Asshole Parking in My Spot

Hello RG,  I’m not looking to take revenge, not my style.  But I did ask building management to leave a notice about someone parking in a spot that I share with a coworker in a condo building (which is assigned to us and was properly paid for – about $200 a month).  I specifically informed […]

Parking Issues In Front of My House

Dear Revenge Guy,  I bought a house in a tract home community, I have been living here 8 years pretty much trouble free for 7 of those years.  I knew my neighbors, they were all respectful and we all got along. Then the neighbor next door moved.  A leasing company bought the house and now […]

Neighbors: When To Get Even

Do you need a little help getting even with neighbors that have done you wrong?  Maybe an oldie but a goodie revenge technique is just what you need to help you get even and regain your stature as a self-reliant, not to be messed with, person. You know, we’ve all had bad neighbors. Heck, when […]

Neighbors Can be Inconsiderate Bastards

There are simple steps to avoid getting bad neighbors… but they’re a secret so you’ll have to suffer and plot revenge instead…  Dear Revenge Guy, My boyfriend and I rented this townhouse and the HOA is run by your typical older, bitter woman on a power trip. Monday was a holiday and typically trash pick […]