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Revenge Guy Can Help You With Your Bad Boss

Need a little help getting even with a bad boss that keeps harassing
you at work?

Most of the time you need to get legal help but any advice here is
good advice!

Hello Mr. Revenge Guy,
I was working in this job with one of the big-4 accounting firms
which I quit over 6 months ago. However, the hatred for my former
boss still courses through my veins, and I just know I need revenge
to feel better.

The story is this: I started working there last year under the
supervision of this guy who makes a big point of being religious.
The job is not the usual accounting stuff but writing consulting
reports which require a lot of specialization, extreme competence in
writing, and long years of education to perform. Needless to say,
this asshole has none of these, nor the intelligence to fake it.
What he does have, however, is authority which he likes to abuse. .
. often.

A few weeks after I started working there I had to go to Europe with
him. OK. So we go, and part of the trip was to take the TGV (the
300mile/hr train). Anyway, we get back to the home country, and I
find they docked my pay for the trip. WTF! So I ask him about it,
and he says I had to submit the ticket to accounting. "But YOU had
the tickets" I tell him. He basically tells me to f-ck off. When I
refuse to let it go (it’s like 150$) he sends me on this wild goose
chase of getting signatures from guy A and guy B etc etc. Finally, I
do manage to locate my ticket– he submitted it as HIS expense.

A few weeks later my wife was really sick. I had to have family come
from all over to help, but there’s a limit to what you can ask, and
when at 6:30pm I would ask to leave (I would be in the office since
8:30am), he would refuse–"work it out" he said.

Then the work load got really hard– he would keep us in the office
for days and nights, for nothing– we’re not blue collar workers,
you can’t write reports at 2 am, it just doesn’t happen. As it
happens, he didn’t know enough to read the stuff, so the only
indicator he had of productivity was the hours.

There are also the times he called me a liar, the time he yelled at
me until I told him my email password (illegal, by the way), the way
he would kiss up to me when he realized he can’t do a task without
me– only to become a total ass the next minute.

Also the pettiness, the sheer stupidity of the guy. . . enough to
make you sick. . . especially when you realize the guy’s only talent
is kissing the ass of HIS boss.

Needless to say, my marriage suffered for it, and I finally quit.
The last day, he insisted on searching my computer for "files I
I want revenge. Hard, painful revenge.
Pleez help.
Out For Blood.

Revenge JokerHi

Revenge on the “world’s worst boss” usually culminates in the person
being publicly castigated on the job.

Had you still worked there I would have suggested documenting the
things you do and then reporting your boss to his boss for an
explanation of these workplace bully tactics.

But since you no longer worth there this isn’t going to happen
and/or won’t carry much weight form a disgruntled ex-employee.

What I do suggest is take the time to:
1) Talk to a lawyer that specializes in workplace ethics (there
could be a lawsuit and some cash in there for you!), and
2) I’d start sending small gifts to the office for this horrible
man. Pictures of naked men, cakes with porn on the icing, flowers
seemingly from other men. And for the heck of it, flowers or
something with his bosses name on it. Let the real fun begin!

As a basic rule of life there will always be bad bosses. And there
are a number of websites that help to deal with this issue in a way
that we call all manage to cope:




The most important thing is to remember that you left on your own,
that your value as an employee and a person should not have to be
compromised by the idiots that sometimes are in charge.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Hello Mr. Revenge Guy,

I’m not quite sure how to start this because I have so much to say
and don’t know how to say it. I don’t know what else to do about my
predicament and its starting to take a toll on me. I could really
use some advice before I do something stupid, like quit my job for
one. I work at a restaurant and been there for 5 years.

To make a long story short the manager has a problem with me (as an
employee). I’m not sure why either because I do a great job and what
is asked of me and then some. I’m just sick of the way he treats me
in front of customers, trash talks me to employees and how he
respects (or the lack there of) me differently. (He has his
favorites and you can see it.) I try to stick up for myself (because
that’s me, I don’t take crap) and to him its giving him attitude. He
just straight up sucks as a manager and is all about pinching the
penny. Although whenever he feels it convenient to joke around, he
will "brush" past and touch my breast or tell me how much he wants
to bang one of the other employees.

I want to tell the owner what all he does as his manager, but then
it will make me look like a tattletail. How do I go about getting
back at him and still keep my job and the respect from the owner. I
want him to have a taste of his own medicine and change his ways or
the owner wises up and fires his ass.
Thank You,
Girl who has had her last straw

Revenge JokerHi

There is a legal thing called "Sexual Harassment" and that is what
is happening here. Start a journal and write down every incident,
every rude remark, every touch.

Include dates, times, people
working, witnesses, everything. Use a hidden micro-recorder to
record him talking to you. Then go to the owner and see a lawyer.
Don’t let this creep keep using you for his amusement!

Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Revenge Guy,

I need your help.

Myself and 4 other co-workers were laid off from
work about a month ago. What happened was our new boss was sleeping with
a colleague (both are married with kids) and he was staying late
drinking at night with his "favorites" at the company.

This is a hospitality type facility so he was
drinking up the companies profits for free of course. He is also the
most sarcastic person. For instance, you ask him a question he gives you
a smart ass answer. He has ZERO management skills.

So… after 10 employees write letters to the owner
of the company complaining about this "man" our corporate human
resources person came in to interview everyone. We thought this was a
good thing and something would be done.

Well… fast forward to a month after that we are
all laid off from the company. Our letters stated "lack of work". If you
have no moral standards and are "buddies" with this idiot your going to
move up fast within this company.

For instance, he hired this guy who has no
hospitality experience to be the restaurant manager. Now they’re best
buddies and this guy has been promoted to the food and beverage
director. The 5 of us who were laid off have over 50 years of
hospitality experience between us… and this dumb a** gets to stay and
gets promoted.

Please help revenge guy…. do I contact this
dude’s wife about the affair he had? He used to text message the girl he
was having an affair with ALL the time… explicit text messages. Is
there anything I can do with that. I just can’t wait for Karma to get
him…I want him to go down NOW! Thanks for your help and I love the

Revenge Joker

Hi Pissed,
I wouldn’t make the call… not straight like that.
I’d use a phone service like
to phone the wife and ask her if she received the
flowers that her husband had purchased and was delivered to her
(actually the other woman’s) address.

A call from his cell phone service saying he is
over his text message limit, this is a courtesy call, did he want to
look at other plans that could save him money?

Other calls like that will raise the wife’s suspicions… help her to
figure out that he’s cheating without saying it out loud.
Much more fun…. And a bigger fall for that ass of a boss.

I’m sure the ten of you can brain storm even more
ideas of calls to make.

And talk to an employment lawyer, can you sue the company that fired all
of you?
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Revenge Guy,

My annual performance bonus depends on key
performance indicators (kpis).

My boss lists my kpis as his and receives full
bonus when I achieve them ….. but gives me a hard time about receiving
any bonus at all.

How do I shaft him?

Revenge JokerHi,
The workplace can be a brutal place… is there not an HR (Human
Resources) that you can complain to?

Keep records of his malfeasance and then anonymously send it to the big
boss… that’s what I’d do… and have any co-workers team up with you to
create an accurate report of this tyrant’s behavior.

Otherwise what I’d do is use
to place a call to the big boss, pretending to
be your boss (change the caller ID to say his name) and just ream him

Then let the cards fall where they may.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Revenge Guy,

I am a PM kitchen manager at a restaurant and I
have a problem.

There are 3 people that work
the morning shift and all day they talk shit and hate on me, I
think, its cause there jealous of me, but they’ll try to make me
look bad, piss me off, and annoy me.

 think they are trying to
run me out, I’m not going anywhere though. But I get pissed off
everyday when I get there.

I’ve been there 8 years and
I’ve earned my position, they wish they had my job, but in all
reality it sux, one day off a week, 55 to 65 hrs a week, all I hear
is bitching and whining from my entire staff, I make schedules,
order the products and cook every night on the main line.

One of them is 45 yrz old, (banquet cook) he acts as if his job is
harder than everyone else’s and he is better than everyone else. His
parents just recently came back into his life and are spoiling him
with money, buying him a boat, paying his bills helping him buy a
house, my parents are poor, my mom has a drug problem and I’ve
earned everything I have, I hate him with a passion.

The other is my ex-roommate. He is just a morning prep cook where I
work, he is single and lonely and pathetic, scares away girls he has
a chance with and even the ones he doesn’t have a chance with. A
real stalker type guy. He likes a girl whose with a man and pregnant
with his baby. He likes to make comments about my job when he has no
idea what kind of shit I put up with, and he compares his prep job
to being a manager and tries to make it sound easy.

And the last one is a cook, 5 years older than me who gets a hard on
seeing everyone hate on me, he usually provokes it. He loves seeing
me angry like all of them, I can’t think of any way to get back at

I’m their boss, all of their bosses, but there’s nothing I can do, I
get pissed off, and nearly bite my tongue until it bleeds.

If u can think of anything please help me out,
Chef X

Revenge JokerHi
Chef X
First things first…
As a boss you need respect, not animosity.
Talk with your boss or the owner, explain the difficulties you have
with the staff.

Have a staff meeting and lay down the law.
Fire people when necessary.

It seems to me you have a lot of hostility and nothing to vent
against. Time to hit the gym before something happens and they force
you to lose your job.

This isn’t a revenge issue it’s an issue of respect.
You need to get some badly.

Just use your position to
push these idiots enough that they’ll quit. It seems to me you have
enough anger to steer things your way, use it for your benefit.

This isn’t a case for
revenge but for getting back what these guys are stealing from
you… well, actually that is my definition of when someone needs
revenge. So be the BOSS now.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

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