My Uncle the Scrooge

The Revenge Guy
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Dear Revenge GuyDear friend, 

I need some help and I would appreciate some great advice. I have a 93 year old uncle who makes scrooge look like an alter boy. When I lived in his house he made my life miserable.

When I got older I told him to go fly a kite and I moved out. But he continued to stick his head into my business. He got my mother to sue me under false pretenses. When she died he never informed me and I missed her funeral and a chance to say goodbye. How do I get even with this nasty creep without him knowing so that he does not send the cops to me.

Eagerly waiting your reply,

The Revenge GuyHi Anonymous,
Almost every family has their “Scrooge”.

They may start off as nice people but as they get older they become crotchety and mean. Dealing with this narcissistic personality type is very often a no-win game. They simply don’t care about you or anyone else unless they can control you.

Part of me wants to say “mend fences”. The old guy did at some point feed and house you. And at 93 he probably isn’t long for this world.

The other part of me says to get your revenge while he’s still on the top side of the grass. As long as he is of sound mind he’s fair game. If he’s not, leave him be, dementia is its own special hell. I would think this is the type of guy that hates company. Especially strangers coming to his door.

Start with some “Garage Sale” posters around his neighbourhood. Put them up at night, due surveillance beforehand so you know if in his neighbourhood there are cameras around. he should get a real kick about people coming to buy his stuff.

You could call local groups that visit the elderly and set him up for a few home visits. Just don’t use your own phone and maybe use a far-away family member name as the contact. Go easy, don’t give the guy a heart attack. You’ll be dancing soon enough.

Best wishes, RG