My Neighbor Has a Rooster

The Revenge Guy
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Dear Revenge Guy Hi Revenge Guy,
My next door neighbor has decided to become a chicken rancher.

He has a rooster that starts at 4:30 and goes until almost sunset. He keeps expanding his operation. My local zoning board will not enforce the prohibition on husbandry. My township trustees say there is nothing they can do.

How does a rooster have more rights than a homeowner?

The Revenge GuyHi A,
I feel for you, your sleep must be horrible!

Keep going after the trustees to do something but turn it up a notch or two.

Start with a security camera that records sound and point it the rooster’s way. Get some good video of the noise, when it starts, how it goes all day, right up to when it ends.

A rooster will crow a dozen or more times a day. Add this recording to your complaint.

Talk with other neighbors and see if they are bothered by this too. The more complaints the better your case is. Keep in mind, trustees get voted in, you can become such a pain that they have to listen to you and the next time voting comes around, is your best time to show the town how badly they do their jobs. If they won’t stand up for you, everyone else’s peaceful home is in jeopardy!

Keep on about the local bylaws. You may have a civil complaint that you can sue your neighbor with, I’d certainly check into that.

Your home-life peace and tranquility are worth the effort.

Good luck,