Married Co-Worker Dating Me and Three Other Girls! Help!

Dear Revenge Guy, I started seeing a higher-up co-worker eight months ago. I know you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure but he went after me and it felt good. Our relationship has escalated to the point where we have had sex multiple times. I just found out from his phone that not only is he … Read more Married Co-Worker Dating Me and Three Other Girls! Help!

Stole My Boyfriend

Hi RG, I’ll try to make this as short and as sweet as possible. I dated a guy for 4 years, it was very serious. We were in love, I was even there for him when his mother passed away from cancer. He’s a sweet guy, but after some time we decided it was best … Read more Stole My Boyfriend

Shaming The Cheating Husband

Guy cheats on wife. Guy leaves a note for her and the kids saying he’s leaving them. He leaves. Wife get’s her revenge by putting up posters with his name, address, birth date and photo along with details of his infidelity. Good for her I say! I admit that marriages have their difficulties. But before … Read more Shaming The Cheating Husband

Cheating Double-Timing Skirt-Chaser

Dear Revenge Guy, I met a guy in dec 2012 who literally pursued me by calling 10-15 times per day and send the love notes etc. I asked him several times if he was seeing anyone and each time he would say “NO”, about a month after we were dating he asked to borrow $300 … Read more Cheating Double-Timing Skirt-Chaser

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