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They Owe Me Money

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Friggin’ deadbeats. 

The trick is easy. Because it’s you. Sure, they seemed to be a friend. They were nice but always in some kind of trouble. They never had a good paying job.

Just scraped by. It’s a good thing you were there when they were in need of a loan. But you didn’t think enough to get them to sign a paper saying you loaned them the money.

Now they won’t pay you back. What’s a person to do?
Read on….
[RG note: Always, always, get loans in writing!]

When you’re a good friend and loan a friend some money, then don’t get paid back… ouch! Read on…

Dear Revenge GuyHi Revenge Guy,
Well, I am another person who has gotten screwed….

I loaned a friend of mine 2K almost 3 months ago. I did have him sign a promissory note. He said he would pay me back in 2 weeks. I have several text message from him saying he was going to pay me blah, blah, blah… I have come to realize that he is a con and now I am not sure what to do.

Small claims court is $400.00 (ouch!) His cell phone is no longer working, I just found out that the house he lives/lived in is not even owned by him… Lie after lie….

We do have some of the same friends and I plan on opening the can of worms on him this weekend. I was wondering if I could file a police report on him. I live in New Orleans, LA and If I can file a police report, what good does it do me? I am considering sending my loss to a collection agency as they only take money from what is collected. Please advise…..


Revenge JokerHi money-bags–not,
Confrontation only works when the person is afraid of being outed in front of others. So feel free to try it but watch your back! Snakes often try to bite when scared into something they weren’t prepared for.

Start with some small talk with your mutual friends, see if they have had similar experiences with him.

Then the outing, say it ;like it’s just a thought that popped into your head like “Oh, by the way John, your check is due for the 2k I loaned you… do you have it with you yet?”

No matter what, don’t accept any promises, this was his chance to make immediate payment.

Monday, send it to a collection agency. You’ll lose more than the $400.00 but you’ll be more certain of getting paid.

It’s terrible when you help a friend out and do all the right things like getting a promissory note, and you still get screwed. So screw back!
Good luck,

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
About 10 months ago I lent some friends from out of state $2000.00. The loan was for their mortgage and car payment. The one friend “Tina” I have known for over 10 years. Her new husband “Tommy” was the one that convinced me that they were good for it. And “Tommy” told me he did not want to ask “Tina’s” parents, because it was embarrassing.

“Tina” guaranteed they were good for it. Besides, they own a house in a lake community, have a boat, large screen plasma t.v, both have good jobs, blah blah blah.

So, they kept giving me the runaround forever.

Kept telling me they had checks in the mail, only for me to send off MY bills thinking that I was going to receive their check. Which I never did! And had late fees on bills too.

I’d call and call and call for weeks until one of them would answer and say they were sorry sorry sorry, they have had a bad financial situation and never got my messages. Yea right. I finally decided, enough was enough. I gave them an ultimatum and the time came and passed. What is your suggestion?
Thanks X 1000!

Revenge JokerHi Mike,
I certainly hope that you got this loan in writing. Then sue them.
They know to ignore you to easily avoid you, so make a legal case out of this.

If you don’t have the loan in writing now is the time to do it. Or get a recording of them on the phone agreeing to make payments.

Then send them a polite letter with repayment terms spelled out on it. You’re starting over to collect your money, etc…

Get their signatures on it and try to start collecting again.

Once they miss their payments again then you will have a legal basis to sue them and ruin their credit rating, should they have one left. It’s true though, people that make a lot of money spend even more, no savings, nothing to fall back on except for friends that make a lot less but have money in the bank.

Teach them a legal and financial lesson, that is what you must do.

It may mean waiting a little longer for your money, but the option is kissing it goodbye forever.
Not a great choice of options here.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I’ll tell u the whole story if it means you can give me some direct help!

This past February I was briefly involved with this guy. It was very whirlwind! He convinced me to invest some money… it was $1000. Afterward he said he had a “car accident” and I didn’t hear from him again. I called and called and I finally got him. He told me he was in the hospital. I got soft and felt sorry for him. Then he stopped answering my calls. I got a friend to call and guess what… he called her back (of course I heard).

Anyways, I put in a police report which they said I had to ask for a “demand for payment”. I e-mailed this to him because I didn’t know his address (and he doesn’t know my exact one either). He called back and denied the whole thing and said it’s my word against his… I called him several times and it will look like harassment on my part.

I had the receipt of the withdrawal but the police said I can’t prove anything because it was freely given and I did not make him sign a receipt.

So you see revengeguy, I have no other recourse but to plan revenge so that I can get this out of my system and move on!

Help me please to do this in the most effective and final way!

Hey the other information I do have on him is his e-mail, his cell number and his license place number… tell me how I can use these in my revenge!
Thank you in advance!

Revenge JokerHi Cathy,
I feel your anguish!!

First with his email, (don’t do these things from your home/work computer go to your local library or an internet café!) place some online ads for stuff for sale cheap, roommates wanted, gay sex, whatever you can think up.

Include his email, and his cell phone number so he gets a lot of calls.
Put up posters too, around places like grocery stores, wherever they allow public [postings. Create posters of work needed, roommates wanted, whatever you like.
Just keep his cell phone really busy.

After a while, since time has passed already… call him … start off with “Hey, how are you? I’ve been thinking about you (be friendly, that will make him drop his guard) …” and go from there. Casually mention the money you loaned him… all he has to do is agree that he loaned you the money because you can record the call, you now have proof to sue him for the money, have the police take action, everything you need to complete your revenge.

You’ll get your thousand dollars back by his torture and need to change his number!! Or by suing him and having the court take the money from him!!
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
How do you get revenge on someone who owes you money, and they know it, but refuse to pay you back?

Thank you!

Revenge JokerHi Jenn,
The best way is to send them a letter that says PAY ME and add a few dollars to what they owe you.
If they owe you $200.00, in the letter say it’s $500.00
If they owe you $2,000.00 make it $2,800.00

Along with the letter include an envelope that is already addressed to you, complete with stamp. Most people will write back and say it’s not $2,800.00 I owe you, it’s only $2,000.00.
Then you have a legal debtors note that you can use to sue them in court.

Otherwise, hassle them with letters, phone calls, emails, until they somehow respond with an email or recorded message that you can also take to court.

You’ll need to be tricky to get the evidence to sue them, but that’s the right way to go.

Good luck!
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
So I am INCREDIBLY angry right now.

I loaned (who I considered a good friend) $3200 in October of this past year because he had just lost his source of income and couldn’t pay his bills and his final month’s rent. We signed a promissory note, and he promised to pay me back in a month (Nov. of 2006.)

Long story short, he continued to jerk me around. He paid $1000 a few months ago, but still owes me $2200. I finally threatened to take him to court and he is supposedly sending me a check tomorrow, plus any late fees, but we’ll have to see about that.

During this 6 month expanse of time, he supposedly didn’t have the money to pay me back, yet still managed to find the money to vacation to not only the Virgin Islands, but Puerto Rico as well… and plans on taking a trip next month to Germany. He also owns a Rolex. He obviously isn’t lacking money, just the decency to pay me back what he owes.

He’s socially awkward but thinks he’s impressive because he has money and uses the internet to meet girls because he lacks the social skills to meet them under normally (face to face.) I want SERIOUS revenge.
Got anything inspirational in mind? :)

Revenge JokerHi,
Honestly, if the next check is bad, head straight away to the courthouse and sue him!

After that, I’m not sure what to do because of the lack of details.
Does he work? Play? Hang out regularly somewhere?
We you romantically linked?

Can you find him online and set up him with a bunch of fake dates?
(Hehe, if you could then I’d have a message waiting for him at the date place saying “Changed my mind about dating you LOSER!”)

Send him a letter seemingly from the Homeland Security Department saying he’s been placed on the “No Fly List” and they want an interview with him.

You get the idea.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
So here it is:
I help these people out, down on their luck with giving them over 250 man hours of work at $10.00 per hour, move them into a great rental apartment with no security deposit (they have a kid and I felt so bad for them that I paid the deposit), offer them furniture, exercise equipment etc., and give them advice for everything they throw my way.

The owners sell the building they are living in and within 30 days the state comes and checks them out for child abuse and/or drug making. Not sure which, but I was more than surprised. I paid their security deposit for them, with the agreement they would make payments back to me.

Well upon the police jumping their home, they figure I called on them. Mind you, I have nothing to benefit, and truly, don’t think anything is going on. The new owner wanted them out, plain and simple. They had designs on the place. Now, they won’t talk with me – flat out told me to f*** off today, yet they got their security deposit back from the new owner (mind you, I paid it). I want to give it back to them. They know I didn’t do it, they just don’t want to pay the money back. What do you suggest?
Good Gal Made Mad

Revenge JokerDear Good Gal,
Send them a letter stating that they owe you double the amount. Include an envelope that is already stamped and addressed to you.

When they right back with a letter that says what they really owe you, it’s all the evidence you need to go to court with.

Unless, of course, you already have such a document for the loan you made them.
Take then to small claims court.

Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
Okay, this revenge issue is twofold. Here’s the story. I have a friend, excuse me had a friend who’s name is Fred, and we dated for a while in the past and then I went away to school, but we stayed friends.

I moved back home and we kind of flirted but he was with someone so we just kept it platonic.

Anyway, he owns a liquor store, well he owns one and his family owns several, and he also does work on houses on the side. so anyway I was remodeling my house and I figured that he was the perfect person to do it. He ended up subcontracting the work for my kitchen to a friend of his.

His friend Julian is Hispanic and he did a beautiful job making me custom built oak cabinets. For almost a year I was paying my so-called friend money for the cabinets and nothing seemed to be getting done. Allegedly they were being worked on.

He probably got a total of $2,000 out of me. Then (I sell real estate) I closed a really big deal and decided that I was ready to move into my new house and I asked him how much it would cost in order for my basement to get finished and the kitchen cabinets.

He told me $6,700.00, labor and materials. I gave him the money. $1700 in cash, (Julian, the Hispanic guy allegedly only took cash, which I found out later wasn’t true) and I gave him a cashiers check made out to him ( Fred) for $5,000. Well anyway, a friend of his parents both died a week and a half apart and he went out of town for almost a month total to help his friend. When he came back his mom had heart surgery and one of his employees at his store was out of town so he was working nonstop. So I was trying to be understanding and patient.

Anyway, long story short he picks a fight with literally me for no reason one day and then we stop speaking while he has all my money. The kitchen got almost, almost done and I find out that he gave Julian a thousand dollars and never gave him any more money.

So now Julian is sweating me to pay him and Fred lied to him and told him that I never gave him any money at all. So Julian has a key to Fred’s house and he wanted us to talk to Fred together face to face, so we went over there. Fred lives in this loft above the bar that he owns, anyway, we go in and Fred sees us on the security camera so he refuses to get off the phone and talk to Julian because I am there.

Me and Julian go wait downstairs in the bar and I see that Fred’s car keys are on the other side of the bar out of the security camera’s view, so I take his keys, which go to his truck, the bar, the liquor stores, his kids mom’s house, his parents house, basically his whole life. So he calls me later asking if I have them and I say if he has my money I have his keys, but that he cant have them back until I get my money.

Well, my mom starts pressing me to give the keys back saying that I need to hot piss him off in case he does something to my house or my truck or whatever. So I go to his house and I give him the keys in exchange for a check for 3,000. He was allegedly going to give me the rest later.

And the next morning I go to the bank and the check is no good. So I go to the liquor store and he screams and yells at me and basically says, “fuck me” he’s not paying me.

So I’m sure by now you’re thinking sue him. well, the thing is, I was moving into my new house and I have no idea where my copy of the cashiers check is. I tried to go to the bank and get a copy and from looking through their books with a teller and a manager it appears that a whole batch of cashiers checks are missing including the ones that I wrote around that time. So I have nothing to go to court with.

Now I discussed this entire scenario with my two-faced cousin and I even thought about photo-shopping a new cashiers check and making a copy of it to take to court. (totally illegal I know) anyway, my cousin/ex-best friend has the audacity to call Fred and tell him that I lost the cashiers check. (she’s a slut I think she’s been trying to sleep with him) anyway, so he knows I don’t have the check and all I have is the bad check that he wrote me for $3,000. I looked at the website and I thought that nothing seemed fitting to cover almost $9,000.00 worth of revenge and I don’t have a case that will stand up in court. he has no grass, so I cant spell out thief in it and besides both his house and the liquor store are covered in cameras.

I thought about the coupon thing but their liquor store is like the ghetto type where they make a ton of money but they wouldn’t have the type of customers that would like complain to the BBB or anything they would just gripe and leave.

So now I’m screwed for an idea. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

Revenge JokerHi,
First off, take a breath.

I’m sure you’ve been sweating this a bit but seriously, you sell real estate and didn’t have a contract with this guy, even if he was a friend?

And you paid him in advance for the whole job after he took a year to finish the first job you gave him to do?

Slow down and let’s get professional about this whole thing, OK?

First off:
You have the $3000.00 bad check.
Sue him over that.

As far as anything else, I’d just create a bunch of 50% off coupons for purchases at XXX liquor store and let him sweat that out.

And from now on, anything that includes any sum of money, get it in writing!!
And put that writing in your safety deposit box right away!
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyHi RG,
My name is Johnny and I have a long-time friend who’s been owing me quite a lot of money I lent him on several occasions for petrol about six months ago now.

He tells me he can’t afford it at the moment but then he soon spends the amount he owes me, or more, on a new set of brake discs for his car or something.

Quite frankly he’s been a bit of a knob since he got with his whore of a girlfriend anyway, I haven’t seen or heard anything from him for quite a while now and whenever I try getting hold of him he never bothers getting back to me, he only seems to bother with me when he wants something. I need to finally stand up for myself, how can I teach him not to take advantage of me again?

Revenge JokerHi Johnny,
Just stand up for yourself.

The next time you see him hand him a written bill showing all the money he owes you and from when.

Have him sign it.

Then tell him to start paying you apportion of it every week or you’ll take him to small claims court.

To prove your case all you’ll need is the written note you now have.

And then stop taking his calls unless he has cash in hand.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
So I was working at this bed and breakfast on the weekends. It was very very very hard work, I was working 12 hour days with no breaks, and there was only one other employee.

After I had only worked there two weeks, she gave that employee two weekends off in a row, while she was at the hospital tending to a family matter, leaving me all by myself to run her b&b.

After 2 weeks of this and falling behind in my studies, I called on a week day and said, I’m really sorry but the work is just too hard for me and I wont be able to come back.

I called back on payday, she owed me 2 checks, one that she held back the first week, and my last weeks pay. She told me I’m not getting shit from her because I quit and I can go fuck myself.

Well since she paid me under the table, there is no way for me to prove that I worked for her at all. This happened a couple of weeks ago. This lady has a LOT of money by the way, and i worked my ass off for that lil money that she owes me.

To her, it means nothing, to me, it means the world. I literally have to skip school next week because I just don’t have the gas money to make it there and back. This happened 2 weeks ago.

She runs a bed and breakfast in weatherford texas called angel’s nest
She lives at the bed and breakfast she runs. Her name is Candice Dyer.

Her b&b is named Angel’s Nest
The address is 1105 Palo Pinto St. Weatherford, TX 76086
Her business number is (817) 599-9600
Her cell phone number is 817-596-8295

I honestly just want my money back but that’s not gonna happen. She has a quick temper and is easily riled. she thinks she is always right and treats customers shitty. I want her to lose lots of business, and I want her to know its because of me, but I don’t want her to be able to file any charges on me.

I said a long time ago that I’m never gonna let anyone screw me over again. I have a 3 year old son and this bitch took away from him. I am suffering really bad because of the money that she owes me. it wont improve my LIFE to get revenge on her, but dammit she deserves it.

Revenge JokerHi B&B Worker,
You’re right, you’re in a bad place. Working for cash means you take the chance that you’ll get screwed over for wages if something happened. And something happened.

You’ve got all the info. Call her and tell her that it would be awful if bad reviews of her place started showing up online. And to pay you or else.

You have the power! (And so do I!)
Best wishes,

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