My “Duplex” Neighbor is Driving Me Crazy!

Dear Revenge Guy,
I don’t know what to do. I live on the first floor of a condo. The second floor unit above me is currently empty, but the third floor unit above that is owned by an elderly, disabled lady. This woman blasts her TV at full volume ALL. NIGHT. LONG… right into the morning and I can hear it all the way down in my home. I use earplugs, but I can still hear this woman’s TV through them!

I tried twice knocking on her door and she didn’t answer. I taped two letters to her door, but she apparently didn’t read them because the noise persisted. I complained to the condo board in writing; the property manager said he spoke to her, and she claimed she had no idea that her TV could be heard all the way down to my unit. This proves to me that she never read the letters I had left to her. She’s becoming hard of hearing and their response was “Hopefully she’ll keep it down now.” Apparently the board isn’t or won’t do much about it because I complained a second time and was basically ignored.

A couple of weeks ago while I was at work, my boyfriend (who stays with me often) found an opportunity to speak to this woman and had a polite conversation with her about the noise. Her initial cocky response was “Well, I have to hear my television.” She told him that previous tenants below her on the 2nd floor used to complain about her noise and called the police on her for using her bathroom. Honestly, the insulation in this building is crap to non-existent. She said she’d try to be a little quieter; and for a few days, she was OK. She did keep her TV on past 11, but seemed to keep it off for the rest of the night. But, like all humans, old habits are hard to break and she’s right back at it again.

Property management did not respond to my second complaint in writing, so I have no faith or confidence that they will do anything to help me. This woman told my boyfriend that she’ll probably be out in a few months, but obviously she doesn’t care about her noise and wants to do what she wants.

I don’t know what to do now. I have one of two options:
1) find someone who will cast a spell to make her friggin’ TV break down, or,
2) call the police if her noise persists.

I’m beginning to feel like a jerk for being angry at an elderly, disabled person — but that does NOT give her the right to disrupt other people’s lives!

Any suggestions or advice?

Hi R,
I’d take a very close look at your lease if you’re renting or the condo association bylaws if you’re an owner. I’m certain that you’ll find some rules that will allow you to withhold your rent or condo fee payments until management deals with the interruptions to the “quiet enjoyment” of your residence.

Money speaks and by holding back the money you pay it will get their attention quickly and force them to act on your behalf.

There are other options, of course.

You could befriend the old bag and become the “helpful neighbor” thereby making her happy to work out a compromise about the television noise. Maybe she’d be agreeable to using a set of wireless headphones?

You could hunt down her family and make them are of the issues. A surprising number of elderly people have Facebook accounts setup (even if they don’t have a computer) so that family can share news about them. You’d be able to find her family and speak with them.

And you could go all “Terminator” on her. Call the police. Call social welfare for the aged. Call the management company head honchos, going over the head of the on-site property management. Speak with her same-floor neighbors, I’m sure they have the same issue with her all-night television binges. Start a petition to get the old lady kicked out.

I hope this helps!

Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Crazy, Trash-throwing Neighbor

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I just found your website and signed up for your newsletter.

I’m at my wits end.

I have a neighbor who lives across the street and we seem to be on her shit list. Even though we have went out of our way to be nice and wave at her she is hateful. I understand there are people who are this way. Anyway, I find trash in my yard all the time, whiskey bottles beer cans and other things. I know she and her punk friends did it but I can’t prove it.

Today, while I was home for lunch I was looking outside and saw her mowing her ditch, no big deal. Then I saw her intentionally run over some trash that was in her ditch and spray in over into my ditch, she actually drove her mower on the street and sprayed the trash out of her ditch onto the street then drove onto my side of the street and sprayed the trash into my ditch. I was livid.

My wife stopped me from going over there and making a scene, which I would have been the aggressor and the cops would have most likely seen it that way. I calmed down, but the trash remains out there. Any ideas? This has been going on for awhile now. During the 4th they were intentionally shooting fireworks over into my yard and there have been other incidences. I’ve kept my cool, but I’m a military vet I’m disciplined enough, but I also expect some respect.

The Revenge GuyHi,
I have one thing to tell you “video surveillance”.

Get it and use it.

Then sue her ass off, own her home, kick her out and live a better life.

Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

My New Neighbor is a Liar and Causing Trouble For Me

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
We have lived in our home for twenty years never a complaint. Now we have a new neighbor who is a real piece of shit.

Animal control has posted a ticket on our door stating our dog runs loose and she isn’t licensed not had she had her rabies shots. They haven’t even seen my dog and she does have her shots, also he has called the police saying we were prowlers when we we’re working in our garden one night, he’s turned us in for burning when we bbq, he is something else or and reported that we shoot neighboring cats and birds.

What can we do to bring this guy to the reality that he is new to my neighborhood not the other way around?


The Revenge GuyHi Long-timer,
Neighbors, new one especially, are the worst to deal with.

They seem to think they can decide on the “new rules” of life, not understanding, or caring, that they’re the ones that should have to “move in” to how things are done in the neighborhood.

Yours is a particular problem because he likes to report anything you do. That means he’s always watching you.

And that can work against him very well to your benefit.

You need a camera aimed at his house (or at least the street with his house in the background. Heard a lot of street racers lately that you want to catch and report? Wink wink) and just start goofing off in front and the back of your home. Wherever he’s been seeing things to report, do it there.

Start with getting a stuffed but realistic looking cat doll, and kick the hell out of it. Maybe a dog and a bird too.

Once he complains officially you might have a case for invasion of privacy or something.

I’m sure you can think of a few additional things to do to get his ire.

Have fun with it. And send me the videos!

Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

My Neighbors are Hillbilly Trash

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
Love your site; great to have an honest person standing up for innocent victims.

I am writing to politely ask for your help.

A year ago a trailer trash hillbilly and his skanky girlfriend moved next door to me in what was once a very quiet neighborhood. Almost immediately they installed stereo speakers on their front porch and blasted music at all hours. I attempted nice notes and talks and was ignored.

I called the police who always arrived, told them to turn it down and the problem was temporarily resolved. Now however, they turn up the music for 20 minutes at a time and then turn it down so when the police arrive there is no noise.

The police, while always being polite and sympathetic, refuse to issue citations because I am the only one complaining. They have dogs and I have tossed old cheddar in their yard but this has had no effect that I can tell.

I want to solve this in a peaceful and legal manner but lack of sleep has me considering very drastic measures. Also, I cannot use Liquid Ass on their property as there is a locked fence and two dogs roaming the yard.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much,

The Revenge GuyHi Polite Guy,
The police can only deal with what is in front of them. It’s a sad state of affairs but it’s the way life works. The city bylaw office, however, only needs a video and a verified complaint to take action.

You can be your neighborhood hero by doing these three things:
1) Talk to your neighbors about these “hillbillies” and how their actions affect their quality of life
2) Video these hillbillies to catch their bad behavior in an undisputable way
3) Take the evidence to city hall and make sure action is taken
4) BONUS: They probably don’t own the property, they’re renting it. Find the owners and talk to them about a possible lawsuit based on the devaluation of neighborhood property values because of their tenants.

You have to take action to make your neighborhood a better place – or at least to be as good as it once was.

Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy
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