Revenge Tips For Better Living

The Revenge Guy
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The Revenge Guy isn’t all that old. And he isn’t all that world-weary either. But he has been around. Eating in restaurants, watching movies in theatres, traveling on buses and planes and in cars.

Such experiences are important to be shared. So here are “The Revenge Guy’s Tips For Better Living”. You’re welcome in advance.

Going To The Movies

Take with you two signs that say “Wet seat, sorry for the inconvenience” and tape them to the seats in front of you. Then sit back and enjoy.

Take a flashlight with you. If you’re late to the film shine your flashlight at the people whose seats you’d like and tell them that the management needs to talk with them. They’ll think you’re an usher and you’ll get their seats. Then just sit down.

Taking A Long Trip

It’s important to have your space on bus trips. Sitting beside some freak isn’t all that great when you’re on the ride for several hours, if not days. Be sure you have some foamy shaving cream and spray it on the seat beside you. Aisle or window, whatever seat is beside you spray it conservatively on the seat and head cushion. The shaving cream won’t stain or smell bad but it will keep the weirdos away.

Getting Along With The Neighbors

Always bring a box of candy to your neighbors on Christmas (or Chanukah if that’s what you celebrate) with a card with your name, address and phone number on it. Not only will you become the friendly person/family, despite all the bad things you do all year, but you’ll help them help you with watching your home, protecting your family and maybe even thinking better of you.

Do you have suggestions for living a better life and would like to see them published here? Contact RG right now!