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I Win, Driveway Thief Neighbor Loses

I Win, Driveway Thief Neighbor Loses
I have pictures of the person and car. If anyone has any information, please let me know. This was a lot of money to her. Thank you!!

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Our world is filled with entitled people that will take any opportunity to do the wrong thing. This story is how one guy caught his neighborhood thief, who is actually his next door neighbor. (You have tom be curious how that neighbor relationship is going now!)

Story via Reddit.

Friends and I were headed to the movies the other day. They carpooled to my house and then I drove from there. (Note: I recently moved into this new home in a very nice neighborhood – important later). At the theater, friend reaches into her pocket for money and realizes her cash is missing. Search around and in car and cannot be found. At dinner, she asks me to check my security camera to see if she dropped it in my driveway. I look but cannot tell, however I see there is a video 5 minutes later. It shows a car pull up and a woman jump out of the passenger seat, walk into my driveway and pick up the cash, hop back in the car and drive off.

I decided to post on the book of faces, in my POA group, the following: “Hoping someone can help. My friend was visiting today and dropped some cash in my driveway. I have a video of a lady in a white car get out and come into my driveway and pick it up. I have pictures of the person and car. If anyone has any information, please let me know. This was a lot of money to her. Thank you!!”

I refrained from posting her picture because those things cannot be undone. A bit later, a lady responded “I’ll come by tomorrow”. That’s it, nothing else. Cue the next afternoon, she come to my door. This boomer Karen starts off the conversation in an angry way telling me my FB post was very rude because I posted that I have a picture of the person and “what was I going to do, call the police?” I told her she was lucky I didn’t post her picture and that she was in the wrong by coming onto my property and taking something that wasn’t hers. I mean, she took money from my property and she is mad at me! She said it was “barely” on my property (has she forgotten I have video?) and she was waiting to see if anyone reported it (but is mad someone did). I told her by her logic, if she leaves a bike in her driveway, I can grab it and take it home and keep it if no one “reports” it. She continued to argue and I decided I wasn’t going to waste any more time on this lady. The best part? I found out she lives right next door! Great welcome to the neighborhood.

The Final Word

“Finders Keepers” does not apply when it’s something laying on someone’s private property. Honestly, if we called out more neighborhood thieves, we’d have a safe place to call home.


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