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Need a little help getting even with someone that has done you wrong? The Revenge Guy has helped many thousands of people get their revenge. Read these stories and find your own style of revenge!

Maybe an oldie but a goodie revenge technique is just what you need to help you get even and regain your stature as an important person. You decide!

Dear RG,

First of all, let me tell you that I'm not a person that normally seeks revenge.

I've always believed that Karma has a way of teaching people lessons.

However, I am on my last thread of sanity…lol … I made the mistake of dating this egotistical… chauvinistic, etc, prick!

While we were dating, he was a total jerk because I wouldn't sleep with him and never called me again.

I got over that pretty quickly and went on my merry way.

Needless to say, ever since we stopped talking out of nowhere he seems to make it a sport to make my life miserable.

Unfortunately, I work with this asshole and have to see him everyday.

He always makes negative comments to his friends around me, he tries flaunt his whores in my face, and he always hangs out near my room because his friend lives next to me.

He talks shit whenever he sees me there too.

Even though I got rid of him once though by blasting the crappiest CD I owned, nothing will work permanently.

I thought he would get tired of it after a while of ignoring him, but this is DEFCON five!!!! I am about to leave and I don't want to get in trouble.

Please help me figure something out.. I tried talking to him about it, but he just blew it off.
Thank you…
On My last nerve

Hi on my last nerve,

Outside of revenge tactics I still believe that karma can be created with a few carefully chosen words at the appropriate time.

When he’s making those snide, demeaning remarks, turn to him and say, loud enough for others to hear:

Why would you say something like that to be?

Why would you say something like that about be?

How is that any of your business?

Do you really think that of me?

The surprising thing is that assholes like this jerk have a way of working in the shadows to become a permanent prick. And with any reaction they have gotten their goal of still stinging you.

Using the words above forces this slug of worthless flesh into the light, he is exposed into the reality of the day, confrontation need not follow. If he replies to these words, and most jerks don’t, he’ll try to make a joke of it (he will think: after all, wasn’t he just kidding with you all along, making fun of a tough situation?), he will make an effort to back out of the control you have just exerted over him.

Regaining your personal power is what revenge is all about. This is the most effective method there is… he knows you don’t like him, you don’t need to try to shove that in his face anymore. Take away the power he has to harass and belittle you and you will have him at the end or a leash, the dog that he is, he will be under your thumb. Normal, face-to-face confrontation is the way of the strong. Don’t create arguments. Don’t fight back.

He will understand that he has lost his power over you, he will understand that you have the power.

Use the power to protect your self worth, your self-esteem.
He will never see it coming! Karma has been restored!

Dear Revenge Guy,
Let me say first that I enjoy your website. I need a little assistance with a situation (as in evil revenge tips) towards about 8 people (sounds like a lot). Today during a class, a "friend" of mine followed me around for a bit bugging to learn some secret that I would only tell my closest friends. After I was pretty much annoyed to death, I told them which was a mistake on my end. What I had no clue of was that she had gone around and told most of the "snobby" people at one end of the classroom who my secret was about. When that person finally got to class, they all stood up and shouted across the room. I had never been so (humiliated/embarrassed/insert something similar) in 4 years. I'm not the type of person to go for revenge, but have always wanted to. Something along the lines of pure evil and sinister would shake them up a bit. Do you have any ideas?
Thanks if you do, -M

Hi M,
They pestered you until you GAVE IN.
Such is life. You really need to move on. With the paranoia for violence in schools, the danger of retribution that goes beyond a simple prank carries a specific type of personal reputation danger that could cause much more harm.
That being said:
a mob isn't easy to get revenge on, unless properly planned out.
Here's what you do:
Write a bunch of love letters from one of the group to another. Do this for several of the people, girls and guys.
Be careful that you can't be identified by the writing of the letters, use a school computer/printer if you can.
Leave copies of the letters in bathrooms, in classes, in the library.
Hide them so they will be found, don’t just drop them out in the open. Watch the sparks fly as the letters are found and shared all over the school.
Have fun!

Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge Guy,
Please help me with an idea or even several ideas on getting revenge on a person who has crossed the lines of respect.
This woman I have known for fourteen miserable years. The only reason I have tolerated the acquaintanceship is because her eldest son Michael and my eldest
son Bobby were truly Best friends and I helped to raise her children who I love like my own. Michael, who died from cancer at the age of nineteen, lived with
me and my family for most of those fourteen years of knowing him. His mother is an alcoholic and drug addict who has tormented me and mine for a long time
and she dropped the camels last straw today.
Her and I are in our early four ties which rules out a good old ass whipping, so help a grandma get revenge. I don't want serious consequences…death, or
any legal action. I have considered a copperhead or rattler in her mailbox, but I am also looking for alternatives, I am too clumsy and really don't want to
risk myself. I'm not a wimp I am a practical person. Please give me some advise as soon as you can because my temper will overwhelm me and I do not want to
loose control and kick her ass. I have a wonderful family and do not want to waste time in jail.
Please help, C.

Hi C,
What you need to do is get yourself one of the rude bumper stickers I’ve seen elsewhere. Then one night put it on her rear bumper.
What I suggest will torment this lady in return. And give you great cause for celebration as her torment becomes evident.
These overbearing, loud-mouthed, opinionated people can never fathom why someone would invade their space. A rude/crude bumper sticker will do just that, while immunizing yourself from serious crime committing.

Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

First off, I wanted to say that I'm a fan of your site. I love the advice you give. Now the time has come for me to ask for help.
Let me begin by saying that I was involved for the better part of a year with a woman who completely rocked my socks off. She seemed amazing. The sex was great, and we both immediately fell in love (..or so I thought). Here's the kicker – she and I are married….to other people. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. If anybody has a problem, let them cast the first stone. Anyway, the relationship lasted for a long while, until she took a trip out of town, where I found out she had an affair…with a woman. Of course, she denied it. The relationship continued, with me being VERY suspicious. Near the end, we took a trip out of town, where I found out she was having another lesbian relationship RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE! When I asked her about it, she immediately broke up with me, saying she was "too busy". Since then, she's kept lying to me, and kept me waiting in the sidelines (as she asked me to do……I was SO stupid to do so!). She's had affairs with both men and women, while at the same time asking me to stay faithful to her.
She's still married, and her hubby is freaking clueless! My wife knows everything, and we've patched things up. She wouldn't mind seeing revenge on her as well! At one time I was willing to give up everything for her. Now, I want restitution. I want punishment. I WANT REVENGE!! Can you help me?

I'm glad that you like my website.
I'm very happy that you were able to confess to your wife and maintain a relationship with her.
You owe her a fabulous vacation somewhere, with a renewing of your marriage vows.
And a BIG piece of jewelry.
As for this other woman, she's into everything and everyone. With a clueless husband to boot that keeps the home fire burning as she cheats herself to anything that moves.
Your revenge is going to take several steps. They can be completed in any order.
First off:
You'll want to reprint this email once you've deleted any identifiable marks, such as your email address. Or print it from my website, it'll be on the home page. Then leave copies of it everywhere. Her office, his office. The grocery store bulletin board. All kinds of places where they'll see it. Maybe the clueless husband will make the connection, maybe he won't. But she will. And she'll be put on notice.
Start placing "Found Item" ads in the local papers describing things that she owns. These are usually free ads and they very rarely check the phone number of who places the ad. Use her phone number. The kooks will start calling, the more frequently the higher the value of the item seems to be. The conversations with these kooks will be incredible. Just imagine it.
Set up one final date with her. Preferably a late meeting in a motel, or a fancy dinner place. Get someone else to call the husband about this rendezvous, preferably as it's happening (of course, you won't show up!).
The fires will roar!

Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Hi R.G.
UR site is great i like your idea of helping people, u must be good man. I have a small story it goes like this. I when joined a chat, being new didn't knew much about the people. Then I had this girl following me who got my attention and soon within two weeks we were flying high in love and all the other chat members used to compliment us and admire us,,lol.
Suddenly it turned away she began to flirt with some other guy and I a thing to laugh upon by all the admirers this really pissed me off. They made fun of me for months nearly 7 months now. It was a bad experience. But i didn't left the chat, I kept logging in regularly and didn't change my id which i could have done easily and pretended to be some other person.
Soon i can to know that there was just one person who used to log in with 56 ids and cheated new comers. And then humiliate them to hell. I think he is sick and needs to be taught a lesson.
I want a revenge kindly help

Hi Hidar,
It's unfortunate, but a fact of online life, that many people hide behind the anonymous aspect of the Internet.
When you come across some creep, as you have, they automatically win. Usually. With bad intentions they will create as many user/member ID's as necessary to torment others. And it's very hard to get revenge on them since they don't really care. They'll just create yet another username and go after you. They feel this type of fight is 'sporting' rather than the type of cowardly attack it really is.
So, it's best to just find yourself another chat room. Start emailing only the people you want to keep in touch with. Avoid this pitiful creep's crosshairs.
Buy, if you still want revenge, this is how to do it:
Option one (easy)
Write down all the usernames this person uses. It'll be easy enough for the chat room admin to check these usernames with email signins. He can then block the accounts that are duplicate. Any webmaster that cares about his website and his visitors will do this.
Option two (hard)
Create a new username for yourself. Talk this guy up as if you are a girl interested in him. After a week or so, tell him it's your birthday and you'd like to send him a photo of yourself. Say anything to get his mailing address. Then call the police in his town and say that you are a 11 year-old girl and that this guy wants you to meet with him, but you talked it over with your friends and they said don't do it, call the police instead.
Let this guy get a visit from local law enforcement as a suspected Internet predator.
That will shake him up some.

Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Help You With Your Bad Boss

The Revenge Guy

Need a little help getting even with a bad boss that keeps harassing you at work?

Most of the time you need to get legal help but any advice here is good advice!

Hello Mr. Revenge Guy,
I was working in this job with one of the big-4 accounting firms which I quit over 6 months ago. However, the hatred for my former boss still courses through my veins, and I just know I need revenge
to feel better.

The story is this: I started working there last year under the supervision of this guy who makes a big point of being religious. The job is not the usual accounting stuff but writing consulting reports which require a lot of specialization, extreme competence in writing, and long years of education to perform. Needless to say, this asshole has none of these, nor the intelligence to fake it. What he does have, however, is authority which he likes to abuse. . . often.

A few weeks after I started working there I had to go to Europe with him. OK. So we go, and part of the trip was to take the TGV (the 300mile/hr train). Anyway, we get back to the home country, and I find they docked my pay for the trip. WTF! So I ask him about it, and he says I had to submit the ticket to accounting. "But YOU had the tickets" I tell him. He basically tells me to f-ck off. When I refuse to let it go (it’s like 150$) he sends me on this wild goose chase of getting signatures from guy A and guy B etc etc. Finally, I do manage to locate my ticket– he submitted it as HIS expense.

A few weeks later my wife was really sick. I had to have family come from all over to help, but there’s a limit to what you can ask, and when at 6:30pm I would ask to leave (I would be in the office since 8:30am), he would refuse–"work it out" he said.

Then the work load got really hard– he would keep us in the office for days and nights, for nothing– we’re not blue collar workers, you can’t write reports at 2 am, it just doesn’t happen. As it happens, he didn’t know enough to read the stuff, so the only indicator he had of productivity was the hours.

There are also the times he called me a liar, the time he yelled at me until I told him my email password (illegal, by the way), the way he would kiss up to me when he realized he can’t do a task without me– only to become a total ass the next minute.

Also the pettiness, the sheer stupidity of the guy. . . enough to make you sick. . . especially when you realize the guy’s only talent is kissing the ass of HIS boss.

Needless to say, my marriage suffered for it, and I finally quit. The last day, he insisted on searching my computer for "files I stole".
I want revenge. Hard, painful revenge.
Pleez help.
Out For Blood.

Revenge JokerHi OFB,
Revenge on the “world’s worst boss” usually culminates in the person being publicly castigated on the job.

Had you still worked there I would have suggested documenting the things you do and then reporting your boss to his boss for an explanation of these workplace bully tactics.

But since you no longer worth there this isn’t going to happen and/or won’t carry much weight form a disgruntled ex-employee.

What I do suggest is take the time to:
1) Talk to a lawyer that specializes in workplace ethics (there could be a lawsuit and some cash in there for you!), and
2) I’d start sending small gifts to the office for this horrible man. Pictures of naked men, cakes with porn on the icing, flowers seemingly from other men. And for the heck of it, flowers or something with his bosses name on it. Let the real fun begin!

As a basic rule of life there will always be bad bosses. And there are a number of websites that help to deal with this issue in a way that we call all manage to cope:

The most important thing is to remember that you left on your own, that your value as an employee and a person should not have to be compromised by the idiots that sometimes are in charge.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Hello Mr. Revenge Guy,

I’m not quite sure how to start this because I have so much to say and don’t know how to say it. I don’t know what else to do about my predicament and its starting to take a toll on me. I could really use some advice before I do something stupid, like quit my job for one. I work at a restaurant and been there for 5 years.

To make a long story short the manager has a problem with me (as an employee). I’m not sure why either because I do a great job and what is asked of me and then some. I’m just sick of the way he treats me in front of customers, trash talks me to employees and how he respects (or the lack there of) me differently. (He has his favorites and you can see it.) I try to stick up for myself (because that’s me, I don’t take crap) and to him its giving him attitude. He just straight up sucks as a manager and is all about pinching the penny. Although whenever he feels it convenient to joke around, he will "brush" past and touch my breast or tell me how much he wants to bang one of the other employees.

I want to tell the owner what all he does as his manager, but then it will make me look like a tattletail. How do I go about getting back at him and still keep my job and the respect from the owner. I want him to have a taste of his own medicine and change his ways or the owner wises up and fires his ass.
Thank You,
Girl who has had her last straw

Revenge JokerHi Girl,
There is a legal thing called "Sexual Harassment" and that is what is happening here. Start a journal and write down every incident, every rude remark, every touch.

Include dates, times, people working, witnesses, everything. Use a hidden micro-recorder to record him talking to you. Then go to the owner and see a lawyer. Don’t let this creep keep using you for his amusement!

Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge Guy,
I need your help.

Myself and 4 other co-workers were laid off from work about a month ago. What happened was our new boss was sleeping with a colleague (both are married with kids) and he was staying late drinking at night with his "favorites" at the company.

This is a hospitality type facility so he was drinking up the companies profits for free of course. He is also the most sarcastic person. For instance, you ask him a question he gives you a smart ass answer. He has ZERO management skills.

So… after 10 employees write letters to the owner of the company complaining about this "man" our corporate human resources person came in to interview everyone. We thought this was a good thing and something would be done.

Well… fast forward to a month after that we are all laid off from the company. Our letters stated "lack of work". If you have no moral standards and are "buddies" with this idiot your going to move up fast within this company.

For instance, he hired this guy who has no hospitality experience to be the restaurant manager. Now they’re best buddies and this guy has been promoted to the food and beverage director. The 5 of us who were laid off have over 50 years of hospitality experience between us… and this dumb a** gets to stay and gets promoted.

Please help revenge guy…. do I contact this dude’s wife about the affair he had? He used to text message the girl he was having an affair with ALL the time… explicit text messages. Is there anything I can do with that. I just can’t wait for Karma to get him…I want him to go down NOW! Thanks for your help and I love the website!!

Revenge Joker

Hi Pissed,
I wouldn’t make the call… not straight like that.
I’d use a phone service to phone the wife and ask her if she received the flowers that her husband had purchased and was delivered to her (actually the other woman’s) address.

A call from his cell phone service saying he is over his text message limit, this is a courtesy call, did he want to
look at other plans that could save him money?

Other calls like that will raise the wife’s suspicions… help her to figure out that he’s cheating without saying it out loud.
Much more fun…. And a bigger fall for that ass of a boss.

I’m sure the ten of you can brain storm even more ideas of calls to make.

And talk to an employment lawyer, can you sue the company that fired all of you?
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge Guy,

My annual performance bonus depends on key performance indicators (kpis).

My boss lists my kpis as his and receives full bonus when I achieve them ….. but gives me a hard time about receiving any bonus at all.

How do I shaft him?

Revenge JokerHi,
The workplace can be a brutal place… is there not an HR (Human Resources) that you can complain to?

Keep records of his malfeasance and then anonymously send it to the big
boss… that’s what I’d do… and have any co-workers team up with you to create an accurate report of this tyrant’s behavior.

Place a call to the big boss, pretending to be your boss (change the caller ID to say his name) and just ream him out.

Then let the cards fall where they may.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge Guy,

I am a PM kitchen manager at a restaurant and I have a problem.

There are 3 people that work the morning shift and all day they talk shit and hate on me, I think, its cause there jealous of me, but they’ll try to make me look bad, piss me off, and annoy me.

 think they are trying to run me out, I’m not going anywhere though. But I get pissed off everyday when I get there.

I’ve been there 8 years and I’ve earned my position, they wish they had my job, but in all reality it sux, one day off a week, 55 to 65 hrs a week, all I hear is bitching and whining from my entire staff, I make schedules, order the products and cook every night on the main line.

One of them is 45 yrz old, (banquet cook) he acts as if his job is harder than everyone else’s and he is better than everyone else. His parents just recently came back into his life and are spoiling him with money, buying him a boat, paying his bills helping him buy a house, my parents are poor, my mom has a drug problem and I’ve earned everything I have, I hate him with a passion.

The other is my ex-roommate. He is just a morning prep cook where I work, he is single and lonely and pathetic, scares away girls he has a chance with and even the ones he doesn’t have a chance with. A real stalker type guy. He likes a girl whose with a man and pregnant with his baby. He likes to make comments about my job when he has no idea what kind of shit I put up with, and he compares his prep job to being a manager and tries to make it sound easy.

And the last one is a cook, 5 years older than me who gets a hard on seeing everyone hate on me, he usually provokes it. He loves seeing me angry like all of them, I can’t think of any way to get back at them.

I’m their boss, all of their bosses, but there’s nothing I can do, I get pissed off, and nearly bite my tongue until it bleeds.

If u can think of anything please help me out,
Chef X

Revenge JokerHi Chef X,
First things first…
As a boss you need respect, not animosity.
Talk with your boss or the owner, explain the difficulties you have with the staff.

Have a staff meeting and lay down the law.
Fire people when necessary.

It seems to me you have a lot of hostility and nothing to vent against. Time to hit the gym before something happens and they force you to lose your job.

This isn’t a revenge issue it’s an issue of respect.
You need to get some badly.

Just use your position to push these idiots enough that they’ll quit. It seems to me you have enough anger to steer things your way, use it for your benefit.

This isn’t a case for revenge but for getting back what these guys are stealing from you… well, actually that is my definition of when someone needs revenge. So be the BOSS now.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Ex-Boyfriends And Ex-Girlfriends

The Revenge GuyThe
Revenge Guy Helps You Get Even With Ex-Boyfriends
and Ex-Girlfriends

Need a little help getting even with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend
that has done you wrong? Do you want some break-up revenge advice?

Maybe an oldie but a goodie revenge technique is just what you need
to help you get even and regain your stature as an important person. If
you need help breaking up with someone, take a look at The Revenge Guy's Break-up Lines.


I dated this guy who is one hell of a player.

He only dates newly
divorced women who own houses so he has a place to stay.

He's very
smooth & takes women for all they have. He preys on the vulnerable.

He moves in stays a couple of years & then looks for his next victim
when women start running out of money.

He is a heavy drinker has had
several DUIs.

He is the most romantic and attentive guy. Women don't
spot his game because they are so vulnerable.

When they figure it
out he has already got his hooks in them & the next victim on the
line. He moved from my house directly into someone else's. He still
calls for booty. How do we stop this con artist?
Sharon B.

Revenge JokerHi

First off, I would place a classified ad in your local newspaper, in
the legal section, in the form of:
To whom it may concern, be it known that from the date of January 1
2009 9Your Name) will no longer be responsible for the debts of (his

This type of legal financial withdrawal of responsibility will get
his name on notice with many legal and financial institutions and it
makes a great start.

Then, anything that he has left at your place I would sell on eBay
and be sure to include, with each auction, a note on how you came to
be in possession of the item and why. This gives you the arena to
tell your story as well as having it publicly displayed to thousands
of eyes.

As for warning women in the future, the best thing to do is find the
women from his past, share stories and come together as a group to
publicly out this womanizing bastard. He gives all men a bad
Best wishes,


I have a few questions.

My husband of 18 years cheated on me and I want to find a legal way
of getting revenge on the girl he cheated with.

She copied pictures and videos of them together on his memory card
so I would find them.

So I have these pics of her and would like to know if I could get in
trouble with the law if I posted a myspace or a ad on craigslist
about her and posted her pics on there and what she is known for
doing (sleeping with married men and trying to blackmail them if
they get out of the relationship).

I would also like to run flyers off and say lost dog cause in
several of the pics she is holding her dog and then write last seen
humping peoples husbands and distribute the flyers around places
where it is known she hangs out.

I live in XXXXXXX and am not sure what the laws are as far as
getting in trouble.

Please let me know if these things are legal and I can do these
without getting in trouble with the law.
ready for revenge

Revenge JokerHi

Generally, if you publish the truth you are not breaking the law.

I would check your states laws concerning the laws of privacy of
person, which may or may not apply.

A website? Sure I’d do that.

Here’s a tip:
You could go to
and buy a website name.

It's very easy to do. When buying the web site (domain) name also
purchase the “private registration” option which hides your identity
of ownership. No one will know who owns the website.

Then purchase the hosting package for the website that includes the
website creator. This is also very easy to do and you will have a
website up in a matter of minutes. Once that is completed you will
have a private, secure place to post all you want about this awful

Keep to what you know, not what you guess at, and you’ll be quite
safe, I would think.

And talk to your divorce lawyer about other options.
Best wishes,

Revenge Guy,

About a year ago, my closest friend and roommate began to date a
fantastic and hilarious guy!

It’s rare that I find someone with as
ridiculous as a sense of humor as I, so I was very excited about
this new addition.

We began to hang out with some of his friends on
occasion and I found myself having the same witty repertoire with
his closest friend, lets call him Jed. Jed, however, was in the
midst of a rocky relationship, lets call her Crazy.

Every time Jed
and I were in the same social scene, Crazy would show up, and I
would here about how they "broke up! through the grape vine (this
happened 5 or so times).

She had a reputation for being high
maintenance, in every sense of the word, and often ruined entire
evenings for herself, her man, and everyone within a 10 foot radius.

I eventually got tired of the story and stopped hanging out with the
group all together. I am not going to lie like I didn’t flirt, but I
am flirt by nature and it was harmless fun. I was dating others and
not looking for the drama!

Fast forward… eventually they do actually break up, and shortly
afterwards Jed and I begin our flirtation once again!

Before long,
we are forced to admit that we do actually have an attraction to one
another and begin a relationship of sort. I make it clear that I
will not be a rebound, that I want to take things slow because of
the sensitivity of the situation, and that I do not want to flaunt
our affection. I also make it clear that I am apprehensive that the
whole thing is a bad idea (which it was).

He says that their
relationship should have been over long ago and that its sad, but
that he is over it. He makes her out to be kind of an immature pain.
All his friends come out cheering that its finally over.

Anywho, Jed is persuasive, and before long I am neck deep in an
intense romance.

But Crazy will not leave me (or us) alone. She
texts him all the time, she talks shit about me (clearly the slut)
to anyone who will listen, she screams her hatred at all his friends
who associate with me in the slightest, and she writes mean things
about me by name online.

At first, I feel sorry for her. The broken
heart is a horrible thing. Eventually I get tired of it. It rules
our relationship. Every time we’re out, his phone will ring over and
over. I find that I am obsessed with it. I begin to lose my cool!

Long story short, just when enough time has pasted where the
harassment seems to be slowing down, she goes through a horrible
family tragedy. He is there for her, 100 percent, as if a boyfriend,
at her beck and call.

I support this as best as I can because I care
for him and appreciate that his is a caring guy, although I express
my discomfort with it. I have been cheated on. Immediately, he
begins to be distant and confused.

So, after a month of waiting for
things to get better, bending over backwards to do/ act in the
appropriate manner, I break it off. I say I love him and want to be
with him, but can’t stand the drama anymore. I say that I hope he
takes him to think about what he really wants. This breaks my heart.

Within two weeks, they are back together. There reunion is totally
under the radar though. (I’d be embarrassed about that too)

I am humiliated and, to be honest, heart broken. I turned the other
cheek through every single bit of the whole situation out of respect
for him and our mutual friends.

I have still walked away with class,
so that our friends don’t feel uncomfortable. But I am pissed…
just livid. If you go back to the ex, I’m not even a rebound… I’m
just a short hiatus.

Believe me, I know that I am better off. I am more than a few
leagues up from Crazy, in looks, intelligence, maturity and general
personality. (as one friend put it UPGRADE). But SERIOUSLY!!!!! I
fell in love and then got pulled into a episode of Young and the
Restless… and that shit is not fair.

Now I have to maneuver social
outings like its a covert operation and just pretend that my
feelings aren’t hurt. To review: my roommate is his best friends
girlfriend. I hear about him and his life all the time. Its not out
of sight, out of mind.
So how do I get revenge? Just wait and assume they are miserable?

-just call me drama

Revenge JokerHi

Yes, that lying ass sure did put you through the wringer.

And you know he’s just going to pay and pay in his relationship with
CRAZY. So I would feed on it.

You know he’s a flirt. You know he’ll likely cheat on her, and maybe
even CRAZY will cheat on him.

I’d use that info to my advantage since they are always hanging out
with your group of friends.

Introduce him to other women, have a guy friend of yours pass the
word to other guys that CRAZY is easy when she’s had a few drinks.

Let the players play, so to speak.

And enjoy the entertainment and your complete revenge.

Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Revenge Guy,

I am tired of trying to turn the other cheek with this nut case. I
have been married to my husband for 10 years and this psycho just
won’t go away.

We have ignored her and we don’t answer our phones
when it is not a listed number, but lately she is getting worse.

weeks ago she moved in 2 blocks from our home where we have lived
for 7 years now. She is renting this house and although she will be
evicted within 8 months to a year for not pay ing rent, I don’t know
if I can take this that long. She is driving my husband and I crazy.
She calls our home at least every other day.

Since she has moved in
she has egged our cars, shown up to our church and spit on the door
handles of our cars, called our cell phones at midnight and played
porn over the line, and last weekend stole and broke our Christmas
yard ornaments. Every time she passes us on the road or sees us it
gets her going again. She has called the police on my husband over
and over making up stories that he has choked her or hit her,
etc….when he is no where near her and will not even answer her
calls. I have been keeping a diary of all of her psycho acts for
years, but without a ton of money, there is not much that I can do.

My husband had 3 children with her, of which we have custody of all
3. The oldest boy is now 17 1/2 and he ran away from home to live
with her last May because he did not want all the responsibility
that we expected him to have (like going to school) and his mom lets
him stay up and get drunk with her boyfriend who is only 7 years
older than my husband’s son. They also have twin daughters that are
14 and they can not stand their mom and have refused to see her. She
even called the police and tried to force them to go, but the girls
refused and the police told her that they would not force them to
go. (After all, we are not forcing the boy to move back in with us).

Anyway, this psycho will just not leave us alone and continues to do
more and more hateful things to us. I thought that if we ignored it,
she would stop, but it just seems to be getting worse. I also have a
son of my own that is one year older than another daughter she has
by another man, so now her daughter is going to the same school as
my son and it makes me very nervous.

As I said, I have turned the other cheek and ignored it for a long
time now and I am tired of allowing her to do hateful things to all
of us. She parks her car in the garage all the time so I can not get
to it. Any ideas?

Revenge JokerHi

I really feel for you.
Bearing the brunt of these lunatic actions cannot be easy.
She was obviously hurt in the divorce…. Which we can now use
against her.
You need to start sending her letters…. Anonymously… From an
Leave hints in the cards, notes and small gifts that they are from
someone she knows at work, grocery shopping, getting her hair
done… Whatever.
Once attention is focused back on her she’ll likely lose interest in
you and your husband.

Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy


Revenge Guy,

My boyfriend’s sister (we’ll call her Kara) just broke up with her
boyfriend of 2 years, but he’s not the problem. She started dating a
new guy (we’ll call him Boy).

Boy was so sweet to her at first, but
we all started to suspect that he had a few girls ‘on the side’.
Kara’s mother, Kara’s brother, and I began looking at Boy’s online
profile and saw he had a lot of messages from different girls.

About 2 months past and Kara saw a
message that was from another girl saying "I’m glad you’re all mine
and I love coming to see you at your dirtbike races". Boy is an avid
dirtbike rider, yet he was lying to Kara saying he was going riding
when really, he was going to see these other girls.

We all were thinking of how to get him
back and many ideas came to mind like forking his lawn, and putting
garbage all around his personal racetrack he has for riding in his
backyard. We really wanted to do something to his track…. any

Revenge JokerHi
Person With No Name,

The solution is:
Bird seed.
Scatter large handfuls of it on the sidelines of the track, in the
center of the track if it’s grassy.

Once the birds start getting fed regularly it’s hard to get rid of

There will be bird poop everywhere and in the air.
And bird seed is small enough that it can be discreetly tossed
around and unless you’re looking for it, you’ll never notice it.

Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Revenge Guy,

I recently just had a large break up with my ex. Not
really bothered about the split as I wanted to end it anyway. The thing
is I seem to have substantially lost out on the whole thing.

Well it
all started one night at my parents house when we’d both got back from a
heavy night out we started arguing and eventually things got quite
violent on her behalf, she not only broke the skin on my back biting me
but has also left pretty bad marks on my neck from digging her nails in
my throat, I know psycho.
Anyhow in the struggle while I was trying
to defend myself without hurting her I accidentally caught her with my
ring and scratched her arm.

Now the real problem arises, when I told her
to get out of my house on her way out, as she was unaccompanied by me
she managed to steal a £300 Mp3/movie player and my mobile phone. The
next day I contacted the police and due to lack of evidence nothing was
done about the missing items.

The items were probably dumped so I would
doubt any chance of getting them back. Not only this but the girl
reported me to the police for assault on her, which due to overwhelming
evidence on my behalf she was laughed out of the station, never the less
it still has damaged my reputation considerably in my local town.

sure you can now see why I need revenge on this girl and maybe someway
of getting some compensation for the £300 mp3 player. Now I just wanna
let you know incase there is something I can do with it, that I have a
cheque from her that was wrote by me but signed by her as a joke for
£500 pounds, that she thought I threw away but I always kept. It’s 8
month old so I don’t know if it is still valid and I know she doesn’t
have any money in her account. also I don’t want to get in any trouble
in the process.
Please help me. Thank you.


Breakups always lead to bad feelings, rash actions and trouble in
the future when they are handled the way yours was. Violence begets
violence. Revenge begets revenge.

But, since she started it, let’s move
ahead with how to get her back.

First off: Cash the check. At the very
minimum she’ll have an insufficient funds charge to deal with from her

In your local paper place the following ad:
Found – My self-respect, my self-esteem and my freedom. After finally
wrenching free of the (describe her here) boat anchor that was around my
neck, I am a new man. But I did lose (describe the items here) in the
process. If you have seen them please send a message to Box #… (rent a
box number from the newspaper where you place the ad).

This will work
great if your town is as small as you say it is, because everyone will
read this!

Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Hi Revenge Guy-
I dated a guy who agreed to be exclusive with me. I started getting a
weird vibe after a while that he wasn’t being or didn’t really want to
be exclusive and we had a lot of arguments about it.

One day I snooped
in his email and found a racy email he had written to a female "friend".
He abruptly broke it off.

About a year later he admitted he had never
wanted to be exclusive and only agreed to because he didn’t think I
would date (f***?) him otherwise.
Any suggestions how to get this bastard back?

Revenge JokerHi L,
Some guys are just creeps, after one thing and will do anything to get
It’s too bad you had to resort to ‘snooping’ to find out that he was
two-timing you, that he couldn’t be honest with you.
Now it’s a year later and you want revenge? Good girl, revenge is best
served cold and a year later should keep you out of the prime suspects

Here’s what you do:
Call up the local health board, tell them he has an STD. They’ll call
him in for a test and a talk. Call up his current girlfriend, tell her
the same story.

Tell all your friends how small his manhood is…. tell your friends,
tell strangers, post it on websites with a picture of him. use
newsgroups, they’re great. Be sure to go online somewhere safe, like an
Internet cafe or library.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

first off, great website. I just stumbled across it this
afternoon and am glad I did. Here is my situation.

A couple of years
ago, my two younger cousins got the best of me at a
family-get-together, Thanksgiving I believe.

Anyway, they talked me
into playing a game of "Spoons" with them. I am sure you know what
this is, however, I did not.
Let me explain just in case you haven’t
heard of this horrible game. Two people kneel facing each other.

large metal spoon is presented. In turn, as one person lowers their
head, the other places the spoon in their mouth and tries to whack
the other in the head with the spoon (this is actually quite hard to
do just so you know).

Then the guy who just got whacked places the
spoon in his mouth as the other bows down and whacks the guy in
return. This goes on till one person gives up.

The two brothers (my
cousins) totally embellished this story of how one of the brothers (tommy)
was the best in his school at this game and how he had the technique
down perfectly. I went first, I placed the spoon in my mouth, took a
few practice swings (nods) and hit him in the head.

Needless to say,
I didn’t hit him all that hard. Then it was his turn. I bowed down,
he placed the spoon in his mouth, and all the sudden, whack! It hurt
like Hell!!! I turned around immediately suspecting the other cousin
of hitting me with a separate spoon, but he was a few feet away and
everyone in my family (they were all in the room watching) said he
had done nothing of the sort and that Tommy had indeed hit me with
the spoon in his mouth. I proceeded to take my turn.

As I was
prepping, they were all giving me advise on technique… how to
properly whip my neck to get the maximum force out of a hit and
such. Again, a dull thud… not hard at all.

So again, I bowed down
and took my hit. Whack!!! Again it hurt like hell. I looked again
for an accomplice to my obvious beating, but again the family
claimed that Tommy used the spoon in his mouth to hit me. This went
on for some time till I finally realized that I just wasn’t able to
get the technique down and gave up.

Well, a few weeks later the family got together again for a family
BBQ. When I arrived, everyone was in the living room watching the
TV. To my horror, someone had videotaped the whole game a few weeks
earlier and was showing it. I saw myself placing the spoon in my
mouth, taking a few practice swings, then quite lamely bonking my
cousin on his head.

Then I see me bowing down to receive my blow. I
was very interested at this point; wanting to see exactly how he was
achieving these very hard blows to my head. And as he whips the
spoon down, it misses me, but I see my other cousin lean in and hit
me with a large spoon he had hidden behind his back! Then of course,
the whole family broke into uncontrollable laughter.


How could
I have fallen for this? I thought this was the deal from the start
when playing the game a few weeks earlier, but I had my whole family
assuring me the game was legit and I simply wasn’t using the right
technique. I was pissed, but it being family and all, I put on as if
I thought it were funny and took it in stride.

I told them good job
for getting me and let it go. But I didn’t let it go. Since then, I
have been trying to find a way to get even with these two little
punks. A couple of years and many family gatherings have passed by,
so they are not on their guard. Now is the time to strike!

I need a
good way to get even with these two…. and maybe even with the
whole family.

I’ve read your other posts and I understand that this
is not very serious.

Nobody ruined my life or anything like that,
but none the less, I want to get even. Just remember, this is
family… I don’t want anyone to be permanently hurt or anything
like that, but I would love to get my revenge. Any ideas?
Taken by


This type of revenge requires expert timing, believable storylines
and and investment in time and money.

Are you up to it?

I know you are. What’s a couple of hundred dollars when revenge is
needed, right?
Taken, this is what you do:
You’re going to set yourself up as a "jackpot winner" along the
lines of the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes ™. By this
what I mean is for your next family gathering your going to have
people come to the door to hand you a $30 million dollar check in a
believable format. Then you’re going to make the two cousins beg for
a dime from you. And anyone else you want to involve this in.

This is what you’ll need:
– A printer to print a 4 foot large check for $30 million dollars.

– Hire 3 actors (with cameras, tuxedo and appropriate script) for
the knock on the door and recording the prize awarding event. A
rental van with a "Sweepstakes Patrol" sign on the side would be
great too!

– A family event to spring this on everyone.

At the family event you’ll start a sob story about your life. You’re
a loser, etc. hard times, girls, job, everything sucks… everyone
will hate you, you’re such a sop. Carry on for a while. You might
want to practice this.

Timing is everything.

Then comes the prize patrol… just when everyone hates you.

The $30 million prize should give you a few hours of absolute
torture on whoever is your target. Be sure the actors keep the
cameras rolling.

You’ll love this for years to pass. You’ll be a family legend.

You’ll even send me a copy of the tape.

Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

First off, I wanted to say that I’m a fan of your site. I love the
advice you give. Now the time has come for me to ask for help.

Let me begin by saying that I was involved for the better part of a
year with a woman who completely rocked my socks off. She seemed

The sex was great, and we both immediately fell in love
(..or so I thought). Here’s the kicker – she and I are married….to
other people. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.

If anybody has a problem,
let them cast the first stone. Anyway, the relationship lasted for a
long while, until she took a trip out of town, where I found out she
had an affair…with a woman.

Of course, she denied it. The
relationship continued, with me being VERY suspicious. Near the end,
we took a trip out of town, where I found out she was having another
lesbian relationship RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE!

When I asked her about it,
she immediately broke up with me, saying she was "too busy". Since
then, she’s kept lying to me, and kept me waiting in the sidelines
(as she asked me to do……I was SO stupid to do so!). She’s had
affairs with both men and women, while at the same time asking me to
stay faithful to her.

She’s still married, and her hubby is freaking clueless! My wife
knows everything, and we’ve patched things up. She wouldn’t mind
seeing revenge on her as well! At one time I was willing to give up
everything for her. Now, I want restitution. I want punishment. I
WANT REVENGE!! Can you help me?

I’m glad that you like my website.
I’m very happy that you were able to confess to your wife and
maintain a relationship with her.

You owe her a fabulous vacation somewhere, with a renewing of your
marriage vows.
And a BIG piece of jewelry.

As for this other woman, she’s into everything and everyone. With a
clueless husband to boot that keeps the home fire burning as she
cheats herself to anything that moves.

Your revenge is going to take several steps. They can be completed
in any order.

First off:
You’ll want to reprint this email once you’ve deleted any
identifiable marks, such as your email address. Or print it from my
website, it’ll be on the home page. Then leave copies of it
everywhere. Her office, his office. The grocery store bulletin
board. All kinds of places where they’ll see it. Maybe the clueless
husband will make the connection, maybe he won’t. But she will. And
she’ll be put on notice.

Start placing "Found Item" ads in the local papers describing things
that she owns. These are usually free ads and they very rarely check
the phone number of who places the ad. Use her phone number. The
kooks will start calling, the more frequently the higher the value
of the item seems to be. The conversations with these kooks will be
incredible. Just imagine it.

Set up one final date with her. Preferably a late meeting in a
motel, or a fancy dinner place. Get someone else to call the husband
about this rendezvous, preferably as it’s happening (of course, you
won’t show up!).
The fires will roar!

Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Revenge Guy,

I dated a guy for about a year. A few months into the relationship I
told him I was looking for something exclusive and wanted to know
what he was looking for. He indicated he was looking for something
exclusive as well. We continued to date.

A few weeks later he
started saying and doing things that were leading me to believe he
didn’t really want to be monogamous so I asked him straight out. He
vehemently denied he didn’t want to be exclusive but continued doing
fishy stuff to which our arguments became more frequent. He hung out
with and went away alone with other woman (one on my b-day weekend
even) and continued making disconcerting comments in general.

It finally ended because I snooped in his email one day and found a
racy email he wrote to one of his female "friends". I confronted him
about it over the phone. His response "I don’t know .. maybe we
should just be friends. Got anything else to say?" to which I
stupidly said "no" and he hung up on me.

A month after we broke up I saw this post he wrote on a website he
[ah friends with benefits]
"The only way to fly. Plus, with this kind of strategy, you get more
than one! Variety… you know, it IS the spice of life".

A year after we broke up he finally admitted he had never wanted to
be exclusive and started telling me same lame thing about how a
female friend of his calls him a serial monogamist.. blah, blah,

I HATE this guy! He humiliated me!!! He wasn’t "confused"… he’s a
manipulative, lying asshole and I want revenge!!!!
Any ideas???
Thanks, L

Dear L,
At least you made a good move when you got rid of him… he’s been a
player all the time, saying whatever he needs to say to get what he
wants. I’m sure there isn’t a sincere bone in his body.

Usually I say that good living is the best revenge. And it still is.
And it’s very important for you to move on from this horrible
experience with this awful guy.

I’d suggest posting a gay singles ad in a local paper for this guy.
Include his phone number…. let him get past that one.

Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

dear revenge guy,

I met jeff at a wrestling match for my high school(he goes to another
school, a grade above me). we had a little thing my freshman year, but
then i started to realize how much of a jerk he was. he always tried to
kiss me, even when we werent going out, and me being the naive freshman,
and him being the sweet talker, i gave in.

he asked me to go out with him
a couple times, but i said no. the summer after 9th grade we started
hanging out, and even though he knew i had a boyfriend, he got a little
grope friendly when we were at the movies, so i got mad at him. he met 2
of my really good friends at a party, and told them that i fooled around
with him. which was not true at all. so i confronted him about it, and he
denied everything. he said "you know i would never hurt you and talk about
you like that" so i forgave him.

just other little things he did made me
not want to talk to him as much, and i learned to stand up to him.

i guess
he just got jealous, because this year (im in 10th grade now) i met a guy
that goes to jeffs school(rob). he knows that we know eachother, and he
gets really mad whenever i talk about him. he found out from one of my
friends that rob was at my house the other night with a couple other
people, and somehow got the impression that we were fooling around (not
true) and he told one of my very good friends that i was planning to lose
my virginity to him. (not true either, and obviously this has gotten
totally blown out of proportion, because i have never done anything sexual
with anyone) my friend confronted me about it, and when i found out what
jeff was saying about me, i could tell my friend was really disappointed
in me, until i told him the truth.

and nothing he has ever done has hurt
me more than this. and thats why i need some effing revenge, so he
realizes how much he hurt me, and so everyone else will realize that he is
a prick that doesnt know how to treat a girl. whatever, i just want him to
be deathly embarassed and scarred for life! im in culinary arts, my friend
suggested "laxative brownies, and lots of em" lol.. so got any ideas?


Hi Allie,

You have met the "loser of the year" as far as I am concerned.

Your real question you have to answer is:
Do you want to get rid of him forever?
Or just for a little while?

Jerks like him will tend to hang around and coerce you (sexually) until he
gets what he wants, as long as it is convenient for him to do so (until
another girl victim comes along). They are very selfish individuals and
attempt to hide their selfishness in snide playful ways.

Laxatives in the brownies may be a good way to get rid of him, it’s always
a great revenge idea, especially when given on an outing somewhere. Using
public washrooms as you are exploding from the ass is as unpleasant as it
can get.

But I always prefer the more ingenious approach. Public humiliation can go
a long way in finally getting rid of someone, permanently, with no mixed
messages or other misdirected interpretations as to what was meant. And
that means you have to have more than yourself involved in this setup. So,
get your friends together, all of the ones that know the truth about Jeff
and how he behaves, and create some "this is your life" posters. Detail
all the bad things he has done to you, your friends, etc. Have your
friends and you carry them around for a couple of weeks, "dropping" them
on people that you talk to, places you go, stuff like that. The
humiliation should get rid of him, once and for all.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear RG,
Hi. Thanks for taking the time to read my email. I’ll make it
simple. I was seeing this guy for a few months from work. (My family
owns the company). For pretty much no good reason, he stopped
calling, stopped seeing me and is acting weird toward me. All was
going well until we had some problems in the bedroom. But besides
that, I have no idea why he’s being weird. I feel like things
started on his terms and ended on his terms. And that’s just not
cool. I really only see him at work and going to his apartment would
be kind of hard, given if he saw me it would be obvious. Therefore
my only idea thus far is slashing his tires at work. Any ideas from
such a genius would be much appreciated! The old saying "What comes
around goes around". I feel like that’s shit. You just can’t count
on that. I’m sick of being f—ed over and want to be on the other
side of it for a change.
Hope to hear from you!!!!

Hi A,
Just send him a bunch of roses. From "Jeff", the guy who’s long
distance in love with him.
Then have a friend of yours be this "Jeff" and leave romantic
messages for this guy at work.
Then you can start hinting around that he’s gay.
Have fun with this.

Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Hi RG,
I need your help. I was involved with a guy for four years we broke
up about 3 months ago and he started to have a serious relationship
with my worse enemy. They plan to get married soon. I hate him so
much and need to extract my revenge.

Be happy he’s out of your life.
And, find out when and where the wedding is, make up some flyers
offering free food and drink to bums and the homeless. Let them
enjoy their "special day".
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Revenge On Your Ex

The Revenge GuyThe
Revenge Guy Helps You Get Revenge On Ex-Boyfriends
and Ex-Girlfriends

People cheat, lie steal, break hearts, and do the worse things to
people that were once loved.

Have you been thrown away, like a used up can of motor oil?

Let's get even, shall we?

The Serial Dater / Liar Girl

Revenge Guy,

I stumbled across your site in my irate state of mind
and need some ideas.
So this girl I dated on and off turns out to be a fantastic liar, she
bounces around guys like nobodies business.

She cheated on me multiple
times. She also cheated on several other guys with me without me knowing
about it until recently when I talked with a couple of exes whom are my

All of them want her head. Most of the time we were all
under the impression that she was through with the last guy when in
actuality she was just lying real good and sleeping around.

Most of the
time she'd blame being absent for a date on an abusive mother or bad
situation with an ex. There's got to be a way to use the lies about her
abusive mother against her. Let me know what you think.

Sent from my T-Mobile Sidekick®

Oh and I forgot to let you
know I am her instructor in a ——–
organization where I have nearly free reign to make her suffer through
push-ups, humiliation other such indignities, she's not very good at
marching or playing.

Sent from my T-Mobile Sidekick®

T-Mobile Sidekick Guy,
Serial daters/liars have a special place in my mind… a slow rotisserie
as all the exes stick her with hot pliers and pull skin off… can't
really do that though, right?

But what you can do, and should, is create a facebook club of all the
guys that have dated her. Share all of her news, all of her moves…
post using made up names, of course, but she will know… and so will
anyone else that every searches for her online… for the rest of her

Should be very interesting in 20 years or so.

The Ex-boyfriend On Government Assistance Bum

Revenge Guy,
I love your ideas; you must have helped so many people.

My story is not as heart-wrenching as other peoples but I want my ex
to pay. after this I will happily trot along to therapy and be
totally cured.

Here goes: I met my now ex-boyfriend many years ago at a
competition. We hit it off but he had a girlfriend so we left it
there. Fast forward 3 years, we met up again and got together.

I moved cities to be with him, changed College degrees and basically
severed all contact with my friends and family so I could be with

He was a controlling, overbearing, narcissistic bastard. We moved
into an apartment together and signed a year long lease. The thing
was he is a cheap bastard. He would never buy things without going
halves with me even if they were for him. I always had to pay to get
the car fixed or registered or even filled with petrol. I had my
College classes and worked 2 part time jobs to pay for all of this.
Whereas, he has an invalid’s benefit and gets a few hundred dollars
a week from the government.

Everything was going fine (or as fine as can be when he was spending
12 hours on the computer each day, drinking until he couldn’t move
and fiddling with his car). Until one day he suddenly stopped
talking to me and moved all my stuff out of the place and onto the
landing. This is 10 months into the lease and yet I still had to pay
the rent and utility bills I was not using for the next 2 months.

I moved back with my parents, an 8 hour drive away, but now I have
to move again for college to the same city as he is in.

I really want revenge and I have been lying in wait to get it.
Revenge is best served cold.

I need to go back to the apartment to get some of my gear that was
not chucked out. How can I get revenge as I am going through the
apartment to get my stuff without getting found out by him or his
girlfriend that he moved in a week after I left? I know they will be
keeping a look out for me.

I have bought laxatives, nails, superglue and am planning on buying
some fish.
I want to get him back somehow through his benefit (which I think he
is getting more than he should an he is not as sick as he makes
out), his precious computer or car or his tight purse.

I want to leave his new gf out of this as she doesn’t deserve any
spite and he has enough trouble, she has to put up with him!
Please help me with my dastardly plans!
Many thanks in advance



When you make your visit to get your stuff, take a
tape recorder with you, for your own safety, and maybe chat him up about
his government benefits… maybe he'll say something you can report to
the government about why he shouldn't be getting them, like a paying
cash job he does once in a while, or something under the table.

In my experience, people getting government money always have a
second source of unreported income that the big G would love to know

If they are there when you are and even if they
aren't, it'll be hard to do anything that you won't be the prime
suspect of, so watch yourself.

I would maybe do some of the

You know his email address, create a fake
profile some where and start an online affair with him… then one
way or another let the new gf in on what's happening. The cheating
bastard (I'm sure he cheated on you, nobody moves in that quick
where nothing was going on, sorry to tell you) deserves no

Start also a campaign of visitors to their
place. Put up signs for room to rent, jobs for hire, etc.

Use their address, phone number, and keep them busy with a steady
stream of people at the door and on the phone.

If you know
which agency send shim the money every month, maybe a call to him,
leaving him messages about his benefits being
cut off will also through enough turmoil into his life for a major
freak-out. Be sure to record the call and email it to me, I could
use a good laugh!

Best wishes,

He Tried To Force Me To Have Sex


First off, big fan of your site. My sister and I love it.

I dated this guy for 7 months. I know not a big deal but it was way
more serious and committed than either of us had really expected.

Around the second month I caught him cheating..well..
technically he was cheating on her with me and I caught him. But I
put my foot down and gave him an ultimatum; me or her. He chose me
and we patched things up and happily moved on, both having learned
from this embarrassing moment.

Then we started fighting, a lot. Every fight became about
how I wasn't good enough for him or about how I was doing something

Each fight always ended with me apologizing and feeling like
a complete ass or like I didn't deserve someone as incredible as

We finally broke up one day because he "wasn't sure about
us." and "couldn't see himself with someone like me" and two days
later he shows up with some skinny brunette and proceeds to play a
game of tonsil hockey with her right in front of me and my friends.
I am furious but decide to just walk away and let it go.

While all of this is going on we are trying to remain
friends due to the fact that I am very close with his family and his
siblings call me their sister. Less than a week later he has called
it quits with this girl and wants me back. Like a love sick maniac I
take him back.

In the weeks before prom he spends his time getting into
trouble and leaving me with all the prom expenses. He also informs
me that his wants to fuck my sister. This was not a joke. According
to him she is like a sister to him as well but according to him he
was more attracted to her than me at this point in time.

We go to prom, which I drive to, buy my own ticket to, and
also buy both our dinners afterwards and he spends most of the night
dancing with other girls. I'm not bothered by this, I mean senior
prom you should dance with whoever and enjoy it!

When we leave his best friend (let's call him DICK) tells
him to get into my pants because he deserves it after being with me
this long. Then dick tells me if I haven't given it up to my
boyfriend by Monday that he will beat the shit out of me.

Again, I let this go.

On the ride home my boyfriend is pissed because I refuse to
screw him. I get so fed up that finally I pull over and we fool
around. although I did NOT have sex with him. While we are fooling
around he gets way too rough and begins choking me. I couldn't make
him stop and nearly passed out. But a sharp nail jab to his neck
prevented that.

The next morning we have again, broken up (mainly due to the
multitude of bruises on my legs and neck).

I am heartbroken and miss him for a while but I start moving

I'm still maintaining a relationship with his family and I
see him everywhere!

Every time I do see him he shoves his new girl of the moment
in my face! He also conveniently seems to be hot and simply must
take off his shirt to reveal his rock hard marine abs!

I am fed up!

I have tried to play nice and be polite! But I spent the
entire month before prom hearing about how I wasn't pretty or skinny
enough for him just to have him turn around and date a girl with 4

I don't think so!

Now he's dropped her for yet another girl! He also finds
ways (i.e. his talkative little brother) to let me know he still
wants to fuck my sister whom he also calls sister! SICK!

He thinks he's God's gift to the world and I want to put him
in his place while getting back at him for breaking my heart and
self esteem and praying on MY SISTER! SICK MOTHER FUCKER! thank you

can you please help me?
call me Pissed and Crazy

P & C,
This guy is a true asshole…

First off: I seriously suggest you get some counselling to
find out why you tolerated him so long. Women that put up with this
end up getting together with the same type of cretin time and time

I think you broke your own heart expecting a loser asshole
like that to change for the better. A life lesson. You kept him even
though he did all that crap to you? You allowed him to cow you and
verbally assault you, and for what, an eventual strangulation?

And to top it off, he tried to rape you. This is a hard way
to live a life, I wish so much better for you.

Now for your revenge:

1. When you do see him and he's with a girl, call her by a
different girl's name and ask her how she likes getting cheated on.
Then walk away.

2. File charges against him if he ever touches you again.

3. You didn't say where he lives, but assholes like this
hang onto their mother's purse strings as long as possible, so I'll
guess he lives with his parent(s). Start a campaign of calling him,
using a call service of course, and pretend to be some other girl. leave messages about
drugs, parties, etc. Stir up his home life. Call when he's not
there, of course. Be a police officer, talk about pending charges,

4. If at all possible, get a recording of him or his brother
saying what they say about your sister and give it to your parents.
Both of those guys sound like potential rapists to me and you need
to stop this before it happens, or it's on you.

5. Warn anyone and everyone about what this guy did, if you
can handle the criticism that will come with it. And talk with your
parents about this, they deserve to know not only what you've gone
through but what types of kids/adult/bastards these two are.

6. Leave him in the dust and live a better life, you deserve
so much better! You see him, his brother, his family, turn the other
way, stop being a target.


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