Parking Issues In Front of My House

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I bought a house in a tract home community, I have been living here 8 years pretty much trouble free for 7 of those years.

I knew my neighbors, they were all respectful and we all got along. Then the neighbor next door moved. A leasing company bought the house and now there are 5 adults living in the house next door. One of them has a regular vehicle and a work vehicle. They regularly have a boyfriend or girlfriend come and stay with them also. Making a grand total of no less than FIVE sometimes SEVEN (with the boyfriends) cars for this house! They park in front of my house every single day. SO now whenever my wife and I have a friend over, they have nowhere to park. I let it go for the first 4-5 months, thinking maybe this was just some temporary problem and it would all sort itself out. After 4-5 months, I realized this monstrosity was permanent.

I went next door to ask them politely (I really was polite) to park in their own driveway and in front of their own house. They live on the corner so they have access to 2 curbs for this purpose. She pretty much told me “you don’t own the street” and slammed the door in my face. I thought okay??? So I went to my car got in it and parked in front of her house, hoping this would sort of drive the point home that this is rude and also annoying. SHE CALLED THE COPS!! Seriously!! The cop told me I couldn’t park in front of her house because she has a stop sign within 10 feet and that I had no right to tell her not to park in front of MY HOUSE.

I thought to myself “Maybe I am being unreasonable.” So I started asking friends and long time clients and relatives if this was rude I also asked them if this would annoy them? ALL of them said pretty emphatically they thought it was rude and then conveyed their sympathy.

2 weeks later I get a knock on my door at 1:30 am. I go to the door and the cops are there. The policeman asked me “How many people live in this house?” I told him “Me my wife and 3 children.” He said go inside shut all the lights off get everyone up and come downstairs. We get downstairs to find 3 policemen on my porch with assault rifles aimed at the house next door. The policemen said we need to stay in the shadows, go to our driveway and take a left (opposite of my neighbors) and run in the that direction about 4 houses and get behind another home. Turns out the were called there because someone in that house had a gun and was threatening to harm himself.

About a month later I am outside mowing my lawn and a young man drives up in one of their cars and parks in front of my house. When the young man exited he starts working on the bumper of their clunker truck. Pulling off the rear bumper and other stuff. I hadn’t seen this guy before so I asked him “Do you think it’s rude to park in front of other peoples’ houses?” He said “Well your neighbor told me to park here.” I said ” She doesn’t live here, I do. Again do you think it’s rude to park continuously every single day in front of someone else’s house? ” He again said “She told me to!” I continued doing my lawn in disgust and finished it.

About 3 hours later the was a knock at my door. I open it up and there is another policeman standing at my door. He says “We got a call from your neighbor saying “He feels threatened by you.” He then goes on to reiterate that “You don’t own the street, and they can park there anytime they want.” I tried to explain to the policeman that I was not even remotely threatening to this guy, and that all I did was ask him if he though it was rude. ” He tells me “It’s not rude. If you don’t want people to park in front of your house you need to buy a large piece of land.”

I also found out later that one of the herd of people living next door works for dispatch, which explains the “Less than sympathetic” disposition of the police coming to my door.

I am seriously thinking of selling my house and moving. There are other regular life reasons, but partially because of this. I am desperate, please help.

The Revenge GuyHi,
Yup, neighbors can be real jerks…. but I’d be more worried about the safety of your family than anything else.

Tell me, what do you know about these people? Anything that you can use against them? It’s hard to deal with such assholes, especially when it’s in your front yard so you’re the first suspect if anything goes weird or wrong.

Check the bylaws for your street, see if there are regular parking regulations, like how long they can be there in front of your street. maybe call a city councillor and start complaining. Some type of official noise might work, or it might backfire badly.

Yeah, I might move…. or bide my time to take them down. Fake parking tickets. Oil stains in the street. Broken glass… Make it interesting anyways.

Good luck!

I Need Revenge On My Landlord

We all need somewhere to live and if you’re a renter finding a place to put your feet up and enjoy the quiet and serenity you’re due after a hard day in the salt mines can be a real crapshoot. You really don’t have much choice as far as your new neighbors or the person you pay your rent to every month. If you’re in a bind maybe these stories will help you out.

What can I do about my landlord’s dog? Read

Revenge Guy,

I’ve lived in my house for about two years. I rent, my next door neighbor owns this house. He has a dog that he lets out at night. This dog wakes me up by barking in the middle of the night, a few feet from my bedroom window. It’s a loud dog, my window is always closed and the dog jars me awake. It happens on average about once a week. Sometimes it happens more often. Last week, it happened two nights in a row. Sometimes it’s multiple times a night. This has been happening since we moved in.

At first, I tried talking to him about it, but he never answered the door when I knocked. So I left a note instead. The first few notes were very nice, saying perhaps he was unaware it was happening, explaining that I work early in the mornings and that it’s happening right outside my window. I asked very nicely if he could please keep this from happening. This became a pattern. His dog would wake me up, I’d go knock on his door and get no answer, so I’d leave a note. I was nice for quite a while, but after months of no change and no response from him, my letters got progressively more assertive and frustrated. I told him about a year ago that if this continued, I would start filing nose complaints.

After months of run around from my lame duck local police force and my inept local animal service agency, I finally got someone to write him a ticket, which he contested and got dropped! He then came over and gloated to us about how his dog isn’t a problem! I was appalled! This guy is clearly violating noise ordinances, and it took me so long to get any enforcement and in end, nothing came off it anyway! It turned into a huge yelling match that ended in my telling him he was an a@$hole.

For whatever reason, things were actually quiet for a few months, but it started happening again a little while ago. We are fed up. We are planning on moving, but we can’t do so immediately, for a few different reasons.

What can I do to piss him of when his dog wakes me up? I want to do something that he will able to connect with when his dog barks at night? Something like every time his dog wakes me up, I do___. I want it to be perfectly within my legal rights but hopefully will annoy him enough to motivate him to shut his dog up at night in order to get me to stop as well.

As for personal info goes, I only know his first name and address. I live in the back unit of a duplex and due to the way it’s set up, I have no line of sight to his property. There is a fence between our houses. If I open my small bedroom window I can see a small corner of his yard, and that’s it. I can’t see the street from my house so the only chance I have to interact with him is when I’m walking to and from my car and I rarely see him then anyways. He’s retired and doesn’t leave the house much. I don’t know his schedule much. I work during daytime, and sleep from 10pm to 6am.

I’ve thought about stink bombs, but I don’t know if that is drastic enough. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
Under-sleeped and Pissed

Revenge JokerHi
Under-sleeped and Pissed,

Your life sucks!

There’s nothing worse in the middle of the night than a barking dog, except when that dog is owned by your own inconsiderate landlord/dog-owner that ignores pleas to keep his pet inside at night when most normal people are sleeping so they can go to work and pay their rent to him.

It’s obvious that you’ve done what you can so far and deciding to move to a new place is a step forward, I hope. You do understand that there are two things in life you can’t choose: your family and your neighbors, so it’s always a crap-shoot.

By wanting to inconvenience the dog owner with something you do when the dog is out and barking, however righteous, isn’t a real solution. The guy is up, awake, letting his dog out. What could bother him at that time? Maybe at that time he’s already in his sound-insulated shitter not caring anything about the world other than whatever he ate earlier comes out without taking his colon with it.

BUT if the dog started getting into something that was then dragged into his home, or made the dog have the runs or something, then the dog being out and about without being watched just might change.

And why should YOU do something to get his attention when it’s the dog and his owner that is doing all this crap to wake you up and piss you off anyways?

Leave it all to the dog.

I think it’s time to go second-hand clothes shopping and clothing dye shopping too.

Buy some second-hand cheap socks, underwear, t-shirts, pants… and some red dye and save the blood from your steaks.

When the dog is let out, and shit-head owner is in his house, walk out and throw some of what you bought over the fence near the dog. Prepare the clothing by tearing it up, adding the red dye and at the time needed, sprinkling it with the saved blood, maybe even tuck a piece of real meat or cheese into it to make it more appetizing too.

Let him drag these clothes into his house a few nights in a row and I’m sure the dog won’t be out so much anymore.

And asshole landlord/dog-owner should have his alert level raised for a while too. Can you say confused?


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