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How I Got Even With My Abusive Roommate

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This is a story how a simple guy couldn’t take it any more from his abusive roommate and planned how to get even.
The revenge was sweet.

Story via Reddit

I had to leave my friend and roommate’s house after he became an abusive alcoholic. I decided when packing to do a few things around the house.

I put the remote to his TV in his daughter’s toys he never cleaned up (yes he has a daughter)

I took the shower curtain out of the only shower in the house

I poured out all the booze in the house

Undid all the work I did on his entertainment center (disconnected hdmi cables and whatnot)

Left all the moving trash

Finally most important I took the key to his gun safe.

Most of these he would just have to put in minor work to fix but instead he got the house foreclosed on which by the time line means he was also stealing the money I was giving him to pay the mortgage

Final Word

So long as the ‘abusive and drunk” roommate isn’t going to kick your ass or bring some other violence to you, this was well orchestrated.

Congrats on your roommate revenge.


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