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Fake Letter Revenge on Neighbor

Human Rights Commission Revenge
Dealing with a bad neighbor requires planning, and in this case, a little forgery.

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Neighbors, as you know, can be great or exceedingly obnoxious, even evil. It really does boil down to the bad neighbor figuring out that you don’t  live for them as they try to cajole or threaten you so they can get their way. Whether it’s just plain nosiness (and butting into your daily life) or actually damaging your home and yard, revenge against bad neighbors happens a lot.

This story shared by the OP is a great way to get revenge and keep those neighbors that are too nosy to mind their business under threat of some unknown but serious penalties.

Story via Reddit.

Fake Letter Revenge

My(29M) have been living with my boyfriend (24M) for a year, but I have been living at that place for about 4 years now. 

During this time I had some problems with my next door neighbor (a lady who lives alone and is between 70 and 80 years old). 

Previously I have caught her trespassing into my property on 4 different occasions with different excuses (that she wanted to see my yard, in another that she wanted to repair something in her house and it was easier from my yard, etc) and besides that, we always have a problem with her daughter parking in my house, blocking my entrance and leaving for a couple of hours. Which forces me to park 2 blocks away from my own house. If they happen to be at their house, they would just purposely ignore me and move their car whenever they want. Unfortunately calling a tow company or the police is not an option in my country, I previously called them and neither of them arrived…

These were minor issues with her, until last week when we had a more delicate situation.

It was Thursday and around 1pm (a time when I usually wouldn’t be home) I had a worker fixing some things in my yard, so he was making a reasonable amount of noise. That day I had not parked my car in the garage and was working from home in my living room looking down the street. When I looked up I saw my neighbor peeking into my house, noticing that my car was not there and running in shouting things at my worker (how was it possible that he was making noise, that she was trying to sleep, that he was not polite, that he was shameless, bla bla).

When I realized this situation, I ran out to where she was and asked her (what do you think you are doing?) to which she turns around and starts yelling at me (all this inside my property). I start to get upset and tell her: I don’t care about your point of view, it’s 1 o’clock in the afternoon, get off my property or I will call the police. She kept yelling at me and saying that I had to be quite because she was an old lady.

My boyfriend heard all the commotion and came out to see what was going on. She turned to look at my boyfriend, turned to look at me and said, “Now I get it, you’re a couple of s** f**s. That’s why you think you can argue with me. Now I get it, you are just a couple of fa***s.” To which I took out my cell phone, started recording and replied: “Repeat again what you just said.” And she, with all certainty, repeated it. Adding that we were going to hell and that God was going to punish us.

She finally got off my property and went home. I went back to mine and with the anger I had at the time, I drafted and filed a discrimination and trespassing complaint against her. I was also about to upload the video to social media but my boyfriend (rightfully so) stopped me from doing it.

The complaint that I filed it is not a criminal case since I do not have sufficient grounds for it, but I filed the complaint before a Human Rights Commissions.

A week after the incident, I was notified that my complaint (as I feared) did not have sufficient grounds for a case, but that they offer me a conciliation forum between me and my neighbor. This of course, is useless.

However, this is where I might have taken it too far. I scanned the document and I edited it a little bit, and basically added (in a more fancy manner) that “The Commissions warns my neighbor that if she continues trespassing, blocking my entrance and/or insulting me and my boyfriend with homophobic comments, she would be liable to criminal consequences” in order to keep her out of my business. I left the document as if the Commission had notified her and waited to see if she would see it.

I saw when she picket it up from her entrance and could see the panic on her face and ran inside her house. Since then I have not had a single problem with her, she never parks at my entrance, she does not even dare to stare at me or my property.

I know that I might have taken things too far, but at the end of the day, there was no harm done.

After all, if there are no consequences, she would of continued her behavior and now we can all mind our own business :)

The Final Word

It won’t take much work for your fake letter revenge when you create an official looking letter and customize it for your own revenge. And the sense of accomplishment and relief is gratifying when the revenge reaches its goal: peacefulness around your neighborhood and home.

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