The Guy I Like Gave My Number To His Friends

The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy, 

I like this guy so I gave him my number and he gave it out to a few of he’s guy friends and they been texting me my friend was their so she told me this like a week after it happened because they told her not to say anything but how do I get back at him for giving out my number?

The Revenge GuyHi Girl, 

You need to use a service that allows you to spoof phone numbers on your phone and start calling them using the police’s local number as the caller ID. 

I know that you know some bad things that they did, so freak them out thinking that they’re about to get busted. Invite them down to the police station for an “interview” scheduled for the next week. 

Let them live in fear. 

That’ll take their attention away from needing to text you crap and play such childish games. And all for less than $10.00. Money well spent, I’d say. 


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