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Racist Neighbors From Hell

Racist Neighbors From Hell
I think you have received some very poor advice from the police, the county and any lawyers you’ve so far spoken with.

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Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
For two years now, my family has dealt with threatening letters, multiple cameras 3 of which are facing our property, no trespassing signs (one of which is still in use), barricades preventing use of the side yard, verbal assaults, physical intimidation, removal of the shared grass between our single family homes, new interred garden plots blocking our implied pathway in addition to using the HOA to file violations against us all for reporting their above ground pool to the HOA. 

The above ground pool filled with over 18” of water is not permissible without a 5’ fence and permit from XXXXXXX county as it is a safety issue. 

I have two young grandsons who come to visit, one of which is on the spectrum. The pool can be seen right outside my home, deck, and sidewalk out back, this is a hazard. I first complained in 2022 to the HOA about this and then again to the county on 2023. The county official gave them a warning.

Unfortunately, the omission of the right to “quiet enjoyment” for homeowners only pertains to the community areas of my neighborhood. The non-inclusion of this clause in the for dwelling units, allows the HOA to distance themselves from the situation at hand by labeling issues such as this as a neighbor dispute instead of reprisal for the violation received. 

The many officials we spoke to from the county, the police, and lawyers have all stated the same thing which is from the start, the HOA is the solution and or remedy for this matter as the other option requires the assistance of the courts which would greatly impact us financially. 

We already paid for a cease and desist letter and for a boundary study that they were supposed to pay half for. Meanwhile my family continues to be harassed, verbally attacked, and intimidated. Everything they have done is in the gray area of being illegal. 

And the inaction by the HOA contributed to and fostered the aggressive behavior towards my family and to make things worse, as a board member I have to recuse myself from any talk of this situation. Because of this, I plan to quit because my neighbor is now coming to the meetings. 

Next door, it’s only two of them. They are a white couple in their mid 50’s no kids or pets. We are opposite, a mixed race family also in our mid fifties with two kids and two dogs living at home. We also have two other children and grandchildren that visit often. 

Please, our peace is being outside and working in the yard. I have not gone outside since being called a “dirty Puerto Rican” because I called their signs white trash. Now, they make it a point to come outside whenever we are outside. We are not in a position to move. 

Please help, we are at our wits end.
Thanks, Susan

The Revenge GuyHi Susan,
You certainly have had a battle on your hands and I feel for you.

I think you have received some very poor advice from the police, the county and any lawyers you’ve so far spoken with.

It seems to me you have more of a case for a civil rights violation, since these neighbors have been calling you racist names, than you do for simple harassment.
As such, I urge you to go online and find a civil rights lawyer in your area and have a consultation with them.

It is good that you are leaving your position on the HOA vas your lawsuit should include not only the neighbors but also the HOA for their inaction.
Please also read through this:

After you have proceeded through the above actions, I suggest also managing your own property and safety with the following steps:
1. Put up flood lights that are aimed at the neighbor’s cameras to protect you from them watching you.
2. Keep a “spy pen camera” with you at all times so you can covertly record your neighbors, look at this one on Amazon
3. Put up your own security cameras to record your property.
4. See if there is a local fencing company that rents temporary fences that you can put up to separate your properties, you should know if the HOA will allow it.
5. Certainly get a can of red spray paint and mark the common property boundary between you and your neighbor (be sure to spray on your side only).
6. Keep the pressure up on getting a resolution to these issues with your neighbor by contacting your local politicians, your city mayor, and local newspapers. If you have a college or university near by, see if they have journalism or legal students that will be interested in your story.

You will also want to start a lawsuit for the money the neighbors owe you for their half of the property boundary study. If they are not abiding by your “cease and desist letter”, continue to the next steps of a lawsuit as well.

Do not let your fear of these racist bigots scare you from enjoying your property. Stand up and stand tall.
Try to not respond to their actions, just do what you can to protect yourself, your loved ones and your property.

Keep me informed of your progress, you may want to get this book to keep a record of the harassment “Bad Neighbor & Witness Journal“.

Best wishes,

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