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Help! A Facebook Scammer is Spamming Me

Facebook icon on mobile phone
How do you get even with an online spammer? Here's a solution for you.

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Dear Revenge GuyHi Revenge Guy,
I love your site and have fun reading the stories people put on here but I need your help.

Even though this is a minor issue and I just could easily let it go, I don’t feel like it is enough revenge to merely block this person.

As you are probably aware, Facebook is crawling with scammers and spammers who freely harass and intrude on people’s personal boundaries for money. For instance, I made the mistake of asking a question about a spammer’s product on her page. Somehow, she got on my private FB messenger and started spamming me with advertisements.

I nicely asked her not to send advertisements to my messenger and she was really nasty about it. She could have just answered the question on the page for everyone to see.

I finally blocked her after telling her not to contact me again. However, it was obvious that she doesn’t understand personal boundaries and what no means. So, I would like to give her a taste of her own medicine.

I was able to easily find her phone number, her email address, and Instagram online. I don’t want to get myself in trouble or anything, but I am seriously tempted to sign her up for a ton of spam and see how she likes being hassled by spammers.

Any suggestions of sites that will spam her repeatedly? Or any suggestions about how I can get revenge? I know I probably should just let it go and normally would, but this really made me angry that this person had such a high disregard for other people’s boundaries! Any suggestions?

Thanks, Cindy

The Revenge GuyHi Cindy, 
I agree, spammers need to be dealt with in ways they understand.

In your case what I’d do is hunt down all of this person’s social media channels, as many as you can find besides Facebook, like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. and report her profiles as fake or spam accounts.

Getting her shut down would be the best revenge. And she won’t know who did it.

You may even want to enlist some friends to help with these reports and watch for het to pop up again with new accounts and start over again shutting her down.

Best Wishes, 
The Revenge Guy

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