have been in this program for about a
year now, and I have a year left to complete.

My main problems
are with my classmates. From day one I was chosen to be the odd man
out so to speak. I have been gossiped about, lied to, teased,
ostracized, threatened, and had people take pictures of me without
my consent to try to humiliate me.

This all had hit
it’s peek when I was publically harassed and cursed out by one
desperate girl seeking to gain popularity. I filed a report with my
department and the university about the girl’s behavior in class
(which an instructor was witnessed to), but no one has been willing
to do anything. Not to mention that people who I was on a friendly
basis with before the incident have demonized me for reporting the

It’s like I’m
dealing with Junior high schoolers and no amount of ‘just ignoring
them’ has managed to get these people to let me be and do my school
work so I can go on and make something of myself.

Granted, I do have
friends who support me, and I’m not depending on these jerks for
self esteem, but I do have to go to classes with these people and
there is no way out of it. It’s gotten to the point where it is
scary to go to class knowing that no one is going to control these
people. Is this a good case for revenge, or is there some other way
to deal with these immature losers?
Thanks R.G

Revenge JokerHi,
Dealing with immaturity, at any age, is one of life’s little curses.
This doesn’t strike everyone but it does cause grief for those
unlucky enough to be stung.

Work as hard as you can and if there is any justice in the world,
you will become one of their bosses!

As far as immediate revenge I’d fight back, fire with fire.
Not exactly stopping to their level, but maybe see where you can
turn the tables without giving them anything to report on you.

They take pictures, you take pictures. They ask stupid questions to
you, loudly reply “Why would you ask that?”

It’s your embarrassment they seek and when you retaliate by becoming
loud and demanding it’s likely these weasels will simply, slowly,
slink away to the rock they crawled out from under.

Live well!
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy


We’re restaging the play "Miss Saigon" and I have this cast member
that is, for me, a total bitch and I’d love to see her get run over
by a large truck.

Anyway, I’m
directing the play and basically provide everyone with their scripts
and the CDs. I lose at least 3 hours of sleep every night just to
think of the next scene and make the choreographies.

Anyways, at this
one practice there’s a girl that says "she’s like "I’m too tired to
practice," and I have sensed her hostility towards me since then.
She talks behind my back as if she’s all that. She’s a total slut
and dresses like one too.

The part that pissed me off was when I dismissed all the girls a
little early because they did good in the practice she was like: "we
shouldn’t have come here then! f—er!" It really ticked me off that
during the dress rehearsal. I called her a retarded bitch with a
blue v–ina in front of a teacher, and I loved it.

But I still wanna get back at her. Something verbal, I prefer and
humiliating, in front of the class, something like that.
Thanks revenge guy. :D

Revenge JokerSeriously Dude,
You’re going to run into these types of people all the time. Revenge
isn’t the answer for everyone of these types of jerks. But this one
is special so here goes:

Your revenge will be letting her ruin this production for everybody.
And the next time she acts up at practice, say this:
“You know, you’ve really tried to get under my skin but I want to
keep my cool. If this show isn’t that important to you, drop out. If
it is then you should be putting in the same effort that everyone
else does.”

Be bigger than her,
girls like that get their true rewards soon enough. School doesn’t
last forever and she will not be prepared for the real world and
life if that’s her type of attitude.

Then I’d find a way
to get her booted out of the production.

And if she stays in as far as show time, take a minute before the
first scene starts and undo all the stitching in her costume.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Hi RG,
I am a student at Xxxxxxx Middle School and this is my final year.

One of
my teachers has made my whole middle school career hell, and she as turned
all of the Xxxxxxx staff against me. It a very long story why they hate me
so much. I have been brave enough to take revenge, I’ve always kept a
clean record. I wanted you to suggest a prank or some sort of revenge the
will get them or one of them good. But, I need a prank that can’t lead to
me, so I or my friends (which will help) get in trouble.

Revenge JokerIn this case, success is the best revenge and honesty is the only answer.

If the teacher is so bad, she shouldn’t be teaching. Document your
problems with her and formally present them to the school board. Discuss
this with your parents because you’ll need their help.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy


hi my name is ryan and
I’m only at school in year 8 and I always get picked
on for anything all the time and I get paper balls thrown at me and I
actually got bashed by someone and the kids in my class always tease me
about that but I can’t think of a way to get them back

so can you please
help me I really need you to please.
thankyou. ryan in australia

Revenge JokerHi Ryan,
Where I live bullying is against the law. I have to go over the obvious
things here so bear with me:
Have you spoken with your parents and teachers about this? They should be
made aware of what is going on, before you do anything to get back at
these kids.

As it happens so often, it probably isn’t one kid, usually 2 or 3 that
find it easier to pick on one kid, then a few more that laugh as it
occurs, encouraging the bad ones.

So, first, be sure that your parents and teachers know what’s going on.

Then you have to understand that these kids are usually insecure about
themselves and their place in the world, so to build themselves up they
knock someone else down. They don’t know the harm they are doing or the
hurt feelings that are truly involved, they think it’s a big joke and
don’t take the victim’s (you) feelings into account.

That being said, revenge of a violent type isn’t warranted here, it’s of
no use to stoop to their level. Fighting fire with fire won’t work.

What will work is getting a crowd of your own on your side, and this is
done through the things you are capable of doing. For this type of
revenge, showing yourself to actually be a popular guy, is the best
revenge possible.

I suggest you go to your local library, maybe even the school library, and
get a book on learning magic tricks. Then learn a couple of the easier
ones, like the magic rings trick, and practice it until you can amaze your
parents with it. You may have to buy some magic supplies, check the book
you’ve gotten to see what you’ll need.

Then, once you know the trick and can perform it well, take it to school
with you and amaze the cutest girl in class with it. Girls like to be
amazed with magic and guys like other guys that the prettiest girl likes,
it’s the way of growing up and setting relationships!

So, by creating your own popularity you’ll get your revenge and these
bullies will want to hang around you, instead of pick on you.
Ryan, you can do this.

Another place to check out is Robrob8.com, that site has lots of computer
pranks, harmless, but fun. Talk with him, get your picture on the front
page, that’ll boost your popularity too! (With your parents permission, of
Feel free to share this email with your parents, talk about it and then
get going!
Ryan, keep in touch, I want to know how things turn out for you.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

I’m in high school and
I’m kind of tiny for my age but all of my
friends are huge.

Today this kid came up to me that is younger then
me by 2 yrs and from two feet away he threw an apple at my face n my
friends want to fight him but  want to do something better. Do you
have any suggestions?


Revenge JokerHi,
Bullies are always trouble and getting revenge can be dangerous in
that you might escalate the threats and fighting.
But he does need to be taken down a step or two for coming at you
like that.

This is what you do:
Get a few dollars together and head over to the closest craft store.
Buy yourself about 20 of those buttons that you can make yourself.
You know, the kind that have the plastic cover and the pin on the
back to attach to your shirt.

On each button
write "I am a member of the ‘Better than XXX’ club" where XXX is
this kid’s name. Pass the buttons out to all of your friends to wear.
The embarrassment will scare this punk away for good.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy


I need some revenge and lots of it this guy has been bulling me for
years and i cant do anything because of his brothers they’re all in
their twenty’s and would kick the shite out of any body who look
funny at the guy so I need to do something that cant really be
traced back to me

please please please give me some idea of what to
from R 


Revenge JokerHi R,
All I’d do is watch the guy for places that he hangs out at, then
anonymously call the store and say this guy has been stealing from them.
That’ll get him some attention.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy


Revenge Guy,

There are these three guys at my school and they are complete pricks
to me. They tell everyone that I’m gay, given me a harsh nickname
that I don’t want to mention because it upsets me.

As well as this they take the mess out
of my looks and weight. They have stolen all of my friends (except
for a small few who have also been ridiculed) who now do the same
thing and I’m now alone and upset.

This has been going on for two years
now and it even resulted in me thinking about taking my own life. I
request your aid to get the bastards back (hopefully with something
that will split them all up) and make them feel as bad as I do.
Thank you,
Guy in need

Revenge JokerHi

Handling pricks and bullies at school isn’t always easy. Usually
they know who’s after them; they have a ‘gang mentality’ that makes
then less fearful together than apart.
There are steps to handle them though, both inside and outside of
school. The key is not getting caught.

1. Write down all the things the bully(s) has done to you, including
dates and times. Talk to your parents about the abuse you’re dealing
with at school. Let them know every step of the way the legal and
proper things you are doing.

2. Once you have a few incidents written down, go to the school
principal and get some help. If there is no help through the
principal, go to the police with your journal of abuse. Have
criminal charges made, if possible.

3. Contact local newspapers about harassment at your school. Write
an article about it yourself detailing the abuse and send it in as a
letter to the editor to your local newspaper.

4. If you have a camera (phone), take pictures of bruises, thrown
books, damaged property, whatever is done to you, post them on a
blog or website.

On your own, or with friends that won’t rat you out, your revenge

Carefully tail the jerks when they go out places. Shopping is good.
When they are in a store, go to security and report them for shop
lifting. That’ll keep them busy.

Create posters for ‘Moving sales", ‘Yard sales’ and such. Include
directions for the bullies house, with his/her name on it. That will
get the bully’s parents involved but you’ll have some early morning

Most of all, I’d recommend going the legal route not the revenge
route. Despite the harassment you get at school, keep in mind that
school does end and you have the rest of your working life to deal
with the jerks that were after you.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

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