My Affair and I Lost Money to This Cheating Scammer

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Sad woman sitting on bed knows she has been cheating and got scammed

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
First I want to say that I know I am not right but I am married and have been married since 2016.

I met a guy in July 2019 and at that time me and my husband’s marriage was rocky. I did tell him that I was married. Let’s call the guy, Jim. Jim was very charming at first. We instantly clicked and our relationship seemed to grow fast. We got to know each other more and more each day.

He told me that he had 2 kids and that his kid’s mom died. I felt bad for him and that attracted me to him more.

We had sex a lot of times after that.

He said that he needed help with his kids because he was a single father and asked to borrow $500, I gave it to him smh (shake my head).

About 2 months went by, something seemed off and I did my research and found out that he was married, I was devastated (even though I was married) I confronted him about it, and he said that he felt obligated to marry her blah blah blah and he was divorcing her soon. Mind you he said his kid’s mom died at first and he said his wife was not the mother of his kids. Dumb of me to believe him.

I didn’t talk to him for about a week but eventually I started to talk back to him.

Fast forward to a couple of months later, he told me that his mom died and he needed help financially. He asked to borrow $10,000. I gave it to him. SMH

One day I went to his house and while I was there his mom knocks on the door. He forgot that he told me that his mom died. I confronted him about it and he pleaded and begged me to stay with him, of course I stayed SMH.

He’s a master manipulator and I now see how he had me under his control. He then got me to “invest” another $20,000 over a course of a period and told me that I would get the investment back.

I loved this man deeply so I did it. He’s never paid me back anything.

I went through his phone and found out that he was having sex with multiple girls. I also found out that he has 10 kids, yes 10 kids with 8 different baby moms.

I feel like I’m losing my sanity, I’m devastated and extremely hurt, love can make you do crazy things.

I feel so used and I’m at a dead end on how I can get revenge. I also found out that he is a drug dealer and he used my money to buy the drugs to sell. I know who his wife is, I know where he lives, I know his tag plates. I know a lot. Is there anything that I can do for revenge? I am in desperate need of help.

Thank you, C.

The Revenge GuyHi C,
That is one hell of a story. When your husband finds out about your longtime affair and the missing money how do you think he will react?
But enough of that, you know what will happen.

You have a lot of info on this guy’s life, so it becomes a matter of how far do you want to take this AND are you worried your husband will find out about your cheating lifestyle?

If it was me, I’d confess my cheating to my partner and get them to help me to get my revenge on this guy that scammed me and probably a lot of other women, married and single. I know this may not be possible for you, but you need to consider it if your revenge unravels and threatens your own marriage.

If you’re planning revenge on your own, start with the basics:

  • write everything down, right from the start, include dates, times places and names (then hide this journal in a safety deposit box)
  • search his social media, guys like this leave obvious clues about the women they have affairs with and you’ll want to privately reach out to these women to see if they have been scammed too
  • start a private Facebook group and add as members the women you know that have been with him and scammed too, this will give you a few accomplices in your revenge and they may have ideas on how to get revenge too

If you’re keeping this revenge to yourself, obviously suing him for the money won’t work. But, since we are in the real world, you could assign the debt to someone else and they could sue him in your place, just like a collection agency. You will need proof that he owes you the money for suing him for your revenge. Entrap him in a recorded conversation or email to have your proof.

You also might want to let his wife and mother know about all of this too, or just the juicy parts. Since he has cheated on his own wife with multiple women, an anonymous letter or email shouldn’t trace back to you.

And randomly I’d get his car towed. Let him deal with that a few times.

Best Wishes,
The Revenge Guy

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