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People that have jobs write in to ask The Revenge Guy for advice so they can get revenge on their workplace, businesses that have done them wrong, as well as revenge on people they work with.

On The Job Revenge

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How To Get On-The-Job Revenge By The Revenge Guy

Need a little help getting even with someone at your job that has done you wrong? Maybe a great revenge technique is just what you need to help you get even and regain your stature as an important person.

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy
I have a co-worker that loves to mess with me. The guy will do things such as poke needle sized holes in my Styrofoam cup so when I pour the coffee in it seeps out into my hand and burns me slowly.

He has put a dead moth in my coffee cup, placed a live cockroach in my Altoids container, and the most recent is fill my empty water bottle with salt so when I filled it up and chugged it I almost vomited.

I need some advice as to how to get him back.

He has a cherry corvette which he keeps clean religiously and often leaves a TV dinner in the microwave until he gets around to eating it.

I know the two rules that you should never mess with a mans automobile or food but he has crossed the line. I am not worried about any legal ramifications because he has been an employee for 30 years and I own the company. What would you suggest? Thanks!

Revenge JokerHi,
If you own the company you should be aware of the rules regarding workplace harassment.

Have a sit down with your lawyer and fire this ass. Or at the least give him a warning letter and let him know that his future is in jeopardy.

And I don’t care for the rules, I’d throw his food out or over salt it.

And yes, a rotting cucumber under the back seat of his car will make a hell of a mess after two weeks.

He’s not playing by any rules, now is he?
And what is he really after? Getting fired? Forced into retirement? Or is he just off his meds?
Go get him!
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy
First off I must say that I thoroughly enjoy your website, you truly are gifted.

A little about me: I am a blue collar worker, working in a small shop of about 20 guys. I’m in my early forty’s and and am a hard worker.

I’m home every night around 6:30 to my wife and two small boys. About 10 years ago I started a small side business that I work every day after my regular job for about 2 hours. Although I will never get rich, it does allow me to give my family a few extras that they normally wouldn’t have. The second job pays for school cloths and a summer vacation. I drive 8 year old cars and don’t flaunt anything.

However some of the guys at work, one in particular is and always has been overcome with jealousy of me and my small business. I have always spoken well to and about this co-worker.

He and his wife are busy body’s and are into every ones business. I even did some work for him on the side and gave him a very cheap price because he was a co-worker. He always acts nice to my face, but behind my back he is extremely venomous, making up story’s about me, etc.

The problem: About six months ago the local deli that we all frequent on a daily basis for coffee break and lunch, gave me permission to pin my business card to their cork board. You know, the ones you see in stores where local business put their cards for potential customers to see.

Anyhow, every day after coffee AND after lunch MY card is gone. I put a new one up twice a day. And it is always removed.

I have used the process of elimination to detect how was removing it. For the last 6 months, I watched as my co-workers took vacations/sick days or whatever. Many would go out of state for vacation and the card was ALWAYS removed EVERY day for the last 6 months. Except when this guy ( I’ll call him Jim) was out. He took a sick day. The card stayed on. He took a vacation day, the card stayed. I’m sure it is Jim.

No one else knows anything about any of this. I’ve kept it all to myself. This guy would deny any of it. He is such a pussy and is afraid of confrontation. He bad mouths me behind my back but is afraid to face me. Please help me Revenge Guy. I want to get him GOOD, I want to make him miserable and mess with his mind….I NEED REVENGE.
Thanks, Jeff.

Revenge JokerHi Jeff,
Seriously, I would have paid someone to watch the bulletin board and grab a picture of him taking down your business card rather than watching for six months and using the powers of elimination.

Now then, the next time you put up a business card, write on the top of it: Jim don’t take this down.

These jealous asses that try to build themselves up by tearing others down are weak and afraid of being thrown into the spotlight.

They know that they have no value as a person, they can’t contribute to the betterment of themselves. They are led by the nose by the stronger person in their relationships and friendships, needing to build excitement and conversations in their lives by discrediting anyone better than them.

But face-to-face they are friendly, even complimentary, because it’s part of their weaselly nature to hide their true feelings. To not ask for anything for anyone but expect it from others, and hate those that have achieved because they cannot achieve.

These are the people at the bottom of the ladder, not making any effort to get higher up but expecting others to come along and drag them up. Make life easier for them for no other reason than they live.

Ayn Rand wrote some excellent books about the Achievement of Man and how the non-achievers, out of inherent and inbred selfishness, expect the achiever, the builder, to do for them for no other reason than they live.

Read “Atlas Shrugged” and “The Fountainhead”. Both powerful books that describe the very situation you are in with dealing with this loser, this nothing.

These types prefer to hide in the shadows. When confronted by anyone of knowledge and power they prefer to fade into the woodwork.
Stand up to this idiot.
Shine a light onto his behavior.
Make his nature known.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
Hey, my name Is Liz and my b/f works for a local radio station and has two cohosts on his show.

Well, on Saturday night the two cohost did there own show and started to bash me calling me a slut and other names for no reason. So to get my revenge and to create a topic on my boyfriend’s show, he’s allowing me to come In and get my revenge Wednesday night on his show.

I can’t think of anything good or that I would be able to do due the the FCC so If you have any Ideas or if you could direct me so someone who could help It would be a big help!!!!
Thanks Liz

Revenge JokerHi Liz,
What I’d suggest is a show using the theme “Why girls don’t like jerks” and keep the overall subject matter a thinly veiled description of these two jerks and why they can’t get serious dates.

Do you broadcast online? I’d love to listen.

Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I work the front desk at a hotel, and yesterday I went in to pick up my paycheck, just a normal day.

When I arrived, I found an envelope with my name on it. I thought, oh, a note from my manager telling me that I messed up the other night or something. I proceeded to open it, and before I got the note out, a picture fell out. It was a picture of a very pretty young lady whom I had never seen before.

I then read the note. Quote, “I couldn’t help but to notice your stunning good looks last night. Please call me!!” Her name and number followed, and taking one glance back at the picture, I zoomed up to cloud nine! YES, I had finally done it! I had worked my charm enough to get a HOT girl interested in me!

So, I ran in the back offices and spouted to all my co-workers of my recent success in the lady department (for I don’t have much at all you see).

As I was explaining, I was met with some smiles that wouldn’t be there unless “something was going on,” and so then thought that this MAY be a hoax. Well, I asked them if it was a joke, and everyone said no, they didn’t know anything of it. And so with joy and merriment, I continued to tell the restaurant workers and all the sales department and all the housekeeping staff, I told everybody.

I then left, and gave it more thought. Having three bits of information on this young lady, and being college aged, I logged on to facebook to search my college network for her.

TA-DA she pops up! Score another for the team!

With caution, I write a message and ask her if she left an envelope for a guy named Bill at any local hotel. Anxiously waiting for her reply, I didn’t call the number, but instead entered it into Google. BAM! It pops up. But what to my amazed eyes is the number to? None other but a local strip club! IT WAS AN OFFICIAL HOAX!

A few hours later, I received a reply back from her in which she told me no, she didn’t leave an envelope for anyone. I knew then who was behind this. The valet manager! SHE IS TO BLAME!

I immediately call her up and tell her the story. After a good 15 minutes of straight laughter on her part, she confessed to the crime. As with all things of this nature, I take it very well, a good laugh for all! However, this time… I WANT REVENGE!!

This kind of thing happens to me all the time, maybe not hoaxes, but just things that would only happen to me! So please, with all your might, do you have any suggestions that I could do? I would like to carry it out at work, at the hotel if possible. If you have ANY ideas, let me know! Thank you so much!

Revenge JokerHi Bill,
If you want to get her back, this is what you do:

You’re going to fake a call to her from your local “Labor Relations Board” or whatever agency handles harassment in the workplace. Look it up in the government section of the phone book.

Have a friend, a voice she won’t recognize, call her at work with something like:

“This is Mr. McAbe, I am an investigator with XXX Agency. I am calling you to inform you that you are under investigation for workplace harassment. Although I cannot go into details over the phone you will soon receive a registered letter with the details and how you can defend yourself of this complaint. The letter will also have the appointment time included. You should know that failure to comply will result in a $5000.00 fine and possibly jail time for contempt.

“At your appointment please be prepared with documents concerning your job duties, work schedule and a list of employees directly under your supervision.
Thanks. Any questions you have should be addressed, in writing, to this office using the contact information in the registered letter. Good bye”

Then, of course, send her a registered letter, to her at work.

Inside just write “Hahahaha!”.

Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
About a month and a half ago I was fired from a job I loved. Here is the story: Everything was going great. I had been working at this video store, it rhymes with Shamerican fambly video. I loved it and I loved my co-workers. It was a fun job and I was told repeatedly that I was doing wonderfully.

About 2 and a half months after I was hired we had the monthly employees meeting in which an issue was brought to our managers attention that one of my co-workers had had a MAJORLY sucky customer and had said under his breath that if he ever saw this customer on the street he would “kick his ass”.

The manager then went on to say that, and I quote “While it’s a HUGE no-no to say such things in the hearing of customers, I want you to know that while YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN TIME YOU ARE FREE TO DO AND SAY AS YOU WISH if you are not in uniform”.

Ok..flash forward a week..
I’m working alone, it’s extremely busy and this customer comes in. I’ll refer to her as Toad-Woman because that’s exactly what she looks like. Anyway, she goes into a major rant because I can’t help her check out her movies in 30 seconds. She huffs and puffs and makes my job as hard as possible.

To make a long story short I was SO pissed and upset that I immediately went on my break after she left and burst into tears when I was alone in the office. The general public can be truly evil, but this was too much. Anyway, I said to myself that if I ever saw this evil cow in the streets I would have definite words with her (remember, I had been given express permission).

The very next day (YES, the next day) I went to the post office, and do you want to guess who I ran into ? Yes, Toad-Woman in the flesh…UNreal. Well, I tore into her. At no time did I swear at her or threaten her. As a matter of fact my husband was a witness to the entire incident. I merely told her that she was in my opinion a miserable excuse for a human being and asked her how she slept at night tormenting innocent customer service workers.

She got all outraged and self-righteous saying that “She was the customer and I couldn’t talk to her like this” to which I replied that “yes, I COULD, having had Leslies (the manager) permission” and that at that moment, SHE was not the “customer” and I for SURE wasn’t an employee, I was MARCY. Out doing MARCY things, not “Marcy, the customer ass-kisser” in other words.

She said that she would go talk to Leslie and see what SHE had to say. Then she made a racist comment towards me saying “I’ve been taking crap from ‘little white people’ such as yourself my whole life because I’m Mexican. Which I took as reverse discrimination and quite frankly I’m sick of minorities playing the race card all the time. Then she stormed off while I was standing there with my mouth wide open because I couldn’t think of anything quickly enough to reply.

Flash forward one week. It’s December 12th, the staff Xmas party. I have heard absolutely NOTHING about Toad-Woman. NADA. But all the same, I’m getting weird vibes. Leslie is acting ever so slightly different towards me but I chalk it up to paranoia since she hadn’t mentioned the incident thus far. But she’s definitely acting slightly colder towards me whereas before she was totally friendly, even motherly.

After the party I report to work my evening shift as normal. Everything’s fine. Nothings amiss, there’s even an Xmas stocking with my name on it, hung up with the rest of my co-workers stockings.

I work my shift as normal and go home.
The next day I report for my shift at noon. The assistant manager looks at me kind of funny which I didn’t think anything of since he was always looking funny. LOL (Jason is a straight up ultra cool guy) So I ask him what is wrong, and he reaches into this drawer and hands me an envelope telling me (with this melancholy look on his face) that Leslie told him to give it to me and to turn in my key, that they no longer “need my services”.

That’s it. No chance to explain my side of the story. Tossed away like I was a used tissue and nothing more. I couldn’t believe it.

I have to state that my performance was always dead on balls excellent (remember the positive feedback from before). I was ALWAYS on time, always there, filled in when others called in sick and about as reliable as reliable GETS and this is how I’m treated. I even went in feeling terrible for an hour on the ONE time I called in sick, to give my co-worker a break.

I asked for an explanation and Jason told me that he, himself had asked Leslie why. She, quote said to him that “Unless an employee has been here for longer then 3 months, we don’t have to give an explanation”. In other words, the “at will” bullshit.

I was devastated. A month and a half later I am still livid. Especially since I have as yet to find new employment (the recession, you know?). I have never in my life been treated this badly by an employer.

I can’t sue because this is an at-will state and the laws are all on the side of the businesses. Not to mention the fact that I have no money *grim smile*.
I feel that what Leslie Cortez did to me was evil in the supreme. She had me to an Xmas party the day before when she KNEW I was going to be fired the next day (my final check was dated the day before, the day of the party).

She fired me just before Xmas and totally RUINED my kids Christmas. She also fired me during a severe recession when she had to know my chances of getting another job right away were slim to none. She not only DIDN’T give me a chance to explain my side, but she didn’t stand by what SHE said at the employee meeting.

My life has been totally ruined by what she did and even if I won a gazillion dollars in the lottery I would STILL hate her guts and wish her a slow horrible death.

Why ? Because she thought she could just toss a human being in the garbage, right along with her used Kotexes and innumerable Diet Pepsi cans. Then forget about me as if I never existed. After telling me how “wonderful” I was doing.
Please help, revenge Guy. I have to deal with this because I can’t move on till she’s made to suffer as I’ve suffered.

Oh, and you can offer up the same exact advice for Toad-Woman as well.
Quite frankly, I’m glad I haven’t seen HER in the street again. I’d probably be in prison by now.
Thank you in advance.

Revenge JokerHi ML,
I have to ask, is this the first job you ever had? I mean, have you never heard of “taking one for the team”?

When you work in the customer service/retail world, you have to expect the worst from people and take it in stride. RG has had his share of bad customers but never would I take it outside of the job, you crossed a line and are paying the price.
You weren’t fired wrongfully, you were fired for your bad judgment, at the least.

Learn from it.
You should be happy that you found out early that this type of job isn’t for you. You want revenge? Get a job that pays more than the couple of dollars an hour that your old boss Leslie was paying you.

And forget about Toad-Lady – her life of discount movie rentals, stale popcorn nights all crowded into her trailerhome lifestyle, screaming kids, drunk husband, puking cats, surely is revenge enough.
The Revenge Guy is all for dealing out what’s due, but when you step in it, you have to clean up your own mess and live with the results.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyHi RG
With all due respect I have to wonder if you read my entire email.

I think I mentioned at least a couple times that I was given express permission BY my ex-boss that when we were off the clock, we were free to do and say as we pleased because during that time we were not employees. I am not one who subsribes to the current corporate america ideology that we are owned 24/7 by those we just happen to work for.

Also, I’m not sure I got across the sheer depression and despair that these people caused me.

My ex-boss for firing me just before Xmas and ruining my kids holiday, and Toad-woman for purposely going to my boss with the express purpose of eliminating my only source of income. How could you not feel that this was especially evil ? And no, this was hardly my first job.

I am 39 years old and have had many jobs and I can honestly say that I have never been treated THIS shabbily. How could you excuse her treating me this way after nearly three months of perfect punctuality and the positive feedback I got.

Without even giving me a chance to explain. I could understand her calling me to her office and writing me up, but to do that chicken-shit crap having the assistant manager fire me ? I find it totally inexcusable, and if you won’t help me, other then telling me it’s my own fault, well, I’ll just take care of her myself.
Thank you for your time.

Hi ML,
You are right, you email wanting revenge advice and I give you attitude.

This is what you should do:
Create coupons similar to the ones you’ll find at this website:
but make them like the video store, logo, phone number and all. Free rentals, free candy, whatever you like.

Put them everywhere, in grocery stores, laundry mats, all over the place. That’ll keep their hands full.

As for Toad-lady, if you ever see her again, go to the nearest store clerk and tell them you saw her stuff something (clothes/food/whatever) down her top. Let them grab her for shoplifting.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyWhat a fantastic website!
I have an issue that seriously needs addressing. I am currently employed by a wine shipping company, however I am leaving at the end of the week for another job. I started this job on November 1st, and starting February 1st I begin my new job. I hope this says something.

I was hired as “Salary Exempt”, so that I would not get paid overtime; however I was expected to, and even ordered to work more than the usual 40 hour workweek ( I was working an average of 60 hour weeks); there is no time clock, so I have no “proof” of my hours. We are not given comp time off for extra hours worked, either.

I have a very strong work ethic, and I work quite hard for this company. After three weeks, I was approached about a different position that would be a fantastic opportunity for me, and I was quite excited about it.

The supervisor of my department has a few nasty habits, including delegating out all of her work to other people, then taking credit for their hard work; and being a general loudmouth telling everyone in the company everyone else’s personal business – as well is professional business matters that are HR issues.

It was this woman’s loudmouth jabbering to another employee that I overheard (as well as everyone else in my department) that the fantastic opportunity I had been approached with had been taken off the table, but with no reason as to why.

From this company’s grapevine (the only way that the HR manager communicates with the employees here), I found out that I had offended the HR manager (this was news to me, we had only spoken 3 times, and I had always been very respectful to this woman), and her way of “getting me back” was to make sure that I would never advance in this company.

To this day, I do not know what I said, or did to offend this woman, as she will not acknowledge my existence (this is a small company, by the way). But wait, it gets better.

The supervisor of my department has another habit of blowing situations out of proportion, and making more work for everyone, including our clients. On December 15, this woman got an email from a client that was taken out of context, then hung me out to dry with that client. The upshot was that I no longer have permission to communicate with our clients by email or phone calls (I process their orders)- all communications have to go through the Supervisor or one other CSR.

Like I mentioned, I start my new job- which happens to be a better position for me, in a few days. However, my success is not enough “punishment for the crimes” I have endured.

I have friends that still work for this company, and need the jobs, and the usual “legal” channels may actually close down this company- and are not the option I am looking for. I want something that will be more than pesky and mere annoyances. Can you help me, Revenge Guy?
-Disgruntled Employee

Hi Disgruntled Employee,
I can see how you were taken advantage of. It’s an awful thing when, in this day and age, employers still have the power over their employees this way. Illegal working hours, poor conditions and hateful supervisors should not have to be tolerated. In fact, it is all illegal.

But, how can we get even?

How to exact revenge on the company and those supervisors without endangering the employees that you leave behind, the people you are happy to have worked with and now call friends?
This is how:
Click your way to your state employment agency’s website.

Copy and paste their logo into a word/text document that goes something like this (you’ll want to make the document as professional and official as possible):
Dear owners of XXX Company,
This letter is to inform you of a scheduled official visit by the Department of Employment Standards on XXX date, XXX time.
We have received certain information from (put the hated HR’s name here) and have opened an investigation of Employment Standards Violations.

During our visit please ensure you have the following documents available for inspection:
Employee time cards for the past 5 years to present;
Employee work records for the past 5 years to present, including current and former employees;
Etc, etc.
You see how the letter is going.

Be sure to print out an official looking envelope as well.
Edit my wording as necessary.

This should get exactly the reaction you are looking for, and who knows, maybe working conditions will improve as well!

Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear RG
Two people have made my life very difficult over the last year, and its time for a little payback.

One is a total bitch ex colleague and one is a sleazy lecherous ex boss, both of whom have trashed my name with some quite serious effects on both my career and my wallet, due to lost earnings. Consequently, I have been unable to find employment in the area and am having to move across state to find work, leaving friends and a house that I love behind.

First the woman. In short she joined the company by my request to help with my excessive workload.

She couldn’t have been a worse choice – she was lazy, incompetent and saw the job as an easy ride. She refused to do as I asked, refused to undergo training from me and generally caused so many problems, that I was having to work even longer hours to compensate.

She hated me because I was young, successful and earned more than her.

She played the boss well though, and in the end it was me that had to leave. She has since caused problems including trashing me to a prospective employer who phoned for a reference and started vile rumours about me all round town.

She even got her daughter in on the act, who started a fight with me in a bar.

Now, the boss. In short – asshole. Exploited me for my hard working nature, underpaid me, then got rid of me when all the hard work was done and he could employ the lesser skilled bint above to do the basic maintenance, at half the wages cost. During my time there, he sleazed over me – always groping, hugging and trying to kiss me, despite being not only married, but also the fact that I was in a relationship with his best friend.

I’ve tried to let this lie and move on (literally), but something was relayed to me today that was said by him that I’m boiling with anger. I’m generally a calm and patient person, and I am prepared to wait for the right time and plan to get my revenge, so long as they both get what they deserve.

Legal action is not my cup of tea, though illegal action is certainly not either. I’m looking for a happy medium, but I’m stumped.
Any suggestions?

Hi B.,
I’d walk into his office, have a concealed tape recorder turned on, and get him to admit what has occurred. Then sue the bejeezers out of him. I am sure that with a clear voice recording and lawyer will take your case on contingency so you don’t have to put out any money up front.

And a call to the local IRS wouldn’t hurt either. I’m sure you have some inside information on some “bookkeeping irregularities”.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyHowdy RG!
I have a problem at work, and I hope that you can help me out.

Let me explain what’s going on:
I work as a medic with a local ambulance service. After my partner of 2 years got promoted and transferred, I finally found another partner that worked perfectly with me.

She and I had a wonderful working rhythm, she was smart, knew her job and the area well, and exceeded my expectations of a partner. Of course, our company being what it is, it was decided that I should be teamed with another EMT. This new guy’s a DUMBASS! He has NO 911 experience, he doesn’t know the area or how to work with the folks in it, and generally has no clue. It turns out that the only reason he got the position over my preferred EMT is that his girlfriend is a supervisor at our company, and they LOVE to stick their noses up management’s asses!

We work 24-hr shifts, just like firefighters. We have our own station where our ambulance is kept. Please help me get rid of him. Please help me soon! We can’t stand him over here!
Distraught Medic

Hi Distraught,
Generally, I like to stick to the adage “Don’t pee where you swim” – which means, causing havoc at work isn’t always in your best interest, if you get caught many things could occur, legal, employment-wise, etc.

That being said, I’d start a campaign of having girls call this guy at work, through the main office switchboard, and other lines, leaving messages that will find their way back to his girlfriend. If he’s such a bad worker, the heat from his GF should be enough for him to change careers and quickly!
Good luck!
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I have this problem with a co-worker, kind of. See, I work in the communications business and a girl that is one of the people that I have to communicate with on a daily basis is my problem. I normally can handle myself fairly good – but this one is something else. She does nothing but complain about me doing my job, always “f–king” stuff up for her and making her look stupid. She’s already been warned about her attitude and I’ve had to fill out an incident report on her. I’ve told my director time and time again that the next time she does this I am going to very rudely put her in her place. Well, she knows about these comments (which I could care less) and she is very well aware of how I feel about her. So, now it’s almost like she’s “out for blood” (so to speak) especially after I filled a complaint against her and she against me.

Everyone that I work with and that works with her knows that she’s difficult to work with, rude, hateful, and just a flat out pain in the butt! But I’m not the type of person that can keep quiet when someone is flat out being a bitch. I’m the person that stops you dead in your tracks and puts you in your place. So I bet your wondering why I am sending you an email about this; why don’t I handle it myself.

See, I want to go about this professional, polite, but quickly put her in her place and make her eat it kind of thing. Everything that I do at work is monitored/watched/listened to so I have to seem nice – but I’m past my limit. I was writing you to see if you had any suggestions on how to get this girl to shut-up and go on about her way. Because once I open my mouth and something comes out, I can’t guarantee that it will be completely nice. Normally, I try to keep to myself and my opinions to myself until I am pushed to my limit or just can’t hold it in anymore. So, I am worried about my work environment afterwards – but I think everyone will understand where I am coming from.

I look forward to your response and hope that you can help me go about this in a semi-respectable way. If not, then it looks like I’m going to have to get ugly about it. Thanks!
-pissed co-worker
Revenge JokerHi Pissed,
If I’ve read your letter correctly, it seems that you’ve already shown your animosity towards this co-worker and that, because of workplace monitoring, you’re unable to easily strike back. You’ll be the first suspect in any unusual happenings. So, what you’ve got to do is strengthen your mettle.

You’re going to be all ‘nicey-nice’ until the time for revenge is ripe.

So, what you’ll start doing is co-operating with her. Any little complaint she has, with your work, with what is going on at work, you’ll attempt to investigate. For instance, she has a problem with the work you send her way, question her about her reasons. Take notes why she is unsatisfied. Help her to figure out the basis of her complaints. Take detailed notes, including date, time and names of those involved.

You’ll seem helpful to her, biting your tongue, all the while creating a dossier of her constant complaining and nit-picking about your own work. After a month or two, you’ll be able to formally request her transfer/dismissal with the evidence you’ve gathered. You may even be able to form a picture of a harassment against her, strengthening your position. Your notes will detail how you’ve tried to help but been humiliated by her.

If you can hold your tongue and play this out, victory will be yours!

Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I hope you can help me out, I don’t know what to do. I work in McDonald’s and I have a problem with one of the swing managers.

He keeps giving me shifts at night and in the early morning on weekends when people that were hired after me get afternoon shifts more.

I’ve tried talking to him and he just says “That’s the way it goes.” My parents don’t want to get involved and the other managers just tell me to talk to him only. What can I do to get rid of this guy or get some help at the store?

Revenge JokerHi BW,
Life is hard enough without some jerk making your work life even harder.

Put your request in writing that he give you better shifts and make sure you send copies to the store manager and whoever is higher up the management chain than him. Explain your situation clearly and calmly.

If that doesn’t work, write a love letter that supposedly comes from him to you. Drop it in the staff room and watch the s**t fly. If you’re questioned about it say that you never got the letter.

The ensuing embarrassment should be good enough to get him out of the store.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
Life has been good to me, so far.

Then my boss went and hired this idiot. He’s a real wet blanket, no sense of humor. And his body odor kills. I’m a mechanic, so we all sweat, but this guy wears the same sweats under his coveralls all week long.

And he shaves his head, otherwise I’m sure we’d all be swimming in the grease that would be coming from his hair. How can I get rid of him without it coming back at me?

Hi Bilbo,
I have to ask, are you a Baggins? LOL.

Anyways, jobs are awful things to have. You’re selling yourself for however many hours, doing some types of tasks that generally sucks, with people you’d never otherwise associate with. And to add to it, you have no control over who you have to work with, sometimes even for.

But to get rid of sweaty, dirty bald guy, this is what I suggest:
Call up your local health board, anonymously, and have them drop by your workplace. Make sure they know to check on smelly/baldy guy based on some type of hygiene report. No employer likes official notices being given. This will get rid of him fast.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I have a career of 26+ years as a NYS employee… both as a counselor and parole officer…. with awards, citations, commendations etc.. now, I’ve been suspended without pay for insubordination.

this man has caused personnel to transfer and lies about his and others work.

I want this man to suffer with moderate annoyance. Thanks
Revenge JokerHi,
Moderate annoyance?
That’s a toughie. I prefer the total shakedown.

I’m always peeved when idiots have a higher position than those that do the real work. Too many bosses are just idiots. Too many people have to work for these idiots.

But, getting even with the boss has a certain amount of risk, you have to be aware of this.
So, moderate annoyance it is.

This is what you do:
Save flyers from your local newspaper.

With those flyers you’ll mail them to him, in a way that requires a ‘personal signature’. When he’s out of his office, you’ll get in there and empty the stapler, jam the fax machine, loosen the most used number off of the phone and, on his computer, go into the Control Panel > Mouse Properties> and reverse the right and left click functions.

Any which way you can get him out of the way, find more of these moderate annoyances that will keep him occupied for a few seconds. Over time, he’ll start doubting himself.

He’ll be unsure… And after a while he’ll convince himself that he’s jinxed.
At this point you can start doing things that you said he told you to do, not do things he told you to do….
He’ll think he’s losing his mind.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

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