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Neighbor Keeps Calling The Police

How do you get even when your neighbor watches your every move?

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Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I am all about getting revenge and have done so many times. But this time I am not sure how to do it without getting caught!

I have a neighbor who is absolutely insane! She used to harass several other people in the neighborhood until I moved in and now her attention has been focused only on me.

She called the city and complained about my yard and it’s a appearance, and now they have threatened to charge me with a misdemeanor and pay a hefty fine if I don’t make repairs and clean up the mess left behind from the people who lived in my house before me.

She has made several complaints to police that I have drug activity going on at my house and a lot of traffic. But I work a lot and I don’t drive. I have lots of family and friends who come over and or pick me up and bring me home from my two jobs.

She gave my grandmother’s plate number to them claiming she was a black drug dealer. I do have family that is black and has came to my house before but it is completely racist to think that anyone who is black is a drug dealer! The cops have been harassing me because of her, but they have found nothing of course.

She even has had a camera put in facing my driveway (and her house is around the corner from mine) and she just watches me all day and night!

I forgot to tell you that all of this started over a minor traffic accident that almost happened. She almost backed into my other neighbors car when we were driving down her road (I was passenger), and then blamed us, or more specifically me! Which makes no sense as I wasn’t even driving.

I want revenge on this lady so bad I can taste it! But she has cameras all over her house. Please help me figure out a way to get revenge without getting caught.

The Revenge GuyHi S, 
Neighbors can be the worst.

As I say, you can’t pick your family, you can’t pick your neighbors!

First off, this all comes down to what you can prove with evidence you gather. You need to protect yourself and your home.

Start a harassment journal and write down everything that you can remember that she’s done to you. Then keep updating it with anything new she does to you. Include such mundane things such as walking past your house, recording you, etc.

Call a local politician and see about the laws in your county about privacy, recording and things like that. Maybe you can sue her for infringing on your rights. That would be sweet.

Set up your own cameras and watch her watching you. When you see her walking past or bothering you, edit the video and post it to social media. That should get the other neighbor’s notice and make this evil woman back down.

Get a small spy pen camera and carry it with you always. For sure she’s going to jump out of a bush somewhere and harass you again. getting a recording of this will bolster your case for the police and a lawsuit.

You need to protect yourself because no one else will do it.

Best Wishes,
The Revenge Guy

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