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This is where you read revenge stories about dating, boyfriends and girlfriends

People that have been dating have written in to ask The Revenge Guy for advice so they can get revenge on ex friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, that are now exes, for obvious reasons as you will soon read.

This is where you read revenge stories about work life, bad bosses and bad businesses

People that have jobs write in to ask The Revenge Guy for advice so they can get revenge on their workplace, businesses that have done them wrong, as well as revenge on people they work with.

Revenge on the People You Work With

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The Revenge Guy Knows How To Get Revenge On Nasty Co-Workers 

Got a GREAT job and IDIOTS to work with?

Well, join the HUMAN RACE…. but you don’t have to put up with that crap any longer! It doesn’t matter if you work nine to five or midnight until eight am… I am with you… so let’s deal with these two-faced weasels once and for all…

Sharing a fridge at work always leaves you open to food thievery… so let’s tackle this on head on!

Dear Revenge GuyHi Revenge Guy,
We got someone or ones at work that keeps going in the fridge in the breakroom, and eating our food, drinking our sodas, everything.

We want to catch this guy, he/she/they don’t do it when were watching… I was thinking wasabi or exlax, but that is still semi-concealable by a culprit. (water w/wasabi, etc.) there would be no physical, undeniable proof! An herb maybe, that made their face bright red! Thnx for any advice.

Revenge JokerHi Pauly,
I think I would just make some nasty assed sandwiches and let the thief have their fill. After a few rounds of unappetizing food they’d start to think twice about eating someone else’s meals.

Nothing that will kill them, mind you, but maybe a sandwich full of salt between two slices of cheese would do the trick. Or maybe something from the bottom of your own fridge, wrapped up nicely as a lunchtime meal, if your fridge is like mine then you’ve got a few undiscovered species living there. As for the sodas, maybe a can of tonic water with a false label, like the magnetic labels you can get at any liquor store wrapped around it would make them think twice about downing someone else’s drink.

Making the food unappealing is the best way to go, I think. You don’t want to embarrass them with stain, you want to get them to realize how bad their thieving is without drawing attention, right?

A few rounds with the porcelain princess should set them on the straight road to being a better person. And think of the improvement you’re giving them for the rest of their lives: no longer being a thief will certainly allow them to find a better life down the road.

You’re lucky to have found me to ask for advice and not made a revenge mistake that could make this thief even a worse person later in life!
Good Luck,

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
Let me start by saying….you ROCK.

Long story short; I’m a ghost hunter/tour guide. For seven years I worked in an historic country club guiding tours and chairing a seasonal event.

At the risk of sounding like a brag, I eventually amassed a bunch of fans and our event grew to grossing over 45K a season (6 weekend tours). After five years of chairing these events for FREE (it’s an hour away from my home, and investigative equipment AIN’T cheap let’s never mind the enumerable hours of stakeout time) I had the balls to ask for a percentage. They offered me and my partner $2000 each in reciprocation which we were cool with. Little did I know that a trusted employee had grown resentful of our success and was methodically plotting our exit.

This woman, Susan…was a trusted friend outside of being an employee. She’s from England and she’s funny, so she easily endears herself. We vacationed in the US one year with my boss, and I had no reason to suspect she was working to get rid of us. Last season I got the phone call. Not only were we no longer welcome, but us and several long-suffering employees were ousted to make Susan more comfortable and ease her climb into a higher position. One employee in particular has lost her home and her stellar reputation in this really REALLY tight country community.

After our departure of course, the rumors began to fly and patently false information stemming directly from Susan began to circulate. After seven years working there I’ve formed some pretty close friendships and it matters to me what everyone thinks. I’d be happy to wait for Karma if it’d hurry the hell up, but it’s taking too long.
Thanks for your help,

Hi Belle,
While I am sorry for what happened to you I’m not sure what/how you want me to help?

Destroying someone’s reputation is better left to the rumor mill than to any one action or event.

But is this what you have intentions of doing?

This woman, Susan, certainly is a plotter. I’m not sure why you didn’t fight your ouster, you and the other employees that were let go. There must be some information you have on her that she would not rather get out into the public.

I would think that a campaign of destroying her reputation wouldn’t be too hard to do.

What I would do is make a call to the person with the loudest mouth in town and… fake a “wrong number call” of a annoyed person giving hell to this Susan woman… but of course it’s not her on the receiving end of the call, it’s loudmouth.

This works really well for spreading rumors. Talk fast, don’t let the other person interrupt and tell you that it’s a wrong number… say what you need to say and just hang up.
Simple as pie.
That will push karma long a bit.

As for regaining your stellar reputation, well, that’s another story. People will believe the worst things of others if only because they’re selfish and childish and too lazy to find out and understand the truth.
Gossip always passes better.

I would look at a way to promote yourself locally, through deeds and positive references.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Back in the normal days of our lives, our jobs take so much effort, even more if you work where this lady does, read on:

Dear Revenge GuyHi Revenge Guy,
I have a co worker that I thought was a good friend at work and outside of work.

She and me and a guy friend would go out and do fun stuff together after work. She is younger than me by 20 years. Our guy friend is my age. She liked this guy friend.

Well, me and this guy have gotten close and have kind of started not including her in our activities. Now, at work she wrote up some accusations and gotten some of the other workers to go in on it and wrote up these bad scenarios about me about how was leaving work early, taking sick leave when I wasn’t sick, etc, etc……….. all untrue …….. but I have been reprimanded at work cuz I couldn’t prove that I hadn’t done wrong (harassment by supervisor at interview had me flustered).

I want to get that bitch that I thought was a friend, but have been stabbed in the back.

Revenge JokerHi There,

To start off with, work is the last place you want to “get close to somebody” because of just what might happen, they turn evil or another co-worker does because of jealousy.

In your case I am sure you saw this coming a million miles away but stood still until it did happen.

How your own revenge is to get her fired and I totally agree. Bitches that get in the way of an honest day’s work should pay.

What you need to do is start off with all the info you can get on her. Past job histories, why she left, was fired, etc. Where she lives now and with whom. Does she have a boyfriend, close friend, etc., and what’s their info.

Once you have accumulated all of this you are ready to start your revenge plans.

First off, use a service to leave her messages all over the place, work, home, friend’s places, everywhere you can think of. The message subject can be whatever you want but I suggest just plain annoying messages, like her bank called and she’s overdrawn, her landlord called and her apartment has flooded, you get the idea. Also leave a lot of messages for her at work, message about drug sales, parties, stalking boyfriends, etc.

You will win and she will be gone.
Good Luck,

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I have a problem with a co-worker.

We are both managers at a restaurant. He and I hang out after work, but I have had my suspicions before and now I know he is not a true friend, however, it is difficult to just “not be friends” because there are only 4 managers and we are supposedly a “close-knit” family/team.

The other day we were out having a couple of drinks at a local bar. A server was with us and so was one of our own bartenders. Well, the server gave me a ride after I had had too much drink to drive.

My “teammate/frenemy” proceeded to go to our boss the next day, god knows what he said, but he must’ve implied that something happened between the server and I (which would be more than frowned upon) because my boss (the owner) spoke with me that day about defecating where I eat.

I pleaded my case saying I only left with her and she dropped me off, just a ride, but why would my “friend” try to get me in trouble at work?

Well I found out today that he hired her and from day one was hitting on her all the time, but she turned him down, he is just jealous of me because he’s 36 and I’m 23 and I make more money than he does, and he is jealous of the idea of me hanging out with a girl who rejected him.

So he tried to get me in trouble for something I didn’t do, but that he attempted and was unsuccessful at.

My boss would never fire me for something so stupid, only slap me on the wrists because he loves me and my work, but this guy needs to be dealt with.

I spoke to him in the past about having a big mouth and today I told him exactly how I felt about the rumors he was spreading.

I told my boss how I felt about it as well but he says I need to be the bigger man. I want to get him good–I want to beat him up, but I can’t go to jail. I talked to the girl (who also doesn’t like him much–to whom I have defended my “friend” in the past!!!) and having her try to get him in trouble for sexual harassment via the coming on to her when he hired her and now spreading rumors about her, but her fears and mine are that a server may be more expendable than a manager–how can I get him in deep shit while still smiling at his face and maintaining plausible deniability toward my owner?

I want to DESTROY this backstabber. I want him to get fired, or embarrass him so bad that he quits. I wouldn’t mind tuning him up with a tire iron. I’m PISSED! And did I mention my girlfriend heard the rumors and was pissed at me for 3 days?

Hi Phil,
This is the perfect opportunity to have someone call up your boss and complain about him.
“He spoke to me poorly, didn’t offer assistance, gave me attitude” you know, whatever would get a manager in hot water.

After a few months of complaints, the boss would be crazy to not let him go.

Use your creativity, be whoever you want to be and complain about whatever you want to complain about.

That will finish him for good and you will be the main man again!
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I work for a utility company, I began this past spring of 2008.

Put plainly, it has been hell. Apparently, the manager in charge fought the creation of my job at all, (her position involves the profitability of the water dept., so she’d receive a pat on the back for the revenue retained with the elimination of my position), so the moment I came through the door my work has been constantly nit-picked and criticized.

This manager, “Carol” works with an office of about 8 or so women all with daily PMS.

One of them, “Dorie” let’s call her, is the one my co-worker told me has had “the knife in your (my) back”. She would unjustifiably return my meter readings to my immediate supervisor questioning my work, I would then return to the sites, in the cold struggling to come up with different answers as well as complete my new work.

I received a “needs improvement” on my work evaluation, I did not deserve. It was admitted to me by my immediate supervisor as well as my team, that I was being used as the catalyst for changes to be made within the department.

Recently I’ve learned this woman “Dorie” has an ex-husband in prison and is sleeping with the married foreman of the utility division (housed under the same roof as my position). There’s also a possibility that “Carol” – the big boss – has a son in jail as well. All the women in the department hate her and talk about her behind her back. I’m figuring they hate themselves.

This experience has also caused my boss and I to have a falling out and now I’m desperately seeking a hard-to-come-by transfer. Unhappily I’ve learned in life that nasty people frequently prosper and I need to potentially take things into my own hands.

I’d feel most gratified to get some revenge on this manager and this girl for causing me grief. can you suggest anything?

thank you,

Hi Despairing,
Yes, you need to get all your eggs in a basket before they hatch and screw your life up at work even more.

What I would do is deflect the attention off of yourself and create some diversions of drama for these idiots to swim in.

What you need is more details about their personal lives.

What you could call saying would be adding fuel to their personal fires.
Maybe one of the worker’s kid that is in prison get’s into trouble and the local DA, or maybe the prison warden, needs here to come right away!

And maybe, just maybe, the affair is real and you out this stinky couple by calling the wife (she has every right to know, right?)

And you could also call other coworkers, leaving messages from a higher-up person, that their positions will be eliminated in two weeks…
Don’t get caught but have fun and stir things up so you aren’t the target any more.

Best wishes,

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