The Need For Customer Service Revenge

The Revenge Guy
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Customer Service Revenge And The Revenge Guy: Shut Your Mouth or Else! 

Millions upon millions of people work in the customer service industry, in one form or another. These diligent and friendly workers are not there for customers to abuse.

Well, this stops now. This is how people in the customer service industry have written for help to get revenge against these idiotic, no-good, customers. Read on.

Working in the customer service industry opens you up to abuse from all kinds of fuck-ups. Here’s advice for one customer service worker, read on:

Dear Revenge GuyHi Revenge Guy,
So I work for a company and am in customer service.

One of our customers called in, real jerk. He lives in Wytheville, VA.

He was complaining about service and started yelling and cursing at me. That’s fine, I can handle that- but then he started belittling me, treating me like I was nothing and saying how stupid I was. I am very good at my job and I don’t know why he was saying this, just cause he was pissed off, but I have a lot of his info. Just no where to go with it. Any advice?
Kathy  :)

Revenge JokerHi Kathy,
I would feel none-the-worse if you shouted to the mountaintops how badly this idiot treated you.

If only you could create a publication, using ” ” and tell the world of your experience, in the first person, with his name exposed and yours hidden.

Hmmm… maybe start at (that’s what I use) and buy a website, get it online, and use the private registration option to keep your ownership hidden from view.

Of course, don’t do anything that might harm your employment status… but it’s fun to think what you could write anyways…

Maybe write it all out and email it to me to post online?
Good Luck,

Thank you for your kind words. How do you created a domain for free? Thanks for everything! :)

Hi Again,
Unfortunately you have to pay for the domain name and hosting as well. There are cheap places to do it but overall you’d be out of pocket about $40.00 a year.
A small price to pay for revenge.
Start with and register the name and get it hosted.