Revenge Advice Stories

Need a little help getting even with someone that has done you wrong? The Revenge Guy has helped many thousands of people get their revenge. Read these stories and find your own style of revenge! Maybe an oldie but a goodie revenge technique is just what you need to help you get even and regain … Read more Revenge Advice Stories

Revenge Stories

Dear Revenge Guy, I have been taken big time by a guy who claimed to be a friend, lover, future mate, mortgage broker. And he was living with someone and only played up to me because he could talk me into buying a condo and collecting a $16,000 fee which he told me he would … Read more Revenge Stories

Revenge Stories

I was behind on my rent so my best friend at the time, offered her storage shed to me so I could put my belongings in there, in the event of a soon to be eviction. While getting settled, (moving, etc) she and her boyfriend went through all my things and sold off all the … Read more Revenge Stories

Revenge Picture Contributions

Hey Revenge Guy! Here's a picture for you to post! This is the "I wouldn't believe it unless I saw it" section of the Revenge Guy website. Got an interesting picture to share? Email it to R.G AT and I'll post it here. Embarrass your neighbors, share funny pictures of friends… whatever, email it … Read more Revenge Picture Contributions

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