Married Co-Worker Dating Me and Three Other Girls! Help!

The Revenge Guy
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Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I started seeing a higher-up co-worker eight months ago. I know you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure but he went after me and it felt good. 

Our relationship has escalated to the point where we have had sex multiple times. I just found out from his phone that not only is he married, but he is having an affair with me and three other women! 

From the messages I have seen, some of the girls knew that he cheats and asks about the other girls. I want revenge and clever revenge at that. 

I want to get him and the other girls, and I want to come out on top. How do I do this? 


The Revenge GuyHi Dating a Cheater, 

You must know an awful lot about this guy. Obviously where he works, home life situation and even the names of the other girls that he’s dating.

 You probably know what he’s doing to hide his tracks from the other girls and his wife, like an extra phone, alternate email addresses, etc. 

This can be used against him easily. I hope you have some of the other girls names and details from his phone. Using a service like Spoofcall you could spoof the number of one of the girls, use a different girl’s name, and set up dates for him. He’s expecting to see one girl and sees and meets a different girl. He’ll be squirming heavily. 

You could even add his wife into the mix. I’d like to see his face when he goes to one of these “dates” thinking he’s going to be meeting a girlfriend and it’s his wife that you arranged to send instead! You could play this out for months! 

Have some fun with this, knowing that you’re creating the karma that will make what’s comes around goes around! 

Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy