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Should I Post on Facebook and Instagram to Get Back at My Bullies?

Should I Post on Facebook and Instagram
Posting to social media, while it may give you some limited satisfaction, isn't necessarily the best way to go, here's why:

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Dear Revenge GuyHey, Revenge Guy!
So back when I was in school and university I used to be bullied by several people and I want to take revenge.

I thought of several things to do:

  • 1st, creating a fake fb or Instagram account and send them rude messages.
  • 2nd, creating a page and posting stories of what happened and writing their first name or just post it on my personal account.

So which idea do you think is the best? I really need your advice.

The Revenge GuyHi Engy, 
I certainly understand the need to get back at your bullies, believe me.

But posting to social media, while it may give you some limited satisfaction, isn’t necessarily the best way to go, here’s why:

Creating a fake account can be traced back to you unless you use a VPN to hide your location. And you’d have to friend/follow them to be able to tag and message them so they’d even see the posts. That can get complicated if they even accept your friend request. And of course, they’d report your account. Depending on what you say police may be called. That type of heat no one wants.

Posting to your own account is a little better, but you may come off a little crazy, especially for all of your other friends to see these stories of being bullied. And if you’re looking for work or working now, employers may see these posts, not making you look very good at all and quite possibly could be used against you.

My suggestion is to create a blog account at wordpress.com, the free tier will suffice. Create your blog posts about being bullied with as much info as you want. When you’re done publishing share them to your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Keep in mind, when you use their names these people will become exposed on the internet in search engine results when someone searches for their name after a while. This will probably give you the most satisfaction and revenge.

I hope this helps,

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