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How to Deal with Your Neighbor’s Wind Chimes

How to Deal with Your Neighbor's Wind Chimes

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Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I have a new neighbor that moved in next door (I live in a townhouse and we share a wall that is my bedroom) and, for the most part, they’ve been Ok.

But recently they hung a wind chime outside on their balcony, which is right beside my bedroom window. The damn thing makes noise almost all the time. And at night it has startled me awake when it starts chiming.

I don’t want to complain to them about it, but what can I do to make this wind chime noise go away?

The Revenge GuyHi Bob,
I’m sorry to hear that your neighbor’s wind chimes are bothering you. Wind chimes can be very relaxing and beautiful, but they can also be very annoying and disruptive if they are too loud or too frequent. There are some possible ways to make your neighbor take down his noisy wind chimes, or at least reduce the noise they make. 

Here are some suggestions:

The first thing you want to do is to try talking to your neighbor politely and explain how the wind chimes affect your sleep and well-being. You can ask him to remove the wind chimes at night, or to hang them in a less windy spot. Let’s be certain they know the wind chimes are disturbing you before we go to other measures.

You can try some creative ways to make the wind chimes stop making noise. You can use a water gun or a hose to spray water on the wind chimes and make them wet and heavy. You can also use a fishing line or a string to tie the wind chimes together and prevent them from moving, just tie a length of string with small fishing weights on both ends and throw at the wind chimes to tie them up.

Even cheap clear hair spray will work, if it’s close enough or you have a favorable breeze, to spray onto the wind chimes and coat them so they won’t chime so loudly.

You can also try to soundproof your bedroom and block out the noise from the wind chimes. You can use noise-canceling curtains, earplugs, headphones, or white noise machines to create a more peaceful environment for yourself.

You can check the local noise ordinances and see if the wind chimes violate any rules or regulations. You can contact the community council or the police and file a complaint if the wind chimes are considered a nuisance or a disturbance. Talk to your other neighbors and see if they are also bothered by the wind chime noise. Maybe by talking to your neighbors as a group they will be convinced to take them down. 

I hope these tips will help you get revenge with your neighbor’s noisy wind chimes.

Good luck!
The Revenge Guy

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