Managers Are Out To Get Me

The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I have 2 very bad managers above me that are poor at their job and everyone knows it.

Lately they try to throw well performing workers under the boss so they look better. I am one of such victims. 

Earlier in the year I informed them months in advance of a class I needed to attend. They ignored my email and never provided coverage until last minute. Needless to say I was told when I got to the class that day that it had been canceled, these 2 crappy managers never sent me an email. They covered it up and lied that a colleague of mine got the cancellation email.

Fast forward to 3 weeks ago. I had an elective rotation outside and forgot to inform them I would need a day off prior to the start date. I however informed them a day before but they failed to provide coverage. They then report me to the senior bosses painting a picture that I neglected my duties and absconded from work. The bosses are siding with them. They threatened me that I was insubordinate in the email and that I should explain why I would not be disciplined.

I would like to find out what I can do to get back at these 2 crappy managers.

The Revenge GuyHi A,
You really do need to watch your back here. Those managers are out to get you and what’s worse, you give them the ammunition to do it!

First off is to protect your job. Make amends for the fact that you did lapse in letting them know when you needed time to go to that elective rotation. Do what to takes.

As for revenge in your now hostile workplace, start a diary of everything that happens to you. Include dates, times, people and conversation notes. Prepare to share this info of wrongdoings with the senior bosses and/or a lawyer.

The time will come when you’ll have a lawsuit for wrongful termination, Yes, I can read your future.

Any other type of revenge on your part will endanger your job. So putting salt in their coffee, vandalizing their cars, or prank calling them with an unlisted phone number may backfire.

Best Wishes,
The Revenge Guy

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