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My Business Partners Are Stealing Money

My Business Partners Are Stealing Money

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Dear Revenge Guy Hello,
My story is I had a business with a couple of partners. When I was in business with them they were stealing money from our business account.

The business was going broke, so when we ended the business we had one last job that we were going to get paid from, which was an amount of $22,000. I called the client and asked the client if the payment was ready to pickup and the client sounded confused on the phone. The client said what are you talking about? Your partners picked up the check over a week ago.

So my partners picked up the check cashed it out and left me with all the bills of the company. When I tried to get ahold of them they would not answer my calls and would just dodge me. They also stole $5000 worth of tools from me.

Do you think you can help me get Revenge on them?


The Revenge Guy Hi M,

That really sucks. You work hard, you think you’re part of a great team, and they steal the money you helped earn.

I hope you have a good lawyer and a big, fat business partnership contract and you sue them for everything.

That’s for the money side of things.

I don’t know anything about these guys, but most business people live on their reputation. That’s what I’d go after. Anything you can prove with evidence is the truth. Broadcast that truth everywhere they are. Let the whole city know what they’ve done. Take their reputations to the cleaners.

No one will work with them or trust them after the truth comes out.

As for your tools: Call the police. They’ll either charge them with theft or not, but you’ll get the theft on the record. Then sue them in small claims court for the return of your tools.

Create such a hassle of having to deal with you, seeing your face, getting legal notices from you that they fold like an old tent.

Thefts like this don’t happen in a spur-of-the-moment type situation. They thought it out. Planned. And executed.

It’s time for you to execute their feelings of invincibility by going after them every which way.

And check your business partnership agreement closely. You may be able to use wah of them personally and have liens placed on their personal stuff, houses, vehicles, etc.

Go for their jugular!

Best wishes,

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