Revenge Guy Gets Bad Bosses

The Revenge Guy
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The Revenge Guy Gets Even With Bad Bosses We all have to work, right?  And we all do our jobs great, with much professionalism, right? So why does our ignorant, piss-ant, blowhard of a boss pick on us so much? He should know who’s really keeping this place together, right? This is the place for these awful tales of bad bosses, and who knows, maybe your job won’t seem so bad after all??!! Be the first to start this section off right! Email me from this page and tell me all about your bad boss.

Let me start you off:

I’ve had a number of jobs. I’ve cleaned tables and washed dishes in restaurants. I’ve worked in indoor mall retail stores. Call centers and pizza delivery jobs have not been beneath me to pay the bills. And I’ve had a lot of bosses. Sometimes more than one on any one job! The worst bosses were always “doing me a favor”. As if me working my ass off wasn’t enough, taking all their crap day in and day out, while wishing for my appendix to burst so I had a great reason not to show up sometimes. Share your stories with me about your bad bosses. bad co-workers too! Let’s expose these people to the world!