My “Duplex” Neighbor is Driving Me Crazy!

Dear Revenge Guy,  I don’t know what to do. I live on the first floor of a condo. The second floor unit above me is currently empty, but the third floor unit above that is owned by an elderly, disabled lady.  This woman blasts her TV at full volume ALL. NIGHT. LONG… right into the […]

Crazy, Trash-throwing Neighbor

Dear Revenge Guy, I just found your website and signed up for your newsletter. I’m at my wits end.  I have a neighbor who lives across the street and we seem to be on her shit list. Even though we have went out of our way to be nice and wave at her she is […]

My New Neighbor is a Liar and Causing Trouble For Me

Dear Revenge Guy,  We have lived in our home for twenty years never a complaint. Now we have a new neighbor who is a real piece of shit.  Animal control has posted a ticket on our door stating our dog runs loose and she isn’t licensed not had she had her rabies shots.  They haven’t […]

My Neighbors are Hillbilly Trash

Dear Revenge Guy,  Love your site; great to have an honest person standing up for innocent victims.  I am writing to politely ask for your help.  A year ago a trailer trash hillbilly and his skanky girlfriend moved next door to me in what was once a very quiet neighborhood. Almost immediately they installed stereo […]