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Dear Revenge GuyHi Revenge guy! I need help and I can’t seem to find one of your previous answers that fits my problem, so here goes…

My neighbor stole my house. That’s the short of it. The long version is my neighbor that seemed nice enough for two years came by one night to ask if I would be interested in selling him my house. He knew we were in the middle of building a new one and would be moving eventually but my house wasn’t on the market and I was actually considering renting it out. After a couple days of negotiations, we agreed on a sum that was about 10 grand less than I really wanted, but he was agreeing to let us live there until our home was finished, which I made perfectly clear was the only way I would sell it at all since I wasn’t going to move twice! Well, he wanted to ‘rush’ the sell so he could have the paperwork done before leaving the country for a month.
Our house was at least three months from being completed. He knew that. No problem he said. Several times. Well, we went through with the sale and nearly two months passed. It was a week before he was going to close when he said he wanted a rental agreement and rent that was equal to HIS mortgage (not my old one that was significantly lower). Hello! I was supposed to be able to stay there for free, that’s why we went down 10 grand. Well, we got a rental agreement written up and gave it to him to sign. In it, I agreed to pay my mortgage (since if I didn’t sell it to him, i’d be paying it anyway) but no deposit because I’d never see it again and my house was immaculate and there was no reason for it, and clearly I didn’t trust him at this point. Well, he didn’t sign it. He waited until the NIGHT before the close of escrow (he avoided me for two days and wouldn’t answer the door or the phone) to tell me he wouldn’t agree to that rental agreement. I said, fine, I’m not selling then! Well, it was too late! The escrow funded from the midwest before offices opened on the west coast. THe house was legally his. And we were in it. With my two young kids and no rental agreement. He called the cops to have us evicted. My kids cried. Alot. The cops heard my story and made him take my monthly rent since we only needed to stay in the place for 3 more weeks. So. That’s the longwinded version. He stole my house. I would’ve never sold it to him if he was going to trick me! DUH. So, he’s there and it’s been 3 months. I can wait, but I want to get him good. But not if it will get me thrown in jail or needing an attorney. I could’ve sued him, but that would’ve cost more than the difference I would’ve made in keeping the house. Forget the house. He made my kids cry… give me something good, please!
Thank you so much.

Revenge JokerHi,
This guy really screwed you over, didn’t he.
I hate people that want to do you a favor, business or personal, then have their hand out wanting all kinds of things in return.
This is what I’d do:
Write out a page-sized ad for “Home for rent” – put a cheap price on it, put the address on it and put a date/time for an “open house” for people to come and see the house they might be able to rent. Make sure the “open house” is in the evening when he’ll be home. Put the signs everywhere, supermarkets, laundrymats, corner stores, schools, libraries. Everywhere. A nice cheap rent should attract a real ‘low class’ of people, if you get my meaning. Schedule several open houses over several weeks. He’ll have people coming to see the place all the time. That’ll get him.

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I am writing you in hopes that you may be able to help me serve justice – legally – on someone who has hurt me me emotionally and financially.

About one month ago, I was driving home from work, approaching an intersection. I had no stop sign and was going straight at a normal speed exactly as I was supposed to, when a car came out from the street opposite the one I was traveling on and hit me very hard on my left front driver’s side corner.

He had not only run a stop sign but was attempting to go straight through an intersection which for him, was designated a right-turn only. He caused my car to be un-drive-able, though his car was drive-able.

When we exchanged information he seemed like a nice guy, so I didn’t call the cops. Turns out though, when things are said and done, that he gave me a fake, misspelled name, a fake address, and for some reason, the correct phone number.

I did not find out about the fake address until recently, as I was able to call him on the phone number. He said his insurance would pay, but that’s the last I heard from him. Turns out, he had no insurance at all and mine won’t cover it. It’s over $5,000.00 in damage now, with the rental car.

At one point someone called me claiming to be his mom, but when I tracked down his actual mom using the internet, she said she had no idea what I was talking about.

I have tried to call over and over again to no avail. I am looking him up to get his real address, and now have his real name, his number, and his mom’s number and address. I will probably have to file a lawsuit but it looks like right now I have to eat the cost of damages. How can I get this lying sack of you-know-what back for all of this?
Many thanks,
At a Loss

Revenge Joker

Hi At a Loss,
You obviously have two choices, get legal revenge by suing him or go after him for the costs of the accident another way.

Choice number 1 is to use the info you have and make his life as difficult as possible, which isn’t too hard. Classified ads with his name and phone number will keep him busy as long as the info you have is accurate. Because if the dollar vale though I’d really want money for the payback.

Choice number 2 is to sue him for as much as he’s worth, all 2 dollars of it.

I’d think that with a lawsuit hanging over his head he might just skip town!!
Revenge on this lying sack of crap is exactly that, do what you were supposed to do right from the start, so start over:
In a car accident? Call the police.
Get a police report, get the drivers real info.
Call your insurance company.

When you’re in a car accident the other guy always says “Let’s just deal with this ourselves, and not call the police” because he has no insurance. He just wants to leave the scene as fast as possible. He will lie to you, he may even give you money on the spot and a “down payment” towards the cast of fixing your car. Don’t fall for it.

Personally, I always have a camera (in my phone) ready to photograph or video anything I see. It’s with me 24/7.

Keep not doing what you’re doing, which is wondering what the next step is… call the police, get a police report. Call again your insurance company and fax them a copy of the police report.
Get a lawyer, if needed, and start the lawsuit.

Do this NOW!!!!

Revenge will have to wait until the dust settles.
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyHello revenge guy,
I found your website interesting, well, I am an indian girl living in Tanzania, I want to take revenge on my chinese boy friend. Well, the story is like this, I used to study with him computers we studied together for three months and we became friends I didn’t much about him then I got a job he used to come to my office one day I discovered that he was lier when I discovered that I planned to call him to my office. I didn’t know that he paid money to get me one of my friend helped him to get me and he gave her money, they both planned to ruin my life this man is very dangerous i discovered that he wanted to call me to some place and he wanted to rape me. he told my friend that she should call me to some place then he will also come there and he will rape me.

last week I went to his office to see him he took my video shooting I didn’t even know about that but when I went home I realised that. he doesn’t know that I know that he has my video shooting. Now if I want my things back what am i supposed to do. he hasn’t done anything serious to me but his plan was very bad he wanted to rape me. I didn’t have sex with him. but he wanted that always I used to say no….that’s why he planned to rape me. He is very dangerous and he also has my video shooting in which he was kissing me and touching me. i want that back from him but I don’t know how to get that back. can you give me any idea. he is crazy about and he wants me badly that’s why he used my friend to get me. I am furious he was very kind but now he is totally changed he abused me last time when i went to his office very badly i couldn’t do anything. I just want to get an idea from you, how will get my video shooting from him. I really want it back I hope to get a help from you.

Revenge JokerHi R,
If I understand correctly, what you want from me is a way that you can steal a video from your “boyfriend” that he somewhat secretly made at the same time he was kissing and fondling you. And he wants to rape you. And you are afraid of him. And you know that a supposed “friend” of yours help him to not only meet you, but to help him plan his attempt at raping you?
Do I have this correct?
If ever there was a time for police intervention, this is it.
Get yourself a pocket tape recorder, hide it on your body and make sure it records OK.
Then talk to this guy and tell him exactly what you told me. Tell him to his face. Don’t get angry or upset as you talk with him. Cool and rational is what you want. Get him to admit what he’s done, what he’s planned, who has helped…. and his part in the Kennedy Assassination too. (Just kidding on that last part!)
Then go to the police. Then see a lawyer.
Now stop reading and get prepared, you have a lot of work ahead of you. In the meantime, tell that “friend” to get lost.
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyHi Revenge Guy,
I was in a hurry the other day to get home but stopped quickly to check out a garage sale, I bought a pretty good kettle almost new for only a few dollars.

Then a box with a pretty new (about 4 years old) microwave oven caught my eye, on the box it showed all of the features, sensor cook, auto defrost, backlit LCD display, etc. It was similar to the one we have but a bit newer and had the sensor cook function, when I turned the box around it said “Microwave oven $25” so I thought I’ll surprise my wife with a bigger and better microwave, whilst it isn’t a new one it looks pretty good according to the features on the box and WTF it is only $25.

Now when it comes to business I am usually a hard guy to trick, but I was in a hurry and my main concern was that it worked and had the instruction manual and the glass dish. In order to check this obviously I needed to pull the oven out of it’s box and get the door open where the manual and glass dish was.

The seller seemed a bit nervous when I wanted to take it out of it’s box which still had the polystyrene and white packaging foam over it, it was a tight fit and quite heavy and I have a back injury which made this very hard for me, so he pulled the oven up just enough to get the door open but not completely out of the box.

As he did this me quickly mumbled something about it being a Sanyo brand and 8 years old which didn’t really mean much to me as I was mostly concerned about the manual and really had no time to pull it out and plug it in and test it (BUYER BEWARE silly me).

I paid him the $25 and drove home but when I got home and set it up (mostly concerned about not hurting my back lifting it from the car to the house) I was shocked when I plugged it in to see that it was not a backlit LCD display, rather it was an older style simple blue digital display (the crappy ones which don’t even display letters properly.

You guessed it yes it was a SANYO brand but 12 years old 1995 model and in spite of looking similar to the one on the box (the box had a rough dot matrix image of it not a photo) it was not the one displayed on the box which was a much newer SHARP carousel brand, yes I’d been caught by his deliberate attempt to steal $25 from me by deception.

What he had done is used the box from his newer microwave and put this crappy old one in hoping someone like me who was in too much of a hurry to pull it out and look properly and test it came along and yes I am usually a hard bastard to kill (I’m Australian) but this mother ****er had been successful.

I snapped several digital photos of the oven and the box, especially the box with $25 written on the top flap, this asshole had even jammed all of the packaging from his new one to make it look even more like it was the box it came in rather than the box from his newer microwave oven, dirty F***ing trick, so you think that what’s on the box is what’s in the box, even the front layout looked very similar between the Sanyo old oven and the picture of the newer oven on the box and the “Sanyo” logo was at the very bottom.

I drove back to his house with his words “it’s a Sanyo about 8 years old” going through my head but he did not say that the oven inside is not the same as the one on the box. I told him that the microwave oven was useless to us and about 4 years older than the one we had, he yelled “I told you that it was a Sanyo and 8 years old and we lifted it out of the box and you should have seen that it was not the oven shown on the box, I then asked why did you hide it inside a box instead of putting it out in the open so people can see it? He said to make it easier to transport….. PIGS ARSE…… it was to make it easier for him to sell a piece of shit he probably could not give away.

It became obvious that arguing or fighting (I am smallish but a hotheaded fast boxer and martial artist) with him was not going to get me anywhere and the tosser did tell me that it was a Sanyo 8 years old instead of doing what he should have done and explained that it did not have the features shown on the box, he set a good trap and it worked, I really did not have a leg to stand on. (He wouldn’t have been able to stand at all if I wasn’t such a refined and well mannered law abiding “feral”.)

Out of desperation and embarrassment at being so easily caught by this dickhead and running even later for the engagements I had later that day I asked him to exchange the useless oven for something else, once you have parted with your money it is hard to recover it and who’s going to engage in a legal battle to recover $25? This is more a matter of principal, it’s only $25 but how many other people has this arsehole ripped off in his life????

All he had left to sell for a similar price was an old Barbeque which being tired and really pissed off I agreed, he said he wanted $40 for the BBQ but I can have it for the same price as the Microwave (the prick didn’t even accept my $20 offer for his dud $25 microwave).

I even had to ask the creep to help me get the BBQ into the car because of my back problem, the BBQ was filthy he had not even cleaned it prior to trying to sell it and it dripped crap in my car and a piece dislodged and left a deep scratch in the car’s plastic, it’s my work wagon but it still added to the already very bad day I was having at the hands of this small time crook.

I now have a greasy shitty BBQ which I really did not want but had no choice but I did get some great photographs of his small time scam effort (the only thing I did right) and am considering posting a warning message with photos on the public notice board at our local shopping centre (he’s a local too) to prevent him from selling that damn microwave the same way he did with me, I am tempted to list his address but I an unsure of the legal issues and would rather keep my fighting in the ring and lead a peaceful life, there is a high likelihood that he will see my warning notice on the public notice board.

This Prick has completely ruined what was otherwise a good weekend, I hardly slept because I was so angry.

$25 is really nothing to me, it’s not about the money, $25 is a lot of money to a struggling single mother living on welfare who may have been his customer instead of me.

BUYER BEWARE, I’M A $25 IDIOT, I SHOULD HAVE LOOKED MORE CAREFULLY, I was even polite enough to return the owner’s manual which I nearly forgot to give back to him when I drove off with his BBQ…… Gees I’m an idiot, my high moral standing isn’t always a good point. It’s really all my fault but is there anything I can do about this petty thief. Signed $25 idiot.

Revenge JokerHi $25 idiot,
First off, people are always ready to rip others off.
That’s just the nature of the world these days.
And getting back at these ripoff artists is usually very difficult. Not in this case though.

This is what I’d do:
1. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper describing what happened to you, in detail including the street of where the transaction took place, just don’t use any names.
Complain about the low morals of your fellow human being these days. Talk about how you were deceived.
2. Post your photos on your local notice board. Write an article to go with the photos about local garage sales, what “Buyer beware” means and why you shouldn’t “Judge a book by its cover”. You don’t need to use the guy’s name since you own the oven, they’re your own pictures and as long as you don’t say his name you are able to say whatever you want.

I don’t foresee any troubles with this as long as you keep his name out of it. And if he does complain about this then tell him he owes you $100.00 for all the trouble and ill-feelings he started up.
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

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