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RG likes to help people. We all need help once in a while. On this
page you'll find some thank you messages RG has received.

If you have been helped and sent in a thank you email to RG it may
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Thank you for the answer!

Here is what i did: i called some of my friends, gathered some
tools and begun deconstructing their ramps. A few hours later those guys
appeared. Imagine the picture: six muscular twenty year old man with
shovels and pickaxes in hand, against three teenagers. We scared the
hell out of them 😀 ! Fortunately this time they listened to us, so we
could peacefully talk. The result: they even helped to demolish the ramp
after we told them there is a bicycle park a few kilometers farther on
where they can practice. Looks like sometimes a strength demonstration
and a little talk can help much better than anything. I'm grateful this
matter is solved in a peaceful way.

Again, thank you for the answer especially the neighbour idea!

Oh, yes! You have been a help! I was so angry at
a neighbor I could not sleep, and spent about two hours reading your
site! Screamingly funny, and ingenious!
Your site helped me to calm down and think rationally — thanks a

P.S. I am going to print up lots of little colored papers that look
like official notices, and put them under people's windshields if
they parked their car stupidly. It will say:


ppS: If the logistics are right, I park so close to the driver's
side door they can't possibly get in on that side. My car is a
beater, so who cares if they scratch it in revenge?? 🙂

Dear Revenge Guy,
Thank you so much for your advice. I do plan on heeding it, and
you’re right, I don’t want to stoop to their level.
I’m already deciding on what to write in the letter you told me
And I’m also glad that I contacted you before I found myself doing
something stupid.
Another thing is that, I’m grateful that you answered my cry of help
with something other than a prank. I guess I needed some awakening.
Well, I might as well get started on all the things I need to say.
And I’m so glad you listened.
Thank you for everything, Revenge Guy!

Dear Revenge Guy,
You’re beautiful. Thanks a million for the ideas!
I spoke with my wife yesterday and expressed to her that she would
absolutely need to pursue this within the XXXX, because if she
doesn’t, my head will explode. I wrote you yesterday immediately
after witnessing just how far she has to bow to deliver this dudes
mail and I was absolutely livid. The XXXX has a fantastic union and
I’ve asked her to grieve this with them several times, but as I
stated, she’s just not cut out for altercations. She literally gets
sick at the idea of combating her bosses over this. None the less,
she did agree to tell her bosses that she would be left with no
other choice should they decide to ignore this thing.
Again, I would sincerely like to thank you for the ideas – they’re
just what I was looking for, and I assure you, I’ll execute them
with a cool head. I’ll let you know how it goes!
Take care!


It’s good to hear some logic in something with it. Love your sight
and love your advise.
Good day M8


Well now! You ARE called the
Revenge Guy for a reason! Those are some GREAT suggestions. I’ll see
about the posters, but a tenants club might be a little late, as I
am moving out in less than three months. It’s too bad that I just
now discovered your site, but I’ll keep it in mind for future
The Dr.

Hi RG…
your right i have been holding on to a lost cause. ive always had
trouble letting go. maybe getting revenge will help me in someway.
so thank you very much for your ideas i will definately have fun
with these. i will also definately come to you again if i ever find
myself in need of more revenge on other people… but hopefully that
wont happen. thanks again!

You are right! I just checked and the cameras are pretty cheap from
Radio Shack. I am going to do so, to bad I didn’t find your site
before, last night (NewYears eve) they paint balled my drive way.

Thanks again

I gave the revenge call a try.  The chicks
voice sounds like I was sucking on helium!  Besides, it doesn’t mask
my Philly accent very well.  Thanks for your help and your ear.

Revenge Guy,
THANK YOU for your response! I think you have the best job anywhere.
I think revenge is very cathartic. And you have just the right amount of
pointedness in your response. My family members are a bunch of lying
bastards but up until now I have been too humiliated by them to say
that. I think I will start on that photo album right now. And I will
check out your store asap. Thank you so much again. Sincerely, XXXX

Hey, I really
appreciate your advice!!!

That is all really good information.
I’ve also purchased a military seismic intrusion detector — I’m
setting it up so I’ll know when they walk on our driveway. It’s
going to be like a Las Vegas casino after we get all the cameras up.
If we get them arrested (for using the trashcans or egging our cars
again), I’ll send pics! 🙂 (You can black out their faces if you
want…or not…:-) )
Thanks again!

Thanks for the information.  It has turned out
wonderfully! She will be out next week!   Duplex Diva

Revenge Guy,

This is in response to the advice you gave this
young woman (I’m sure you remember her):

"My name is N. I am 17 years old and I have two younger sisters. Our
Mother passed away about 2 years ago due to cancer."
I just wanted to say wow!

Nowadays it seems like there are fewer and fewer decent, caring and
truly "good" people anymore. And after reading what you had advised her
to do in her quest for revenge, I’d have to say that you sir are
definitely one of those people. Despite what your site appears to be
about at first, you realized the need to put all jokes aside and helped
this girl see a better way to get through this very tough time within
her life.

For that, I’d like to say Thank You.
Wisdom and kindness are rarely witnessed separately, let alone combined.


Just a little thought I’d pondered and maybe you have too. I’m speaking
from experience some years ago with a former roommate who exhibited all
the behavioural traits of a sociopath.
I played with the notion of revenge after finally getting away from this
deranged nazi freak (not an actual nazi, just an insult, hence the
lowercase ‘n’) but then thought, this thing clearly didn’t give a fuck
about the suffering it had inflicted on me (and others, no doubt) and
the endless barrage of pathological lying and manipulation.
I mean, isn’t one of the main motives of revenge to stick it to the
other person and make them think about what they did to you? But then if
what they did doesn’t bother that "person", then it’s a different
story…leaving the other half of the equation, being personal
Kind of a paradox isn’t it, that those you have more reason to get
revenge on, yields much less return on the "investment"?

Hi J,
Yes, you’re right.
For some people it just doesn’t matter what happens.
But you still feel better for the thought of getting control back.

Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

you so much for the advice!!!
I really appreciate the time taken
for a response!! Thanks!



Thanks so much for responding. I thought my current situation was
far to stupid to merit a response.
The only dirt I have on him is that he’s a complete man whore, and
that he’s horribly sensitive. I’m not really sure about his fears
Your gay lover idea was absolutely amazing. I might just use that.

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