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You date, you get intimate, you get married, you break up or divorce. This is what happens next.

People that have been dating or married have written in to ask The Revenge Guy for advice so they can get revenge on ex friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, spouses that are now exes, and this is what I told them.

Work Sucks! And having Bad Co-Workers and Bad Bosses Makes It Even Worse!

People that have jobs write in to ask The Revenge Guy for advice so they can get revenge on their workplace, businesses that have done them wrong, as well as revenge on people they work with.

Cheating Ex-Lovers

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The Revenge Guy Goes After Cheaters, Too 


The person that you love goes and loves someone else, breaking your heart. Then you get angry. NOW you want revenge… read on…

The Cheater, The Cheated and the Kid

Dear Revenge GuyHi Revenge Guy,
I am having a problem with my husbands ex.

She has told me that she has been in love with my husband for 14 years and will do anything to get him back. They had a 3 month relationship during 2007 and because of her (she was caught flushing her birth control pills and poking holes in condoms by my hubby’s sister) they have a son together!

We tried to be peaceful with her for the child’s sake but things have gotten extreme!!

We actually had their son living with us for 5 months because she has no job, no car, and was being evicted from her apartment. So their son came to live with us and we have never asked her for anything for him.

After a month of him living with us she got the child support cancelled but she went behind our backs and opened a TANF case with social services so during the time that we had the little boy she was collecting money from the government and we now have to pay it back. She was also collecting food stamps, wic, and housing even though we had her son living with us.

So basically she got all these benefits and money for a child that didn’t live with her and we spent all of our money on these things for him and now have to pay back what she got for him while he was living with us! Make sense?

We found out all of this after I lost my job and needed to apply for food stamps. During this time she was always holding their son over my husband’s head. If he went 30 minutes without texting this psycho she was texting him telling him that she was calling the cops and coming to get their son.

As soon as she said this my husband would smooth it all out with her so she didn’t take their son. After 4 months of all this my husband decided that he wasn’t going to deal with having to kiss her ass anymore so he went and filed a parenting plan with the court.

Everything was going fine until 3 days before court. She filed a protection order with a bunch of fake crap on it and got their son removed from our stable home back into her’s.

She has been evicted 3 times from 3 different places in 6 months and is now about to get evicted again. We let everything go until she cooled off but things have gotten much worse since then.

She re-opened the child support case, she tried to get my husband thrown in jail for a false child abuse charge that she lied about (the social worker saw right through her so it never made it any where), she has been harassing us by emails, myspace, facebook, etc., she has been seen driving by our house to stalk us (she lives 60 miles from our house so it is obviously out of her way just to drive by our house), she threatened me, and has posted a bunch of crap about us on myspace and facebook.

We got a restraining order on her and we make it permanent this week.

Things have been pretty quiet but she still posts crap on the internet about us and that isn’t violating the restraining order because she makes up fake profiles to do it.

We know it’s her but we cant prove it to get her arrested. What can we do? We would love to make her life as miserable as she has made ours! Any help would be great.

Is there a way to make a fake profile and get her thrown in jail for violating the restraining order? Or could that come back on me?

Please help!!

Revenge Joker - Trademark PendingHi Jade,

I would wait until things settle before trying to destroy her life any more than she already is doing herself.

Your husband and you are both paying a hefty price for his infidelity. He owes you BIG.

As far as psycho-mom I would, once things have settled in a couple of months, get her address and rate some “roommate anted” signs and post them around her neighborhood. Then I’d take a picture of them and send it to the welfare office or where ever she’s getting her money for housing from.
Let them deal with her ripping the system off by having a roommate and not declaring the income.
She will fry.

And do your best to create a stable home for the kid… life will be hard enough for him knowing his mom is crazy.

And your husband owes you either a big diamond or a long Spanish holiday. If he needs to pick up cans from the side of the road to save the money, so be it.


Dear Revenge Guy Dear Revenge Guy,
My girlfriend stabbed me in the back and went out with my best friend.

I wanna get back at the best friend, though. I’m 17 and he’s 18. Obviously he doesn’t respect the guy code so he should pay.

They went behind my back for 6 months so I was thinking something kind of big.

He doesn’t have a car, he works for his dad, and he graduates in a couple of months.

I wanted to do something dramatic, something that will tear him up inside. Any good ideas? Also, something private that will only affect him and he won’t know I did it.

Revenge Joker - Trademark Pending

Hi Hurting,

You didn’t give me too much to work with did you? But why just him? I mean, she cheated on you too, right?

Anyways… for something dramatic, do this:
Create a hotmail or yahoo email. Use something close to the hottest chick’s name in school.

Use that to talk with him, but tell him that this “friendship” can’t be made public until after school ends… talk with him as if you were a hot girl in love.

Lead him on to believe there’s really something between this girl and him, but it can’t be revealed in school. Email him love notes, go all out but keep it online.

When he finds out is was not true, and he’s been made a fool, your revenge will be complete.
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear RG,
This may not be anything you’ve ever heard before but here it goes:
I am married – I had a friend (female) who I grew very close with. Her husband and I also grew very close – we had so many things in common – more than I have with my husband and more than he had with his wife.

As our friendship became stronger, so did our feelings about each other – and we had an affair. I know – you are probably asking how I could do this to my friend (his wife) – I wish I could answer that…..needless to say this affair went on for a few months.

It was easy to get away with because he and I are involved in many activities together – our kids are the same ago and go to school together, scouts, bowling, guitar, etc. His wife had a minor surgical procedure back in September and he and I took her to the hospital (it was a one day stay) and I stayed with her the entire weekend – cleaned her home, cooked for her and even took her child to my home for a few days while she recooperated, so I could get him to school because she was unable to.

One night, her hubby and I went bowling and after bowling, we went to eat at a diner. We called and left her a msg. we were going out to eat. Well, one thing led to another and we didn’t make it home until 4am! Needless to say, she was pissed!!!! – but not pissed enough not to accept my hospitality (cooking & cleaning & running errands for her for the following 4 days).

After 4 days she told me I was a terrible friend for leaving her that Saturday night until 4am with her husband. I agreed, and apologized. She did not accept it.

Now I am pissed that she “used” me for those days while she was recooperating. Now she does not talk to me and her husband is not allowed to talk to me, when she is around. The affair is over with this guy, but now we don’t even have a friendship – and I have to see these people at least once a week!!

It really sucks – and to top it off, she is trying to monopolize my other friend which is making me feel very uncomfortable. I want to get revenge on the “wife” for using me and revenge on my ex-lover for hurting me and making plans for our future (including leaving our spouses) and I want to make them feel uncomfortable for a change.

I know I was wrong for having the affair with her hubby, but she knew nothing about it and still knows nothing about it. I would love to tell her about the affair, but it would jeopardized my marriage and I don’t want to do that right now…….how can I get back at these people?
Taken for a Ride

Revenge Joker - Trademark PendingHi Taken for a Ride,
As far as I can tell, you got off easy.

With sleeping with her husband and you got stuck with 4 days of cooking and cleaning?
That’s lucky, not spiteful.

But I’m sure she knows that something else happened. Save yourself and save your marriage.
Let this be.

Redirect your anger to working harder on your marriage and children.

It’s good that the only person you’ve told is me.

Revenge isn’t an option here.
Leave it at that.

But, and there’s always a but… any revelations will certainly devastate your husband and family, but what you could do is every so often say something inappropriate that will cause her to think there is an affair.

Say something about his behavior, his actions, close things that usually only a wife would know. These “tips” will drive her into the ground and since the affair is now dead you’re in the clear.
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
So…. my wife had been cheating on me for over six months… We’d been together for about 7 years.

Eventually I found out who she was cheating on me with… someone who was introduced to me as a friend about 3 or 4 months ago.
These two carried on under my nose, knowing that I fully trust them. My wife would even go to his apartment, have sexual relations and even take his roommate’s drugs!

I should also mention that his family are Mormons and strong believers and from what i understand, Adultery is a big NO, NO!
After all that b.s. I have been through, I found it in my heart to forgive her… but that doesn’t mean I forgive HIM!

I talked to several friends of mine about revenge but it seems their advice wasn’t enough.

I need YOUR help RevengeGuy! I heard you’re the best in the business!

I want to get him AND his roommate for letting them have access to his drugs.

I don’t just want to hit…. I WANT TO HIT HARD!!!
Possibly mess with his credit, social life maybe?

I want to mention that I have his parents phone numbers, his ex-wife number, and several friends numbers. I also know where he works. Maybe you could tell me how I can use those
to hit hard!

So far I deflated his tire … but don’t think that’s quite enough!
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time.
-Mr. Desperate

Revenge Joker - Trademark PendingHi Mr. Desperate,
You know, my first instinct is to tell you and your wife to get counseling. She has done a terrible deed and you need to work this through, since obviously you still have issues there.

Of course, who am I to know, I talk to people all day, every day, about getting revenge.

You want to hit hard but I have to ask, how hard??

Your wife’s involvement will also be revealed and unless you’re looking for sympathy and a gold star from everyone that you know (gold start for keeping her), then I suggest you don’t do much.
Does your wife have to start apologizing for what you did because of what she did?

Anyways, after all, like I said, who am I?
Just a Revenge type of guy, after all.

All that being said, if the same thing had happened to me (I’ve now been married just over 7 years), I’d spread the word, somehow, that the guy has AIDS. If I could I’d get a photo of him, create a poster and hang it in the bathroom of every place in town. Bar, club, pub, even drug stores and bus stations if they have public washrooms.

And I’d send gifts to his parent’s place, from his gay lover. Let him start to explain that one. Strange calls to his work, with stranger messages left for him.

Leave the car alone. You’d feel truly bad if he had a critical accident because of what you did and he killed someone else!
That would really suck.

Of course, cutting the battery cable would be OK, especially on a cold day. Maybe just undo the cable from the battery post, ground the black one against the body of the car, not the red one!!
And pour some milk down the door frame, and wipe up whatever spills. The smell of soured milk will never go away.

Anyways like I said, the choices are yours.
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I really need some ideas!

Well, my mother-in-law and I have never got along. Me and my husband lived with her for a couple months at one time. The whole time she would say things like don’t take a shower together or the tub will fall through, talking about how she has DD boobs when there really only Bs, and basically just trying to be better than me.

And she stole $400 from us. It’s bad enough to steal from me but to steal from her own son?

But what really took the cake is she came over my mother’s house a couple months ago. My mom had just gotten out of the hospital where she almost died and she told my mom that she saw me in town with another guy (this is a lie) and called me a whore.

This really put stress on my mom. Well, her husband died 2 months ago and I know for a fact that she was cheating on him the whole time. She was talking about moving her lover in a month after her husband died!

If I knew “John’s” last name or John’s wife’s last name I’d contact his wife and tell her. My husband even said she needs payback. plz help me. Thanx!

Revenge Joker - Trademark PendingHi,
You sure have a brute as a mother-in-law. She needs a wakeup call, that not everything is possible for her to manipulate. If she’s fooling around we can use that against her easily enough.

What I suggest is you have someone call her saying they are from the local public health agency. “The Agency’s mission is to protect the public through STD awareness and prevention. As a matter of course they are also responsible for contacting members of the public that have been identified as being possibly in contact with someone that has been identified as having a Sexually Transmitted Disease.”

Set up an appointment, a few weeks in advance, and let her worry about it. Be sure to have the address and phone number so you can give it to her during the call. She’ll be too worried to call the place anyways.

Hey, if this guy John is fooling around on his wife with your mother-in-law no one knows where else he might be getting his entertainment. If you do get the chance to find out info on him, another carefully placed call should cause all the chaos your evil mother-in-law can handle!
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
My friend’s ex is crazy.

In the past he has physically abused her, broken into her house, stolen her phone, her laptop, calls her job and tries to get her arrested, calls numbers on her phone and threatens her friends, takes their kids with him in the middle of the night when he’s mad at her, even though they have school in the morning, calls the cops and lies about drugs in her house, calls CPS to try to get her kids taken away, breaks glass in her driveway so she backs over it, doesn’t have a job at all, and has nothing better to do than make her life a living hell.

He currently has her laptop and cellphone. I saw her myspace and he hacked into that and jacked it all up. He’s got their kids and tells them lies about her so they will hate her. He says he will only give her stuff back when she agrees to marriage counselling.

They’re still married, but she doesn’t have time or resources to get a divorce, her kids custody, and a restraining order which she is finding out is very difficult to obtain.

I was hoping for a way to get him arrested for sure so she can have time to build a case against him and also stop him from continuing this behavior since he would be in jail. We need some really great ideas!

Revenge Joker - Trademark PendingHi,
To get this guy arrested all you need is the evidence.

That’s right. Start putting everything on paper. Calls, break-and-enters, visits with the kids, everything, date and time, names of witnesses.

She should also carry around a digital camera (even a cell-phone camera!) and get pictures of everything a sit happens. And a voice recorder to record any confrontations and phone calls.

The revenge you seek is only in the evidence you can collect. It’s not good to stir the pot with this wacko. Do it legally for now.

Start now!

But do your best to keep the kids out of involvement with this… they don’t need to be harmed by what may happen!
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I’ve been with my husband for twelve years we recently started having problems, he cheated on me and we went through a long two to three month on and off again ordeal.

The girl he was cheating with is only 19 years old and has two kids from two different guys, she has a history of being “easy”.

Even though she knows he comes back to me she continues to pursue him and take him back, she even tries to convince him to leave me and the kids.

Now that I see that he is trying hard to make a change and move on, she is posting things on Myspace saying that they are back together and working things out.

I almost got into it with him over the posting but then I stopped and realized that he couldn’t have talked to her yesterday because he was with my sister, nephew and brother in law all day and they all vouched for him.

So she’s obviously lying to try and break us up. I was afraid of this, that she would get mad that she was dumped and that she was/is going to continue to do whatever she can to get back at us/him and make us as miserable as she is.

What can I do to get her off my back?

Revenge Joker - Trademark PendingHi,
You’ve been patient far too long.

Send her a registered letter to back off, record any and all contact attempts she makes and call the police for a restraining order.

Double check your husband’s use of the computer, there are plenty of “snooper/key logger” software you can install on the sly, do it.

And make your husband go out and buy you a big fat diamond ring and a two week vacation to re-work your marriage.

He’s put you through enough.
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Broke Up My Marriage To Cheat With A Jerk

Dear Revenge GuyHey Revenge Guy,
I’m a 26 year old single mom (recently separated due to this situation) and I’m about to start dating women after all the assholes i’ve sadly dated.

Seriously, men are dogs!!! Or at least the ones I’ve dated. My story started about 7 years ago….

I just graduated high school, my mother passed away and I was starting college. I had a very good guy friend thru school and his name was Sean. We were always JUST FRIENDS and after a few months of hanging out we became boyfriend and girlfriend. We moved to San Diego together. We were together for almost 3 years. When we were in san Diego I supported him. I was a manager at Nordstrom and he was doing valet and then he got fired. To make a long story short, we both moved back to our home town and i decided to end it. I felt like I was the only ambitious one in the relationship. He acted as if it was a relief and a burden off
his back.

We have reunited after 6-7 years!!

I was married and S–n decided he wanted to see me. Well, we saw each other and yes, we slept together!!

We’ve probably been together 6 or 7 times. I moved out of my husband’s house, with my daughter, because I thought S–n loved me and I thought he’d grown up a bit.

Turns out he now wants nothing to do with me.

I’ve broken up my marriage for him and now he wants absolutely nothing to do
with me. He speaks to me on the phone, but will not see me. WTF!!!!!

I’m soooooo disappointed with myself!!

Was this payback for breaking up with him?? He still lives at home with his parents for god’s sake!! I really feel S–n is the love of my life, but he’s treating me like the shit on the bottom of his shoe?? I don’t understand?? HELP!!!

Revenge Joker - Trademark PendingHi Susie,
It’s hard to get past life’s mistakes, but this asshole is one of them….
STOP calling him, get counselling and try to salvage your marriage for the sake of your child.

You DON’T need revenge, you need real help.

AND cut off all ties with this jerk SEAN… he wants you for sex, nothing more… you’re too much woman for him and he knows it.

If you MUST call him one more time, tell him you’re pregnant and will be suing for child support… make him sweat for a couple of months, at least.

Another lesson learned. Sorry you had to learn the hard way that there are still immature men out there, of all ages. You should have clued in when he’s still living with his parents. He ‘might’ have been the love of your life, but that kid died a long time ago to be replaced with this shallow excuse of a man.

Your revenge?

Get your life back on track and evade this asshole with all your might.


Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
In January of 2009 I met this guy at the gym. We started what I would call a relationship. Around the middle of February 2009 he starts acting weird, won’t text me back won’t call me back.

So when I see him at the gym I just ignore him. Finally he calls me up and says I have something to tell you and I said, “you are married aren’t you?”
He says, no of course not. I said what is going on then? He said he slipped up and got a girl pregnant and he fills like he has to do the right thing and marry her. I said okay, but I will support you in whatever you do.

He sticks to his story and things just are not adding up at all. Keeps feeding me
bullcrap like, “I wish it were you that were pregnant etc.”

Anyways, April of 09 I have this feeling that something weird is going on. I check the marriage records and sure enough there is his name with another woman. I found her on Facebook and they of course in her mind are happily married. I really fell for this guy too.

I confront him and tell him to leave me alone or I will tell his wife, he tells me that she already knows. So I change my number etc. Well about a month later
he emails me tells me he misses me.

SO I give him my new number and we start talking again. All the time…in my mind we were in a relationship. I know it was wrong, but of course he tells me the typical, “I don’t love her,” “I wish I was married to someone like you.”

Well in August of 09 we sleep together one time and I got pregnant. During my pregnancy he is not there for me does not do one thing for me. Says he tells his wife and family, but he does not tell them. I have proof that he has not.

So January of 2010 I change my number and stop communicating with him. He doesn’t come after me pretty much walks away.

Well I got an attorney etc. My daughter was born April 29th 2010. He was served papers by the Sheriff last Friday for paternity and child support. His wife still does not know neither does his family.

Should I tell his wife and family? She needs to know what kind of man that she is married too. Thank you,
It’s all fun and games until someone gets pregnant.

Revenge Joker - Trademark PendingHi New-Mom,
I am sure that the lawsuit will reveal all, your job now is to put your baby first, ahead of all else.

I’m sure the wife knows, you’re not the first affair he’s had.

Bad decisions alter your life, don’t make any worse ones, you’re tied to this guy for the next 18 years, do everything you can to make sure he pays his child support and does not have cause to try to take your baby away.
Best wishes,

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