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Reasons Why You Need A Second Phone Number

A second phone number has many uses and just as many reasons why you need to have one. Protect your privacy and stop giving out your real phone number.

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Everyone has an Instant Communication Device and they use it a lot. The mobile phone number you give out for calls and messages is your lifeline to the real world. Family, friends, businesses, banks, the list goes on for who you’ve given out your mobile phone number to.

But this is NOT a GOOD thing. You are COMPROMISING your own PRIVACY every time you give out your one-and-only phone number.

Why you need a second phone number.

  • Give it out to people you’ve just met
  • Use it for online signups and accounts
  • Call from your second phone number when you don’t want to be immediately identified.
  • Send a text message that doesn’t show a name or CallerID
  • It’s cheaper than a burner phone
  • Change the number on demand and get a new phone number in seconds


Here are some ways a second phone number is useful:


You’re applying for jobs and want to find out the type of reference your previous employer is giving people that’s all the number you’re giving them


Your neighbors are saying shit about you, find out what they’re saying


You’re a business owner that has had complaints about how the phone is being answered, make a call yourself


You’ve joined a dating service that wants your phone number for text messages from other members


You’re starting a new business and don’t want to use your personal phone number


You’ve met someone new and don’t want to give your real phone number to them


Because you need a backup number, you’ll never know when you’ll need it.

Get a second phone number for life! Choose from over 300 area codes in US and Canada plus 1000 minutes talk time or 6000 SMS messages annually. All for only $25!

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