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Revenge on the Stepdaughter That Steals

Mother and daughter arguing
The one daughter, Susie, likes to steal and she’s stolen a lot of things from me. This last time I've had enough so I'm writing you.

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Do you know how to handle family conflict?

While revenge may be what you feel you deserve to get, going after the children for misbehaving is not a revenge thing, it’s a discipline thing. Talk it through and set some boundaries.

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I have 2 horrendous stepdaughters who have been nothing but trouble all their lives. Long before I met their dad, he tells me, they’ve been out of control. I tried to be good to them but they turned out like their mamma, bitchy and manipulating.

The one daughter, Susie, likes to steal and she’s stolen a lot of things from me. This last time I’ve had enough so I’m writing you.

She finally moved out and went through my stuff and took some of it. It’s either her or her friends will send me fake accounts calling me “bitch” because I called her out on it. She’s overly dramatic and creates a real scene when confronted about something she’s done, I mean to the extreme.

What do I do to put her in her place for good? How can I get her to expose herself as a thief? I’m to the point I just want to take a belt and whip her ass like her mamma should’ve done a long time ago! And she acts extremely entitled too.
Please help!

The Revenge GuyHi Stacey,
As a stepmother you need to have support from your husband. Children of divorced parents are every often used as weapons by one or both parents, to be mean to the other.
If you can have a family talk with a “Come to Jesus moment” that lays out how you feel about what this brat stepdaughter is doing to you, so she realizes the harm she’s not only doing to her relationship with you, but the family dynamic as well, then great. You’ll need to support of her father, your husband, to make this work.

Where is your husband in all of this? Is he involved or not? Is he taking sides? If he’s washed his hands of all of these things the stepdaughter is doing to you, then it’s all on your shoulders to be the bigger person, to be the parent here.

Not to say you can’t do something to put this brat in her place, but honestly, she sees no consequences to the things she does to you, so that is where your revenge is, teach her that actions have consequences.

Set her up to steal something in your house, have a hidden camera record this. Then have your family meeting to expose all of this plainly and openly. It won’t just be a “she said, she said” type of conversation about stealing any more and your husband should back you up on whatever punishment is decided on.

As for the fake accounts calling you a bitch, change your access and security settings to limit these messages. When there’s no response from you, these things usually flame out pretty fast. They’re just trying to get a reaction from you so don’t give them the pleasure.

I hope this helps,
Best Wishes,
The Revenge Guy

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