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My Neighbor, The Backyard Partier, Is Making My Life Hell

My Neighbor The Backyard Partier Is Making My Life Hell
My neighbor and his drunk pals throw dead trees and wood on his backyard campfire and sit around the making noise until 2am. How can I get revenge and make him stop?

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Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
Our next door neighbor has a fire pit built in his backyard, close to our fence/back bedroom.

He and his drunk pals throw dead trees and wood on it and sit around the campfire until 2am. The smoke blows our way and fumigates our bedroom and that entire side of the house.

The Fire department and police claim they can not do anything to stop him and he and his asshole buddies say they will burn whatever they want back there and for us, tough shit.

We can smell the smoke even the next day after the fire has been put out. Only thing we can think of doing is putting solar lights on our shed that face his little party pit so when they sit there and move around they get lit up.

Maybe a smoke detector there that goes off and annoying them?

I am going to get some dead bait shrimp and let it sit out, put the juice in an ice cube tray and launch them over the fence into the pit area. They will melt and stink up his backyard yet his security camera won’t detect them coming over the fence.

Any other ideas?

The guy laughed at us when the firemen and cops said they couldn’t do anything and it has ruined us living here but we refuse to move, we want to make him uncomfortable and not just sit and take it.
Thanks for helping me, G.

The Revenge GuyHi G,
What you also need to be aware of is that his cameras could pick up something, so be very careful when playing with this asshole and his buddies.

If you put up a light, he’s likely to through something to try to break it and if you have your own security cameras you may catch him destroying your property, the police will certainly act on that.

You should have a fan outside your bedroom going, on the neighbor’s campfire nights, that blows the smoke away from your window, if possible.

You may want to have help and have someone, from outside the view of the cameras, shine a flashlight at the camera to temporarily disable it as you through stuff over the fence, making the camera blind.

Freezing nasty things into ice cubes is a great way to get stuff over the fence.

Other things besides rotten shrimp (great idea!) that you can do is freeze into ice cubes all kind of nasty things. If you have the courage (or a dog or cat) poop works very well.

I’d also freeze birdseed and ground up peanuts into ice cubes to attract local wildlife to his backyard. Dandelion spores and any other weed seeds will be a great addition to his, I’m sure, manicured lawn. Those I’d add to the front as well as the back, let him deal with a front yard mess too.

And, of course, my favorite is smelly substance is Liquid Ass. Freeze that into ice cubes and throw it over the fence and make his little campfire area uninhabitable.

Best Wishes,
The Revenge Guy

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