Snooping Roommates Invading My Privacy

The Revenge Guy
Snooping Roommates Invading My Privacy

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I have these roommates who can’t seem to stay out of my room.

I’ve asked them repeatedly and respectfully to stop with no luck. They are family of my much older roommate who the house belongs to.

They were unwelcome to begin with, but of course my roommate has a soft spot and couldn’t turn them away when they showed up with no place to go. smh!

They are both compulsive liars, thieves, and just all around shady. Everyday when I leave to go to work, they let themselves Into my private bedroom and rifle thru all my belongings.

I’m of course not an idiot so anything of value or importance is with me at all times since they began their stay here, so there’s nothing here for them to “find”.

I have expressed this to them bluntly, yet they still can’t seem to stay the fuck out. Any chance you can offer some revenge tactics or booby traps I can set just to screw with them or maybe even mildly hurt them to teach them a lesson?

I need your best on this one please lol… and thanks for your time!!

The Revenge GuyHi Snooped On,
These snooping thieves deserve every bit of revenge you can throw at them!

Start with getting yourself a little webcam nanny cam. Record what’s going on in your room, with them entering without permission and going through your things.

Having a recording of this invasion of your privacy is very important. Eventually something of value will be taken from you and you’ll need proof they were in your room.

I’d go online and purchase some fake scratch-off lottery tickets, the kind that every ticket is a winner. Hide them in your room, knowing that they will find one. Let them deal with getting all excited about robbing you of your winning ticket only to find out it’s a trick. You can easily find them on Amazon. 

Look in second-hand stores for a small lockbox type of safe. You can usually find them pretty cheap. Put some loose coins, or just some metal washers in it, lock it up and hide it in your room. Once they find it for sure they’ll try to get it open. This would make a great video capture don your nannycam too.

Get some small boxes, maybe shoebox size, and smear the bottom of them thickly with vaseline. Then stuff a bunch of loose papers or old socks in them. Once they dig around in the box they’ll have that gunk all over their hands.

Get a motion detector with a siren alarm. They’re like a hotel door alarm for travelers. Set that up when you go out. Scare the hell out of them. You can find these on Amazon.

I hope these suggestions will help you to regain your privacy, keep your stuff safe and get you a few good laughs too.

And talk your roommate/landlord into putting a lock on your bedroom door.

Best Wishes,
The Revenge Guy

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