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Handicap Parking Spot Revenge

Handicap Parking Spot Revenge
Getting revenge on a neighbor that parks in a handicap parking spot is sweet, as this story shows.

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When you live in an apartment building there are usually parking rules to abide by, so that everyone gets a parking spot and no one is above those rules. As the OP tells us, when a neighbor decided they were above the parking rules, revenge was needed and was very sweet indeed.

Story via Reddit.

You’re in the Wrong Parking Spot, Dude!

Okay, this was a few years ago but I was just thinking about it and felt inspired to share. 

I used to live at this big apartment complex in a crowded college town. With it being a college town there were often months where most of the college kids were on break and not “home”. Meaning the parking lot would be deserted for months.

Well there was on handicapped spot. And at some point some guy who lived a floor below us started parking in that one spot. He had this huge black Douchy™️ truck with big exhaust pipes at the front and mud tires and all sorts of stuff. He did that a few times and I got fed up and left a note saying, basically, “hey, not trying to assume, invisible disabilities exist, but you don’t have a placard up, so if ur licensed to park here, please put up ur placard” along those lines. I hear him one day laughing loudly about this with his friends gathered around the offending car as I’m going to work and my blood boils. So I write another note, this time basically saying “MOVE or else”. He continues parking illegally.

So I call our renter company and ask them to tow his car since they have a sign in the parking lot saying if you park illegally they’ll tow. They say he has to be ticketed at least twice before they’ll tow.

So I call the towing company directly. The tow company says the signage isn’t sufficient and they’d love to tow, but they can’t.

So I go back to my renter company and tell them their signage isn’t up to snuff and within the next two weeks they fix it.

Im thinking, okay, I’ve left multiple notes, the paint is fresh, there’s a new sign. No way he’s gonna do it again.

He does!! So I call the police department and within a half an hour a very nice cop is out there ticketing this asshole. I looked up what the amount would be and it was over 500. More than what his share of rent likely was.

He never did it again >:D

The Final Word

There are many ways to get even with a neighbor that parks badly. This is one example I am very pleased to share with you.

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Getting revenge on a neighbor that parks in a handicap parking spot is sweet, as this story shows.
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