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Sewer Issues and My Neighbor From Hell

Sewer Issues and My Neighbor From Hell
Ever since she moved in, she has been hounding us for things, she comes over on a regular basis to complain about honestly stupid issues. Recently her main issue with us has been that we "walk on her grass," oh gods no!
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Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
My neighbor is a total bitch. She is constantly bothering us but let me start at the beginning.

Ever since she moved in, she has been hounding us for things, she comes over on a regular basis to complain about honestly stupid issues. Recently her main issue with us has been that we “walk on her grass,” oh gods no! Not the grass! The green stuff? Made for walking on? Ya that.

Anyways, every time she sees us, she is telling us to keep off the grass, don’t walk on her grass, go around her yard.

Under normal circumstances, with a decent neighbor, I would be more than willing to avoid her lawn but right now it seems to be the best way to get revenge on her even if it’s only slightly.

Recently a sewer line broke on her side of the house but all she did was ignore it! Luckily the vents are not joined but we only have a crawlspace full of dirt, not a full basement so of course all that raw sewage ran into the crawl space and into our side of the house as well.

Five days after the line breaks she finally calls the clean-up crews who let her know they need access to the crawl space. It’s at this point that she decided to lock her door and be unavailable every time they came to do the clean-up.

From there she has the nerve to personally escort the guys to my side of the place, bang on my door and ring my doorbell at 7 AM and then order me to allow these people into MY CRAWLSPACE so she does not have to let them into her side.

Clean up took almost two weeks and required our washer and dryer to be moved not to mention putting up a huge PVC corridor so they would not contaminate the rest of the house.

The offenses continue of course, the landlord said no dogs, that’s the main reason we got a cat, but she runs out and gets this yappie little mutt and somehow gets the LL to approve it!

She has built herself a little patio in her backyard right next to the fence and is constantly out there smoking, of course this is right under our bathroom window so we can’t really leave that window or the back door open at all because instead of fresh air we get secondhand tar.

She is constantly coming and going at all hours of the night and she complains about the slightest things, my sprinkler is hitting her side of the lawn, the sprinkler is running at 5:59 when I am not allowed to water until 6:00, there are weeds in MY garden that I should pull, I don’t mow my lawn often enough to make her happy, on and on and on it goes.

I just need some way to put her in her place, she has a very “I am better than you” attitude about her and I really want to knock her down a few pegs, or even just knock her down…

Anyways please help if you can, I don’t know what to do.

The Revenge GuyHi Annoyed,
If you’ve read through other “neighbor from hell” stories on my website, you’ll know that I prefer the action of “hitting an ant with a sledgehammer” rather than politely putting up with someone else telling me how to live and what to do.

Since you’re both renters, take a closer look at your lease. I bet there are “conditions” that affect the “quality and privacy” of your tenancy, maybe in the lease, certainly in the municipal and state laws that govern tenancy. It’s time to do some research to see if you have a legal basis for a “harassment” or “infringement of privacy” filing.

Once you have these details you can talk to your landlord and maybe do some negotiating while you still live there. Maybe even force this neighbor from hell to move.

Also, I would keep a journal of everything that happens, no matter how small it is.
You need to have dates, times and witness names of the harassment you have been subjected to. You can get my specialized journal “Bad Neighbor and Witness Journal” here.

You may even have a small claims case against her for the sewage leak. Look closely at your options.

As for proper revenge against your nfh, I have a few suggestions:

Just for the heck of it, maybe use some of my fun posters:, just add her address and have some fun! Be sure to take pictures of her annoyed face and, for the spite of it, complain to your landlord about the increase of people going to her front door when you post the posters I have for you of garage sales, car for sale, etc.

I’d also start throwing out small handfuls of grass fertilizer every couple of days in front of her entryway, on the grass, let it burn… Just don’t dump all whole lot at once, a handful every three or four days will do well.

As for the yappy mutt, maybe hide some cheese in her yard too…. give the puppy the runs… or maybe freeze some beef broth in ice cubes and throw them onto her yard in the dark of night. By morning her dog will start digging looking for a steak dinner, ripping up her precious lawn.

With her smoking below your window, put a fan there, let it blow the smoke away from your house, there’s nothing she can do when it’s inside your house. And maybe install a motion activated flood light that shines into your own backyard but “accidentality” right onto the spot where she smokes too, this might just be a minor annoyance, but it’ll help to put her in her place.

Have a better day!


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