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Revenge On Bad Friends By
The Revenge Guy

Need a little help?

Getting the raw deal from some "frenemies"? RG wants to help you as
he has helped thousands of others. Just keep reading below!

Revenge Guy,

I know a guy who my was best friend for a couple of years, but he
but he started to ask me for a deeper relation.

Well I never had a friend like that so
I agreed. For months he was so needy, for example whenever we have a
fight he keeps apologizing and doing pathetic things so he wouldn’t
lose me.

Finally I fell in love with him too
and started to really appreciating him, (after a long time of
begging), but suddenly he says that he changed his mind.

Dear Mr. RG how can I break his heart
and then dump him really hard so he thinks twice before being too
moody with someone next time?
help me plz u r the best !
;) revenge gal

Revenge JokerHi
Revenge Girl,

You’ve fallen into the classic “friends with benefits” situation.
The guy pestered you, you finally relented and gave him what he
wanted (free of being in a committed relationship) and after a while
you grew feelings for him, where he did not.

My mom would say of him “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk
for free?”

He tricked you and used you.

Revenge needs to be accomplished here.

His heart won’t break, he’s not that emotionally invested in you.
You should dump him hard though.

I’d do it in front of all his friends, loudly.
Of course he will retaliate and start spreading rumors about you.

Get ready for that. Have all your friends on your side so that they
stay with you and not him.
Make him a social outcast.

That will be your ultimate revenge.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Revenge Guy,

I have always had a crush on this one girl for about 3 years now.
Then out of nowhere she IMs me and starts to flirt with me.

Naturally, I was delirious with joy
and flirted right back.

She started asking me questions about
who I think is hot and who I think is ugly and many other private

The conversation was getting very
interesting and then I decided to ask her out and she says yes!!!

I was thinking that this was way too
good to be true! Apparently it WAS too good to be true because it
was actually some guy I knew who I have never really hated but never
really liked. How should I get him back?

Revenge JokerHi,
First off, bend over and look between your legs. Are they still

Now then, the best revenge would be, of course, to actually ask her

His little joke would then be worthless.

3 years???
Yes, it’s now or never.

As for the actual revenge (since you’re too much of a wussy to
actually ask her out) I suggest that you save up a few bucks and
order him some flowers, to be delivered to him in class.

That’ll go over real well.

Write the note as if it was from his mother, “I hope you have a good
day dear, love mommy” or something like that.
Embarrass the hell out of him and he’ll never see it coming from
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Revenge Guy,

I have this "friend" she was my best friend until she broke me and
my boyfriend up.

he is also spreading rumors about me
and my other friends.

o one likes her and she is my friend
but after this I need to get her back. I really need to get revenge
on her something that will make her not want to mess with me again.

Revenge JokerHi

If she is your friend you should be able to talk this through.
If she isn’t your friend then don’t stoop to her level of evil, rise
about that and her.

And anonymously call her parents and tell
whoever answers that there is a rumor around school that she’s

Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy


So here’s the story. I’ve known this person for quite a few years,
and I’ve always treated him with respect and admiration, even though
he didn’t give me the same consideration.

I was fine with the petty
insults he would regularly throw at me, because I knew he did it to
"show off" in front of his REAL friends.

Let’s go back to a few months ago. Around October-ish, my husband
and I were visited by the Department of Animal Services, because
someone had complained that our house was overwhelmingly messy.

not a good housekeeper, and neither is my husband, but trust me when
I say it’s far from uninhabitable.

When reviewed, we were said to be
living in "uninhabitable" living conditions, and were fined around
350 for that. Then, the lady discovered that neither of our cats had
their tags or licenses.

We had no idea it was law! We were fined
about 250 for that. The total was, give or take, 600 dollars in
fines. At first we accepted it as a huge "oops" on our part. No big
deal, right?

Then, a few weeks ago I find out who reported me. Yeah, you guessed
it. The "friend" from before. The worst part is, he didn’t do it out
of general concern for our well-being, but as a complete joke. He
and his buddy were sitting around the computer one day and were
like, "What if we filed a fake, but believable complaint about

And they were guffawing the whole entire time as another
person tried to discourage them.

Excuse me? 600 dollars will be
leaving my bank account because someone who I considered to be my
friend decided to play a cruel joke?

Trust me when I say we’re not
made of money, and he knows EXACTLY the kind of stuff I have to do
for work. I don’t understand how anyone can be so completely
malicious…which is why I want to seek revenge.

I know you say that this information can be published on any
website, which is cool or whatever, but I would definitely prefer if
it were private. Anyway, thanks for listening to my little
complaint. ^_^

Revenge JokerHey

You’re right, this jerk needs to be taken care of.

Too bad you couldn’t sue him, but that just won’t do.

You haven’t told me much about him so I can only guess:
If he works, send him a gift, from a male lover, to his work.

Maybe “fake but believable” would work too? You can
call him up, and sell him some story about a police investigation, a
long lost dead relative leaving him some money, anything. You can
change your voice, change the caller ID and even record the call for
later entertainment (email me a copy of you do!).

If he has his own house with a yard, I’d make a midnight visit with
some pellet fertilizer and spell out some words, your choice.
They’ll burn the lawn in a few weeks, depending on your
winter/spring conditions, and he won’t be able to get rid of it
without tearing up his lawn.

I hope I have got you started.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Revenge Guy,

I have ‘good’ friends from my sports team.

They used to treat me like normal
friends treat each other but since late October they’ve been
complete assholes. They always go out of their way to shun and
ostracize me, just to make me feel bad.

Whenever I confront them about this
they always apologize and say it was all in fun, but then the next
day they started doing it again.

A week ago they started calling me
"it" and "Hey You!"

My sport is too important for me to
quit but these guys have really gotten under my skin. I want a way
to make them realize that what they are doing sucks and does not
feel good to make them stop, but I don’t want to throw in the towel
on our friendship either. Please help me out here. I don’t know what
to do anymore!
Freaked Friendship

Revenge JokerHey

Let me tell you, I can see it from here, that big bull’s-eye target
on your back.

Are these guys really your friends? It sounds more to me that they
are making fun of you to spite your supposed friendship.
They are using that hold against you. Trust me, they aren’t friends.

Real friends get the idea when they hurt another friend’s feelings.

Now then, you really don’t want revenge do you?
You just want them to stop.

They won’t.

No matter what I tell you to do, you won’t because you think they
are your friends.

They might be nice sometimes, but not on the field.

You have to figure out why that is. Who are they trying to impress?

The coach? Another player/teammate?

Are their girls watching?

There has to be some reason for them to tear you down while they
(immaturely) try to build themselves up.

What you do next time is this :
Walk up to whoever says the ‘second’ thing to you, (there is a
leader and a follower, even with just two people doing the
harassing) and quietly say “You know that everyone knows you really
don’t belong here”. Say it quietly, so only the one person can hear.
And walk away. Confidently, smiling. Yelling “Hi” to someone farther
away, like you’re a big movie star, getting some recognition for
exposing the crime of a lifetime.

And now you know what to do.

And talk to your parents, I’m sure they want to help you with this.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

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