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Top Nasty Neighbors Video Compilation

Nasty woman neighbor
Video of the top nasty neighbors on YouTube.

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This is a great compilation of nasty neighbors out to harass and scare people that live near them.

Thanks to all the people that recorded these interactions and provided them as a warning to nasty neighbors everywhere.

Play Video about Nasty woman neighbor

Let’s break this video down:

  1. The first part is a crazy neighbor is a woman in a trailer park warning a neighbor to stop screaming at her and calling her names or she will call the police. Maybe just grow a tougher skin?
  2. Swearing in front of a little 11-year old boy starts this nasty neighbor interaction, but of course there’s her smoking and dropping her butt on the ground. The police do show up and eventually cool things down. 
  3. The argument about bothering a dog by walking by the guy’s house is just weird. 
  4. The blonde in the bra needs serious mental health help but certainly shouldn’t continue with the violent threats while being recorded.
  5. The lady watering her very small patch of grass is absolutely hysterical. 
  6. And what is it with the lady that gives her kid a stick?
  7. “We asked nicely for your kids to stop touching our shit” is how this segment starts… such a nice neighbor LOL and at 21:54 the video goes nuts with the whole family shouting at this neighbor lady that started the problem, whatever it was. 
  8. The “bonnet lady” is a weird segment, she’s a nasty bitch neighbor! Will this actually make her famous? 
  9. Then there’s the neighbors that don’t like the power washer and everyone is videoing this. And I’m sure the angry guy now knows what the video is for! Then the police show up and they attempt to make cooler heads prevail. No idea if they helped.
  10. And finally, the laundry lady is angry! Yes, dripping wet clothes should not go into the dryer, but does she have to be so angry? Is it her kids? Roommates? But she is right, no one gives a fuck.
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